Big easy technology for 80 million yuan A round of funding, or cast ivy capital, etc

(text/zhao Xiao)

on June 3, the big easy technology announced that it had formally completed 80 million yuan A round of funding, by ivy, zendai group, everbright capital joint investment.

big easy technology was founded in 2004, headquartered in Shanghai, at the same time with Beijing, guangzhou branch, is the domestic provide online recruitment selection based on the pattern of cloud computing solutions provider, committed to improve the performance of information technology to promote the enterprise to recruit.

the company flagship product for WinTalent recruitment management system, beginning in 2007, implement recruitment demand release, resume collection, CV screening, interview management, employ five essential link routing management, support personnel evaluation, written examination, background investigation, induction medical optional links such as routing management. Support both social recruitment, campus recruitment, internal recruitment and executive search (intermediary) recommendation and internal recommend hiring patterns.

big easy recruitment management system implementation method covers all aspects of the project implementation process, including: requirements definition, variance analysis, implementation and customization, system switch and launched four main stages. In addition, and after-sales service and training services, to ensure rapid response to customer’s requirement and solve problems.

big easy technology has several hundred large-scale group company provides cloud recruitment services, including baidu, sina, sohu, public comments, jingdong mall and other enterprises.

for future plans, the company’s CEO said “integrity enterprises will use the money, to free cloud recruitment business market, the future will also provide free value-added services. cloud recruitment patterns of software system in the future will be more and more tend to attach importance to services rather than the software itself.

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