Breather for business people to make an appointment small private offices, has won a $7.5 million investment

on May 14, hunting cloud network

note: the Breather is a new start-up companies to create private office space. In frequent business founder, discovered the market blank. Although city for business travelers are not short of cafe for office, and, in fact, can truly creative development team of high quality office space is few and far between. Then, under the guidance of the founder Julien Smith, a startup for travel office problems arises at the historic moment.

for those who travel frequently, to find a suitable cafe is really a difficult problem.

Julien Smith know about this kind of situation again. Smith, as an entrepreneur, has been out of the three books, and invited public speaking activities for a long time. “I travel a lot, but it was to work in coffee efficiency is very low,” Smith and business insider’s reporter said. Is no possibility of starbucks “want to nap.”

Breather partner and CEOJulien – Smith

in order to solve this problem, Smith and her best friend Caterina also Rizzo started Breather, a small private offices can make an appointment by phone app.

each Breather is around 500 square feet of office space, and these offices are located in the office. Rents for $70 to $25 per hour, the price depends on the size of the place and facilities.

these private sector had planned to have bigger, applicable project negotiation rooms can be discussion, can also act as the cafe to rest tired on business work.

“sometimes you just need a except office space,” added Smith.

, for example, Splash is one of design in the New York event marketing software start-up, use Breather app for staff meetings, training programs or rental place to rest.

“with cooperation becomes a trend, the table is in the communication and meeting rooms are a necessity,” Smith said, “private offices become a luxury. Our ability to make luxury necessities are very valuable.”

since 2012 founded the company, Smith and Rizzo has gradually expand Breather, in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Montreal and Ottawa, has more than 80 independent office area.

Breather app use

I open a Breather, a large around my location will be greeted immediately.

I’m in New York, Flatiron District a booking office area, located at Madison square park, no. 24 on the street.

App page information to inform me about the office area should need to know all of the content.

this special room can accommodate 10 people, equipped with a sofa, tables and chairs, the whiteboard, pens, notebooks, yoga mat and free WiFi.

as long as the $36 per hour.

when I arrived at the office, the guard will I sent to the second floor. In the second floor I see a metal attached to the keyboard is similar to the bank vault door. My reservation time to, password appears Breather app on my phone, I’m a password, the door is opened.

room design, can the sun asperses full whole room.

you can see a series of books about entrepreneurship and innovation horizontally hanging on the wall behind the sofa.

there are also a jar of Tootsie Rolls (jelly) eating in the room for the meeting.

although several calls, I just use this office whiteboard is not practical for me, but I think it will be to brainstorm team icing on the cake.

on the other side is a table and a couple of wires.

surprised me most was the room was so quiet, sound insulation effect is surprisingly good.

“privacy is especially important for modern people, creativity by the left and right sides,” Smith said. “This is not to say that we hate cooperation, you see WeWork was clearly cooperation guide success. Privacy is just a way of thinking.”

in the corner of the room, you can even find a rolled up piece of yoga MATS.

Breather in the two rounds of financing has won a $7.5 million fund, visible and its rapid development.

although initially Breather is trading, the office area that they rent out, but now the founders is Breather is considered an asset owner to enjoy by professional designers design room and the opportunity to make full use of indoor space.

“it asset owner will take the initiative to the door,” Smith said.

you can download it in the app store for the use of iOS Breather app, or use for download in Google Play Android Breather app.


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