Body feeling ring “OK” to control the computer mouse, luxury or chicken ribs

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since computers, human beings cannot leave the mouse, wired mouse from the first generation to the next generation of wireless mouse, are based on the plane, people need to for a long period of time in a fixed posture of the mouse operation, inevitably prone to mouse hand and mouse disease. Today, hunting cloud network with everybody know about the shenzhen and the guest team together for this pain points and development of “F – ONE” the third generation of somatosensory ring mouse.

posing as a gesture of “OK” to manipulate the

a guest from shenzhen so strong with his “qi booth” founded “exciting source of shenzhen industrial design team,” took nearly two years, the development of a wireless ring can be in 3 d space control mouse – F – ONE ring somatosensory inputs. F – ONE body feeling input ring with the body feeling, bluetooth technology, such as identifying human gestures, the user as long as the body feeling wear on the finger ring the mouse, move through the gestures thumb touch-sensitive buttons (namely OK gesture), can realize the computer control.

in particular, the first thing you need to plug the receiver into the computer, now supports Windows and Mac system, follow-up will be based on Android and smart TV development to upgrade the software. Receiver just plug in, you will be prompted new keyboard input devices, wait a few seconds to identify, without additional software installation. Then a ring, ring on there are three circular arc surface near the side of the right hand thumb buttons, used to implement traditional mouse click, drag, roll, etc. Respectively to control the movement of the mouse, select or right.

its size is only 35 * 25 * 24 mm, soft plastic material, along with the product is equipped with 2 sets of soft rubber patch, fingers slender can also be normal wear. Bluetooth 4.0 is connected to a receiver by low power consumption, low power consumption, stable, received 10 m range are stable. At present the wireless ring mouse version only right hand operation, the follow-up version of the upgrade will make his left hand. Now that is not a “state of the mouse”, nature also can avoid the mouse disease. These scenarios will be really convenient, fingers on the remote control: powerpoint presentations, bed using notebook, lying on the sofa watching movies.

ins or chicken ribs?

in fact, as early as three, four years ago, there have a ring of the mouse, however, the third generation of somatosensory ring mouse is far not reached the extent of the epidemic. Above the advantages of this kind of product is introduced, then open the “slogan” model, discuss the disadvantages of it.

the first operating sensitivity “erratic” can be used to describe that, after all, hand lost points for flexible, and the precision is not enough, perhaps by a certain time to adapt to, to realize accurate positioning. Apple, however, by a touch board plus various gestures instead of the mouse operation, basic can gradually adapt to apple users without mouse operation. So, in the short term ring mouse adaptation degree as well as fast as apple MacBook.

second, because it is worn on the index finger in a the ground of heart, so the battery is also nots allow to ignore the problem, have you noticed the Apple Watch will charge every day, even one day two charge.

since mentioned Apple Watch, hunting cloud network in want to Watch can be combined with the function of the mouse, to better connect computers, mobile phones, and even TV and so on. In addition, Google has been in the development of “rub a rub” black science and technology ().

operation gestures alone, to the traditional hand always fit on the desktop, the up and down or so knead, knead. Ring mouse can like a symphony conductor, ups and downs and gracefully. As for Google black science and technology, to feel, hunting cloud network can only help you here.

the product. According to hunt cloud network understanding, the team has obtained exciting source of shenzhen industrial design co., LTD., an angel round investment of 500000 yuan, is a joint-stock cooperative ways, is currently looking for a new round of financing.