Blue-collar recruitment search radar: LBS + community platform, online march that millions of PreA investment

(article/who 闫森)

young China now has 400 million workers, 90 after qinggong job-hopping, annual average 3.8 times without a sense of belonging, high liquidity.

search radar to solve first thing is: to help the youth and labor people a quick fix to recruitment, recommend suitable blue-collar jobs around based on LBS. In addition to the function level, search radar also joined the blue-collar community function in the new dada, Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network, through this two months of efforts, dada circle blue-collar qinggong community has become the most active community..

in cloud network view, hunting for blue-collar job applicant is by far the most care about two things: efficiency and sense of belonging. Find good job information, settling down to get a sense of belonging in community at the same time satisfy the social demand. Software is no longer a cold tool to apply for a job, community can form a natural sense of trust to cultivate the soil.

on functional experience, find jobs radar lets users through LBS positioning quickly screen out near work, software and other recruitment, recruitment information on the direct display of the dealer contact information, the user can directly contact with the employer. On clients and merchants, search radar are free mode.

Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network, although search radar is currently hiring + community pattern, but whenever, we will put the recruitment information authenticity in the first place. We all human review recruitment information, and enterprises need to submit a business license certification, businesses have the recruitment issue background, upload certification, recruitment, received a job can be done on the mobile end.

for blue-collar users search radar, the platform development of micro part-time plate, do tasks to qq COINS. Fill in high quality resume for endorsement of a search radar, search radar promoters, there is one of the most interesting work “street snap” function. Users shopping when see recruitment information, photographed upload, each will send user 2 qq COINS. Zhao Dong tell hunting cloud network, the function was very popular at present, and they have already applied for a patent. every day, hundreds of users upload their spontaneous see recruitment information on the way. But the quality of information, at present the background review by small amounts. The cultivation of more users and product can play.

the team aspect, the founder of the search radar Zhao Dong previously in tencent product director, has nearly 10 years of industry experience. CTO Song Wei is tencent, after in tencent’s technical director, in the research and development, safety, operational areas also have rich experience in the industry. Team tell hunting cloud network, online search radar in March that get millions of PreA investment, investors of venture capital and longteng capital.

finally, everybody can think about a problem. Blue-collar job need to do heavy or light needs to be done?

1: a meter work, work, another olive commune, find jobs such as radar gene products belong to the Internet. Otani working network, such as my work of the net more online + offline service as the core. Even someone who’s in charge of transport for young workers. Which way is more accepted by the blue-collar workers, all worth thinking about what kind of services are more likely to be replaced by the Internet?

2: consideration can also be a deeper level, to the youth + physical labor of the young workers in the wave of economic development will be lifted or be rolled? So these blue-collar jobs products in addition to let them find a job, also can help them grow, so will not wait for the wave, hand no countermeasures,.

3: more bold guess: do blue-collar may establish alliance between companies recruiting, introduce the blue-collar education online or offline training institutions. Blue collar is not just physical + youth rice, blue-collar recruiting object service time can also be stretched, more social responsibility can be given. Although this idea is good, but not heart doubts: why isn’t this “related aspect of government” should be the dominant?

note: search radar is hunting cloud network investment and financing project docking platform