BoxGreen let you say goodbye to junk food, development of health food to home every month

walter’s childhood was a fat kid. Now, he was running a new start-up company, busy business work might let him keep healthy body. If the startup pressure was not enough to make him thin come down, he can rely on your company’s products to maintain body – a large number of proprietary brand of nuts and dried fruit.

Europe and Andrew Lin is BoxGreen co-founder, because their main entrepreneurial teams focus on Singapore, so the current BoxGreen business is given priority to with the Singapore market. As the Singapore People’s Daily life is filled with more and more junk food, the founders decided to use BoxGreen green concept to guide people to return to healthy eating habits. “BoxGreen originality comes from my co-founder Andrew and I work together in a personal question. We found that when very unhealthy eating habits, our work is always grabbed my desk to eat junk food, “said,” to be honest, I don’t know anything about nutrition, childhood is a big fat man. But my body is constantly reminded me that such a poor diet will ultimately lead to a series of health problems.”

simply set up a e-commerce venture company specializing in health food and can’t satisfy the two person’s ambition, they want to create their own more healthy food brands, and invite a dietitian to develop healthy food together. “When BoxGreen ideas emerge in our mind, we feel that is very necessary to develop our own brand, and guide the consumer concept of diet.” O continue explained.

Subcom type survival method

you might have eaten the company some snacks, such as banana stem and pistachios, and elaborate the candy such as “Sunshine in a Bag” (‘ pocket light ‘, consists of dried apricots and melon seeds) or “Cranberry Fusion” (” berry feast “, including cranberries, red berries and blueberry, blackberry dried fruit).

BoxGreen didn’t provide consumers with a single product to sell, but rather by mail every month sales sell products. Cosmetics start-ups often sell products in this manner. The sales way, however, there is a big risk, not everyone can harness cosmetics company, finally failed or transition to a more traditional electricity mode case everywhere. Despite the warning is there, and still think the pattern of sales strategy and the company provide service with perfect snack. “Order project will help us to keep the product quality standard. We must be at the end of each month trying to get consumer recognition. Rather than put our snacks in retail stores waiting for consumer choose and buy, I think this way of direct-to-consumer sales more help us improve the quality of food.” Ou explains. Here are his words:

“behind the subscription model, there is a very subtle but important point. This model provides a steady income for us, let us have the ability to predict inventories ahead of time, especially when we mixed snacks are their production, it is very important. In addition, this model we have to collect A large number of consumers to evaluate data, and by A/B testing method of rapid analysis trend of consumer food selection. In the traditional food manufacturing, production cycle in the snacks are usually 15 to 18 months, while in this mode, our production cycle can be shortened to 3 months.”

the further stated that if the company’s products can get the favour of broad consumer, the future will be changed to on-demand sales model.

but before that, the BoxGreen sales strategy seems to imply that the if consumers in the next months BoxGreen healthy food instead of high quantity of heat is going to be toast for breakfast or replace M& M chocolate sent office of leisure time in the afternoon, it seems that the only hoarding a faulty goods every month.

BoxGreen is not the first startup, but very likely to be his first obtain financing start-ups. In the summer of this year is expected to be successful. At present, the entrepreneurial teams will graduated from 100 days of JFDI start-up incubator project.


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