Big data how to forecast the trend? Ali YunTianChi series provide training opportunities

ali cloud computing today announced the launch of a new season of tianchi big data race. Competition will attract new generation data scientists around the world, to predict the mobile phone party shopping preferences and balance the cash flow, fashionable dress collocation, provide more accurate data analysis model.

the tianchi golden league will be open to researchers and teachers and students in colleges and universities all over the world, from late march until December. Players are free to use: kitchens, provided by ali cloud computing ODPS (Open Data Processing Service) such as large Data Processing tools; Provided by alibaba, the ant gold group, through strict desensitization treatment of massive amounts of business data. Contest to integral promotion system, ranking through the website updated daily, total bonus can be supreme challenge 1 million yuan.

two of the problem, it is about the “mobile” electricity recommendation algorithm and “taobao clothes matching algorithm. For example, a 20-year-old urban women, a weekend in the summer afternoon time, starbucks wants to have a white dress Marilyn Monroe type, or more like the little black dress of Audrey Hepburn type, or she just want to defend Wolf spray bottle? Another from the problem of the ant gold service, sounds are much more serious – “capital flow prediction. Ant gold suit with hundreds of millions of members, the balance funds at the end of 2014 is as high as 2014. How to not only ensure the user higher yields, also avoid a lot of redemption the run risk? Players need to accurately predict the future money flows in every day.

well-known experts, vice President of alibaba group TuZiPei big data, win good data model, not only can be used for the contestants academic research achievements, still have a chance to out of the lab and direct application in the taobao, pay treasure to real business scenarios, affect China and the world hundreds of millions of users. In the previous contest “cat” day recommendation algorithm, six students after 90 research and development of personalized recommendation algorithm, in the actual effect of “double 11” day by more than 16.9% of the day the cat of the original algorithm, won a $1 million bonus.

TuZiPei, said data economy era is coming, China currently has the amount of data that 14% of the world, the proportion will rise to 21% by 2020. But our data utilization rate of less than 0.4%, more data are still sleeping in every corner. China needs effective data processing method, need big data more talents. Ali YunTianChi competition will become a data and all the wisdom of the platform, open data resources attract more government, company, business model innovation data, set new generation power and economy of energy data.

in March 2014, alibaba group chairman jack ma in Beijing university launched a “tianchi big data race.” The first series a total of 7276 teams from global competition, overseas more than 148 cigarettes. Alibaba group opened 570 million pass strict desensitization treatment for this data. Last season’s data providers for guiyang city government, participants according to the traffic data analog control traffic light time, look for ways to ease congestion.