Best love: the application of the love of reality into the game, the daily necessities of the flat also like game addictive

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the current global Internet lovers more than 1.8 billion users, at the same time, the consumption of around couples with high frequency, high life consumption, the long-term characteristic. Couple husband and wife is almost the whole family consumption, and consumption process accompany lifetime, unless one single for a lifetime. Lovers market, or a big piece of blue ocean.

micro conjugal love, love, love notes, such as QQ lovers couple application in endlessly, but couples market there has been a large controversy: and talk about a love what software support? In fact, to love and to be loved is human, no one don’t want this life, no happiness of love and marriage, is now in the market has not been a real practical love product .

best love App hope for couples construct a parallel to the reality of the virtual world, through the design of the real world it is difficult to obtain experience and fun, appropriate rules and guidance, for real love. Such as the daily trivial life as a game to play blame upgrade, call home washing the dishes is strange, every time after the completion of the can get rich rewards, involved in PK, so boring chores will also be a lot of interesting . If you define it as a product, it is better to define it as a couples can be interactive games.

founder wen-dong wu told cloud net hunting, he majored in game development in college, and after graduation did not join a game company, but choose an Internet company, deeply loves the life he wants to do something useful to human life.


“we can’t deny games can be fun for the user, achievement, identity, or even change the world. If we can free choice in the world, I believe there will be a lot of people are willing to choose to live in a can control everything in the world, “wen-dong wu convective cloud network said,” we are not people choose virtual, choose to escape, but the better face the reality, happy life, can accompany lifetime love life .”

love best main target group is 90 ~ 95, the main game is as follows:

1. record love drip, gain experience, love to score and love money

the drip out of love, will be stored in the stream of time. Each record only each other appreciate confirm marking the end of this record, can not only let see each other quietly pay, also can light said a grateful. similar to world of warcraft is full of level 70 copies can brush, couples get score will be used to develop a love tree, the tree of love after the mature, began to produce mysterious props, after users to upgrade, can unlock special skills. And love money reward allows users to personality change, gift giving, space costumes .

2. fair fun wish

couple both sides have their own desire to 10 points at the beginning, when any one party has a wish or appeal, can initiate wish desire and exchange points, maintain a long fair and full of life interest of both sides communication . Boys want to make love with, for example, can be a desire and exchange of two points, the boy left eight points, the girl 12 points; Also, next time the girls hope the boy to wash dishes, 1 points can be exchanged, at this point is boy 9 points, girl 11 points.

3. square community interaction

the best love in the community, is no longer tired of message flow form, but in love square, right against the face of the other users Post will duang pop up, in the form of chat bubble produced in face to face communication atmosphere. Here, a couple don’t have to worry about being cursed “affection”, but “do not understand love, not to”, community will also provide a love life of communication and reference, especially when encounter problems can find help and answer soon. And, let the men go to see others how to wife, form the habit of self-reflection, a love his wife more every day.

4. interesting way of live chat

communication between couples is a extremely high frequency, action, but now most couples applications of IM are very rough IM. There is, however, the virtual world and the games were different, in the “best love” chat, chat face to face is your virtual image, and President experience out gold COINS at the same time, the future will also involved in the “couples chat” big PK, novel way and play a lot.

5. statistics and look at both sides of the pay and love pour into

to love each other, the family will pay a cumulative, according to let the user be clear at a glance, pay more than one party can continue to carry forward, the lack of one party, the check.

best love is a pair of in alibaba for three years, founder of the technology of sweet couple, there are three sister team, is responsible for the UI, cartoon animation and operation respectively. Founder wen-dong wu and na zhang once are paying treasure to the development of the siege of the lion, a core technology in the wireless technology , two people of the mobile Internet technologies and products have a good cognition and grasp. Two people in college to do a mobile products won the national software innovation champion, and favored by Microsoft.

product idea was born on the high-speed rail from Beijing to hangzhou. When two people think, why a man willing to sitting on the bench for a whole night to play games, but it’s hard to sit down and listen to a wife and a half hours of voice? The girls on TV everyday repeatedly praised Obama, South Korea, but forget your husband also need to get the admiration and gratitude. Is there a more attractive way of communication, implicit and explicit expression of gratitude worship? “So we thought about can use the game, with a third party to do “, wen-dong wu convective cloud network said, “after a year of characteristics of the user’s actual validation, and product data feedback, after the release of a short period of time the user in the activity, the use of viscosity, start frequency, willingness to pay, since the growth rate is greatly more than we expected before. “

wen-dong wu told hunting cloud network “best love” compared with similar products, first of all, to solve the pain points, products mainly to a private communication tools, and “best love” is a tool for long-term preservation love . Stay the same kind of products between lovers in their communications and simple records, and other functions, it is hard to remain active for a long time, long drive is poorer, and the “best love” will be in real life chores into a game, let the user get a stronger sense of achievement, sense of responsibility, and compare the competition, two people communicate more frequently and gratitude, can also be unscrupulous affection on social square, participate in discussions, and solve the problem, can significantly improve lovers of happiness. In the user community, competing goods or the lack of the community, either in the form of a single, in the usual message flow form, it is also hard to with weibo, circle of friends, post bar form differentiation. “best love”, through the virtual character face-to-face communication, improve the user the sense .

business model, the best love rely mainly on in-game items paid for the future as a couple, advertising revenue and physical sales and service center. Best love advantage compared with general electric company has data, can easily get the user’s birthdays, anniversaries and rich life details. Can not only starting from the sale of gifts between lovers, life style, also can extend to the whole family consumption .

in the process of product design and development, the wen-dong wu said that the most difficult is how to balance the gameplay and applied, the best love will cut a lot of fun and circle money itself game elements, return to “keep love fresh” core . Current products have just completed an MVP, but version 1.0, let the user to a parallel reality of the virtual world, virtual and reality through. At the same time, the circle of friends suddenly popular 3 d bear, also let people realize the marketization of VR/AR device, wen-dong wu team was thrilled, he believed in VR/AR device is the next generation of revolutionary interaction. The birth of the VR primarily for gaming service, including the founder of the Oculus Palmer Luckey also insists that the game is its development, but wen-dong wu said the game was the first step of VR, it also should be a better service to humanity. So best love knot Oculus/HoloLens VR, AR to complete a richer interaction and experience, to make the user experience has a strong sense of immersion, can arbitrary “through” and choose their favorite space and the world .

“we don’t want people to indulge game, waste of real time, but wants people to get the game fun. Future plan is very clear, it is provide couples a connected parallel to the world of reality, and two interconnected world influence each other, let the lovers of life more beautiful “, wen-dong wu convective cloud network said.

now is still in the initial functional verification – iterative stage, no large-scale promotion. But users, while one thousand level, has just launched seven days begin to generate revenue, and users’ willingness to pay is very strong, even now offers a virtual item category is not very rich, but for someone, well above expectations. In addition, the user’s activity is very high. The development process, the user one moving love story is a great driving force of the team to overcome the difficulties.

wen-dong wu and na zhang believes that as long as you stick to dream, efforts to practice, it will change a little bit of people and things in this world. If have a little bit of luck, maybe I can change the world? .