Birthday tribute Microsoft 40: Microsoft’s yesterday, today and tomorrow

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cloud network hunting note: dear reader, please note! Hunting cloud network editor jun had invited some imagination (imagination) special products (open) geek user experience. They have a powerful and unconstrained style of thinking, for many years in the field of hardware “immersion”, let them have a critical eye, the viper’s comments. Future hunting cloud network will launch a week at least one period feature article, clouds ramble hunting 】 【 to bring us some interesting experience on hardware products. Here may be full of subjective geek feeling, you may not agree with point of view, but our aim is to give some of these provide a platform to express one’s ideas, also hope for hardware vendors or entrepreneurial teams at the same time, bring the line (also may be some extreme) user feedback. Hunting cloud network editor gentleman welcome to ridicule, to argue, because we believe that: once scold, back to the second, three to four back into a friend!

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the first have to make it clear that the reason for this hunt such a SAO gas clouds ramble name him, don’t want to grandstanding, but want to April 4, 1975, since its establishment has been the 40th anniversary of the standing of Microsoft company, sincere respects created incredible – thank you.

writing framework of this article is as shown in small title title, a clue in the Make Sense anger brush presence, another clue in the Make Believe article fierce belief, two clues both primary and secondary, because he very important too.

Make Believe article

First please allow me to give you added some imaginative Microsoft solution good faith top-up, breakthrough is the logo of 25 years after Microsoft update again.

first gives a brief introduction of Microsoft’s first company Logo is used between 1975 to 1979, when the words “Microsoft” is divided into two lines, one line above is “Micro”, the following line is “Soft”, reflects the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) and Paul Allen (Paul Allen) is how to come up with the original company name “Micro – Soft” – the name reflects the “miniature computer” (microcomputers) and software (software) two aspects of content.
The second company Logo with the words “Microsoft” with serrated edge, the Logo use between 1980 to 1981. The second Logo reflects the personal computer and video game culture.

Microsoft between 1982 to 1986, use the third company Logo, the Logo have many horizontal lines in the letter “o”, he said it is a symbol for “Micro” and “Soft” between the hyphen.

a fourth Logo use the longest time, and today most people are familiar with the Logo, Microsoft from 1987 began to use this Logo, its characteristic is to the right of the letter “O” there is a gap, as well as the letter “f” and “t” is together. Compared with the previous Logo, this Logo looks more secure and stable, a symbol of the quality of the company.

today is the fifth logo, as shown, with the old logo only the word “Microsoft” and registered marks in contrast, the new logo in front of the word “Microsoft” added four small squares, with 4 kinds of color, represents the Windows logo.

previous Logo, “Microsoft” for the bold, tilted slightly, and the new Logo of “Microsoft” using Segoe font, and font not tilt. Segoe font is Microsoft have a font, in the past few years has been used in its products and marketing activities. In the new Windows 8 user interface, Microsoft also use this font. The same as the previous Logo, the word “Microsoft” in the “f” and “t” two letters in the new Logo is also attached.

this, Microsoft in the new Logo for the first time to join the symbols: the four small squares, blue, orange, green and yellow were used respectively to design, the square icon from the blue, orange, green, yellow, four color of collage, these color has long been linked with Microsoft, the four kinds of color is not a coincidence, but from their products of the company brand.

we can easily find in metro tile interface to see the four color piece of the application, they are blue Skype, green Xbox, Bing of yellow and orange Office. We might as well see down one by one.

about blue Skype, we speak into a set of data, Skype is a free voice communication software, has more than 663 million registered users, the highest online at the same time more than 30 million. In 2010, according to TeleGeography study, according to data from Skype duration have accounted for 25% of the global international phone. Skype users free talking time and billing has accumulated more than 250 billion minutes long. 37% of Skype users use it as a business purpose, more than 15% of the iPhone and iPod Touch users to install the Skype. In March 2013, Microsoft has closed in on a global scale MSN instant messaging software, Skype instead. Only need to download Skype, can use the existing Messenger username login, existing MSN contact will not be lost.

and then the green Xbox. As early as 2001, Microsoft has started selling the company’s first home game console, its performance is equivalent to 2 times the SONY playstation 2. Game market, Xbox and Sony Sony PlayStation and nintendo Game issued 2 Cube formed three kingdoms tripartite confrontation situation. Made in built-in Intel Pentium III basic central processor, built-in 8 gb hard drive and cd-rom, DVD ROM the Ethernet port, the ability to support network, similar to the PC architecture. The controller port shape is not the same with USB specification. From the hardware performance index, the Xbox belonged to “the three big host”. Xbox Live is the second generation after the Xbox and occupy the mainstream of the market now the Xbox 360 dedicated multi-user online platform.

then the color is yellow, Bing, she is a Microsoft company launched on May 28, 2009, to replace the Live Search a new Search engine service. To accord with Chinese users to use habit, Bing brand called “Bing” in Chinese. As one of the world’s leading search engine, as of May 2013, bing has become North America’s second largest search engine, such as plus provide yahoo’s search technology support, bing has occupied 29.3% of the market. Opening in China in October 2013, Microsoft’s new yellow sign bing search and remove the Beta sign, this makes bing after Windows, Office and Xbox Microsoft brand fourth important product line, also marks the bing is not just a search engine, will be deeper into the Microsoft almost all of the services and products. In the Windows Phone system, integrate the bing search, Microsoft also depth by touching the search key derivation, compared to other search engines, also more beautiful interface, integration of information is more comprehensive.

as to the Office of orange, we over the years by Microsoft osmosis education can’t walk out, completely without ah, love deeply feel what is called “without Mac doesn’t know what is called experience, without Microsoft don’t understand what is productivity.” The Windows RT level with desktop Office can only spell hit at that time, has given us for Office suite three than a firm’s absolute faith.

these we have to sincerely feel that the new Microsoft in a big game, she was going to the office communications, games, search and four application scenario to build the highest standard of collection, integration of user requirements, implementation services, hardware, software and aggregation of interests maximization through.
Make Sense article

the first talk about Microsoft around no matter what is not in the past, the legendary former world’s richest man, Mr Bill Gates (Bill Gates). As an old friend of the Chinese people, this is almost everywhere, the successful model of observation, the full name is William Henry Gates iii William Henry Gates Ⅲ, the English spelling is listed to illustrate the well-known “Bill Bill” is American English for “William William” nickname. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull