Black rice science and technology launched mobile router “hand by treasure”, go where there are “free” wi-fi

May 21 (word/WeiQing)

this afternoon, black rice science and technology in the intelligent jingdong milk tea house hold new products experience, the first intelligent mobile router “by hand” crossover. Although is a router product, but without the limitation of network cable, power cord, let all kinds of mobile terminal, wherever he has exclusive WiFi. Is integrated into the Internet thinking, large-scale launch free “hardware”, to find out how together.

hardware configuration and features of

black rice science and technology, the hand developed by bao is a AndroidTM4.4 based intelligent mobile router, there is a 3.5 -inch touch screen, support single point to add gestures, can for the mobile office, travel and outdoor activities to provide a variety of environments such as 4 g smart Internet service, at the same time compatible with global FDD – LTE/TDD – LTE standard. In order to reduce power consumption, the hand will be used in smart phone for the first time by treasure Marvell 1920 high performance chip inserted in the mobile router, make products to be the longest up to 200 hours of standby time.

1. Take a look at: who see directly in the network, can be kicked out shielding net users. The same interface, but also can display the residual flow, connection of operator and signal strength.

2. According to a press. Product at the bottom right corner there is a circular touch “” S key, a key to achieve can let friends access networks, be exempted from the cumbersome password input. If a stranger enter, in this interface, sliding gently kick each other out.

3. Draw a stroke. Local tyrants will buy 128 gb apple, most people are only 16 g, whatever phone, photo and video by sliding can be easily archived by the treasure in hand.

not only the router, more to be a mobile phone is necessary article

phone in order to look good, sacrifice a lot of performance, such as antenna didn’t play to the role of the largest, hand by the treasure to increase double antenna, to enhance the signal strength. Hand by the treasure is in addition to a 4 g mobile router, mobile hard disk 128 g, 4000 mah, a charge (emergency conditions using) touch screen control (installed applications, browse pictures, video). Also the function of hidden – social approach. Turn on the wireless network, to join around strangers, but their connection page will display your photos and warm prompt, need connected to the Internet, please find a TA, very cool?

phone has very competitive, set his mind at to make a handsome man, oh, no, it is accessories, supplies.

product design course, beginner’s mind, vision

black rice technology CEO captain (zhi-feng song), black rice science and technology was founded in 2011 to do free WiFi, free WiFi access at that time, a week online, the free iTunes China is the second in the total list. Users reached 50 million, made an application to download ranking, apple kicked out, good tragedy, ever.

zhi-feng song also spoke itself had a sore point, “the mobile phone number in nightmare”, came in unicom 3 g, 4 g come and want to change. And then determine the direction, to do such a smart hardware products, hand by treasure can let users do not need to change, free switch data network.

zhi-feng song, compare and contrast the telephone of 20 years ago and the router technology development up to now, mobile phone take the place of fixed-line router with smart brand, but there are still many restrictions. Zhi-feng song of black rice science and technology research and development of this product, and fairly confident, believe that the hand of treasure will replace home routers.

the mobile phone market has reached a bottleneck, the router can be said to be the one just open the door. Hunting cloud network also hope that such a product can change our life, can get rid of at least one out of the door he asked “is there any WiFi” awkward.

Internet thinking mode of “free”

can do this, because black rice and operators reached a cooperation, provided by the operator data services, in the form of wholesale, low prices for exclusive flow pool, then distributed to the users. Do have a price advantage, but also has the worry, for example, the initiative in data operators hands, like rent, the landlord need to raise prices, are you moving or move?

the hand by bao also have their own considerations, such as “hardware” free of charge and charge user traffic fee is low, basic is not money, so it makes its own operating flexibility, for example, and other a broader cooperation, forming a advertising, application distribution platform. In addition, the similar essence and the height of the mobile phone, later do not rule out and mobile phone production cooperation, transfer of the products are integrated into the phone, feel to do so, operators or embarrassed, flow are cost down or fall? We can see that the prime minister said JiangFei later, three carriers is part, calculating, and is not very reluctantly give up what one favours.

hunting cloud network learned that the mobile router compared with mobile phone bring traffic expense reduces, and, on June 10, jingdong raise even launched the “hardware” free of charge mode. According to zhi-feng song, there is a lifetime free, the specific price and traffic lines, have very much looking forward to ah. At the same time, he also said the goal is to raise $50 million.

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