Biohacking technology: let the human body have infinite possibility

note: Neil harbison is born blind, but now, he can identify the 360 kinds of color, or even identify infrared spectrum, this is the result of biohacking technology support. With the help of a tattoo, a scalpel, chip, we shall be given for one’s own body to networking capability. What do you want to have ability?

in the biological hacking and superhuman (including the nootropic, prolong life, chip implants, better behaved and gene technology), under the constant progress of our changes in plants could also improve the quality of life and productivity level, but we also need to consider its potential social ethical problems. Google’s search products Google Trends is accelerating its search “nootropic” and the related biological pace in the field of hacking, so, it is time to discuss our way forward.

digital products and the company not only changed the way we live, public policy and management is also more and more important influence. With the change of the biohacking company product innovation and transformation, relying on high technology industry to broaden the trend of social policy is gradually strengthened.

to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor of the equalizer

biohackers technology enables us to become better myself. People will have better bone, vision and immunity, and achieve a better standard of living, and more and more people will be digging out their potential. But this would involve the ethical aspects of a question: has become a serious social fairness problem. Now, if only the rich can enjoy the benefits from technology, the gap between rich and poor will become more and more big?

Bill McKibben Bill McGee (this) is a famous critic, he put forward the opposite point of view. He thought: “biohackers technology such as gene gain will close the differences of social rights, the gap between wealth and education.”

from a technical point of view, the story of the differences is not over yet. We see one another new technology popularization, continuously to obtain scale economy growth, and then quickly cut, spread to all levels of society. Continue to depress the price of new equipment and technology under the background of, the growing market demand has given rise to a lot of new research and production process. Provide personal genetic services website 23 andme provided the initial gene was $299, but in a few years later, may be only $99.

the nootropic or other microorganism technology needs to be a new way of investment and innovation of production and distribution. Any cutting edge technology is expensive, but with the passage of time, the price will come down. Actually biohackers company should follow the Google balloon wireless network project Google Loon and Facebook’s global Internet, will be based on science and technology as a social service to the world, a chance for everyone to enjoy, to encourage people to participate in the development of future business.

if a tool or technology provides positive returns to the society, the government may subsidize, and why the government can provide basic health care, vision care, compulsory education, libraries, public wireless network is a truth.

create higher per capita value

now various forms of functional products constantly emerging, such as: the startup Nootrobox production of energy drinks Soylent, longevity medicine, nootropic, self tracking tool Fitbit, let us better to quantify and manage every day of the Android Wear and Apple Watch.

digital sensors and the progress of science and technology is beyond the current interaction can afford. When we apply the hacker spirit to our body and mind to develop the technology of cheap, safe, accessible, we find that, per capita value is rising.

waves coming toward us, the frenzy of science such as the industrial revolution, the ubiquity of computers and the Internet, have greatly increased our average productivity. We’re going to meet next biohackers the wave surges. However, dozens of people can finish before feat in today need a bigger team, take longer.

in today’s world, forced our classmates and colleagues involved in biohacking is definitely unreasonable. Stanford university and bioethics at the university of harvard researchers warned: “considering the safety, in addition to specific professional, banned forced, completely obey personal wishes.”

if you can, with a strong sense of responsibility, so the development of biohacking technology will also be like has the ability to read and write, flu vaccine, as a natural myopia wear glasses. Wear glasses does in pressure, but myopic if you want to see the world clearly, will need to bear the pressure.

explore the unknown

under our limited view of the world, there are a lot we can’t solve the problem of can’t even identify. If we can hear the sound of the color? If we can live long enough to do a few professional? If the cognitive enhancement technique can let more people to become engineers, researchers, doctors, or other valuable expert, and what will our world?

institute IEET’s founder j. Hughes warned: “biohackers technology will make us lose the true self, not independence, move toward another extreme: homogeneity and boring.”

on the contrary, biological hacking techniques in practice is also extremely rich individual character. Make a scuba classes to this, it can make up for our natural defects, however, not everyone wants or needs of underwater breathing apparatus. They may favor other abilities, such as: eye after implantation, the super memory capacity, and so on. When the individual difference is more obvious than at any time. Under the rich way of expression and experience, our future will be more real.

the pace of human progress under our own control, rather than natural selection or gene mutations. Is a reflection of the desire and ability of science and technology, we use it to understand and manipulate things beyond our biology. But in recent years, our scientific, sensor and data processing can be directly connected to our body and brain. If the network computer (server, computers and mobile phones) is the main innovation platform of the 20th century, the human will be the platform of the 21st century!

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