Break the game developers curse: Asian games can also fascinates people in the west

cloud network hunting note: Asian games market demand and taste in many cases different from global market, how to make in the western countries also popular game into a big problem to many independent games studio in Asia. Our Team today to introduce Signal studio is by two ambitious and want to break into the western market, Taiwan’s young people set up their game is how to succeed?

the long journey we purposely came to Taipei attended the 2015 Taipei game show. Here we found two of Taiwan’s main independent games developer: a target to enter the international market, and the other is making positive response to huge market demand in China.

Team Signal that big acclaimed independent production rhythm game the Hyper Square behind the production Team, belong to the former for the international market. 28 group founder Scott Chen, mentioned in the interview on the exhibition, the Hyper Square (super Square) is generally more popular in western countries. But as the background of Oriental culture affecting soil long Taiwanese, the Taiwan team is how can make towards the world of game products?

Chen and another, 30, Brian Lee, the founder of the first meeting is at Carnegie Mellon university in the United States, when both of them in the master’s degree in science and technology study of entertainment. Chen, a reading of university undergraduate course to continue their education, but Lee has been in Taiwan at that time at a game company for several years.

the postgraduate curriculum students every two weeks in a small group, and then rapidly with the prototype of the new games. Chen and Lee finally assigned to a group. According to Chen, both of them is a piece of my heart, their tastes, interests, level and the quality of the finished product requirements on the game almost the same.

this growing growth of the first game is called small teams do Hebi Hanabi, the prototype of the game was made in 48 hours. The double shooting game run on the computer platform into the Unity Unite the 2012 tournament final round of best student work. But the back of the Team to make a game deserves more attention, because of the game, the two Team finally determine under his own name: Team Signal.

The second game, The Last Signal (The Signal) can be for The use of Microsoft access, allowing players in The game to use different gestures to control The movement of sound waves. Game pay attention to the plot development and situation of the foil, finally its copyright was sold to Microsoft. This is what happened in 2012. Although Microsoft finally did not release The game (intellectual property rights is now classified as Team Signal’s), The Last Signal did witness The birth of this game studios.

Chen told me: “because our games have had a very good, we both realized that may rely on playing games, we will be able to support himself, but more important is in make money at the same time we also enjoy we are doing this thing.” The first two games of the sales are not only enough for them to start a company of my own, and also can guarantee the company’s operations for six months. With the funds, the Team Signal was formally established.

the company finally put the game back to its home market of the birth of Taiwan, because Chen and Lee is a Taiwanese. Chen explains they choose to return to Taiwan’s two big reasons: “we think we can make some games to portray Taiwan culture. In the past few years we realized that the Asian market potential. Every year we can see the vigorous development of the independent game studios, we also want to be a part of the industry.” Although the two in the United States is now the main founder of the education work in Taiwan, but they do not feel disconnected and independent production of western active atmosphere, because they often and many independent producers maintained a hot link on the Internet. “No matter where we live in where to make the game, we can make sure is disconnected with the rest of the world.” Chen, such remarks.

Chen and Lee later hired Chargo Wang and Sam Chen as a programmer and user experience designers, respectively, in which Sam Chen, incredibly still opened a steamed bun shop as a sideline. The company also hired three interns as a product technical support personnel.

big fanfare

Team Signal in 2013 formally released the first game studio, ready to go for. Chen and Lee, the first commercial work called Castle Rider Rider (Castle), which run on apple’s iOS platform game shows all character look particularly lovely protagonist for a moment the restless adventures. Although the game is released in 130 countries, in China’s app store download free ranking also entered the top 10, but its market sales is not significant in western countries. This phenomenon was observed after production team decided to make games are popular around the world.

so the Hyper Square (super Square) the game was born. It and before the Castle for download free Rider, this game of $1.99 in total downloads to 140000. Chen said the game art styles and types are more attractive to users in the west. The Hyper Square also won several awards, including Casual Connect Asia indie awards. Starbucks was even put this game as a recommended a week, and in the United States and Canada all shows the inside of the shop, QR code to connect to the game download page.

the company after the launch of a game called Earthworm Alchemy, is an action game and growth. Chen told us that this game is made in the form of free downloads, because we have set the game as a test where players really interested in experiments. In other words, the game is to try to whether can also attract the east and west two kind of different style of the market. Earthworm Alchemy in 118 countries, won the best new game titles, but there is no more other Team Signal data.

studio’s final goal is to want to be the top one batch of independent game company in Asia. Business success is one thing, though, that make people first thought when the thought of Asian games market Team Signal is another matter.

Chen, a plan for the future of the company to have an idea: “our goal is not just a game. Can be used when we want to explore tells a story of different narrative, communicate with players through the game and it is also the different way to communicate.”

Team Signal is influenced by western culture in many ways. According to Chen, team in learning some of the games is more western classic games such as Journey, Monument Valley and Machinarium. But at the same time the team’s goal is not to create a visual art class high-quality goods game, because they know the independent game production in terms of money is poorer.

Chen said: “we see more in the free download games waiting for is the potential of mining, so now we games returned to the categories below.” Team Signal ideal goal of the game is to be able to give players with a strong experience and make memories. Unlike most Asian studio, has always been the Team Signal of a shortage of finances is not. Chen pointed out that the Team Signal a steady income now, most of the ads from the game. So they have capital in the coming days, trying to try out new games and play games to make money to make a balance between.

studio now in Earthworm Alchemy after the big success has been in preparation for another new game. A new product that is more focused on telling the story, at the same time, the team also wants to continue the Hyper Square once the glory of the second generation game for it. Chen said that if they succeed to make the game also will continue to be free, but this time they will make the game storyline makes more delicate, makes the players become more memorable experience.

“our goal is to keep moving forward, continue to pursue the things we want to do. Team can be very small, so that we more convenient management, can pursue further goals.” But some of the worry is that Lee and Chen, both are trying to find investors for the studio. Investors who are not familiar with the game industry is usually made to the game lost its creative, and they can only focus on investment returns, and small game studios usually cannot guarantee this.

but the Team responsible for planning the future development of Signal is very professional Team, they are eager to progress the determination of the won’t go out. They could be targeted in the independent games Asia manufacturing a benchmarking has a long way to go, but at least now they are on track.