Blended announced A $3.7 million round of funding, warp/weft led in China

cloud network Beijing station on April 21, hunting news

hunting cloud project investment and financing docking platform and quotation online intellectual property law electricity companies announced today has completed A round of $3.7 million in financing, led by warp/weft China, lenovo star cast.

blended service object currently include small and medium enterprises, business groups, taobao shops, etc. To provide fast, high-quality trademark registration, copyright registration, patent and other intellectual property services. Founder si-si liu said that since last may launch, know blended has completed nearly 20000 orders, registered users to break through 20000, the cumulative turnover breakthrough must, and at the end of 15 years is expected to exceed 100000 orders, as China’s largest intellectual property service platform.

for the purpose of the new round of financing, said si-si liu will increase investment in the market, make more corporate users know and enjoy the free trademark registration service, it will also increase for talent team expanded and perfect investment products, prepare for know blended the next leap.

si-si liu has previously said in an interview with hunting cloud network intellectual property service is the most important piece of trademark and copyright services. With trademark service it, a domestic registered trademark agency nearby. But low barriers to entry the industry, leading industry practitioners quality is uneven. Next is the service level. Trademark agency market malignant competition seriously, sick case frequency in industry. Is more serious, especially the malicious registered trademark agencies other company’s trademark, the state trademark office designated agency to call enterprise, that the company trademark is registered, require companies to register as soon as possible, be shanghaied enterprise will entrust their relevant trademark is to spend money to buy down, in order to ease. Blended formal saw such an advantage, with O2O concept established the first domestic intellectual property legal services electric business platform, using the Internet model reconstruction of the traditional legal services.

blended network was established in March 2014, is a professional service platform, online legal users free of trademark registration and complete industry chain of intellectual property services. Last June, it won a lenovo star millions of angel investment.