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note: hunting cloud has 10 years experience in human resources vice President before alibaba Zhang Lijun, lenovo star entrepreneurial CEO special training class on 7th course Chinese entrepreneurial opportunities and how to choose a partner to make their own share. Before she has multiple titles, ali executives, angel investors, entrepreneurs, to give business “tutorial” you, find opportunities from here!

Zhang Lijun is joined alibaba in 2002, served as sales management and human resources management headquarters of the group, founded and served as lake, dean of the school of alibaba group. For hundreds of Internet start-ups and VC institutions providing human resource consulting, management service after FA and shot. Founded in 2014, entrepreneurial yeast. The following as the main content:

one, China’s three big opportunities

demographic dividend is the first chance to

more than the Chinese, so is China’s first big opportunity, around 1.3 billion people in the finance, tourism, education, health, logistics, service life, recruitment, and so on, these all became a big business. China’s one billion three hundred million people have 5.6 billion migrant workers, there is also a great opportunity.

the second opportunity is the traditional industry upgrade

traditional enterprise of spring is really coming. But with the future of the Internet, mobile Internet, everything connected to connect, making it become truly efficient. So the traditional industry of industrial upgrading is the second largest opportunity.

what areas have the opportunity to the traditional industry? Agriculture is now has a huge business, a lot of funds are looking at agriculture. Other manufacturers such as decoration, textile industry, digital, auto, all the original super trillions of business trading line, this year will be moved to the Internet. Hc360 and alibaba B2B website in early is not a trading platform, it’s just information aggregation platform, there is no way to accept money like taobao, so “membership” at that time the charging mode.

after 10 years payment through, trust to resolve and industrial upgrading, B2B platform can directly cut deal now. By trading for closed-loop B2B industry in 2015 is very hot, all investment hot spots may be more than 50% will be in this place. So B2B is China’s second big opportunities.

the third big opportunities is the emerging technology

from 1980-2010, we have hardware in China for ten years, ten years, ten years the PC software. From 2010-2020, is China’s mobile Internet ten years, but after a few years, we will go to another era, called all interconnected.

what things? All things are connected together. Cut household such as millet, millet products to all things together. In the field of car, as long as you enter your tesla or enter your new car, all together.

Internet security need to do all things, not safe, there is no secret, also all together, so the security in this direction will become the field of a large screw.

these are the three big opportunity to China’s future 3 to 5 years, and is also the mainstream direction of the beginning of the year, all institutions are studied, this is the future.

at the opportunity, the first is the entry level company

in the Internet is in the game, first of all be a entry level company, you can be the first to become a company of billions of dollars. why drops the first become billion dollar company? Because it is high consumption frequency, user loyalty. It has $1 downloads, 30 million active users of the two core index.

in the field of automobile, parking area is the same frequency to take a taxi. Is I am very bullish on this direction, because it has the barriers. And carpooling, every night under the international trade bridge have a bunch of people carpool to tongzhou. Carpooling car rental companies are doing business, it is because the car is very expensive.

who is mobile Internet mobile terminal entrance, he is the king. Entry level standard is downloaded over 100 million, more than 30 million users.

2, Internet startup the five steps of

in entrepreneurship in five steps, the first step in the first place to think, you are suitable for business? Second, how to find a partner. Third, how to find the breakthrough point of the business model, it is important to first three steps. Fourth, determine the division of ownership structure and partners. Fifth is iterated and simulation of commercial products, which are the five steps of entrepreneurs. We focused on the first three steps.

the first step, you are a born entrepreneurs?

the last time I talk to a boss discussion, he said it’s hard to find someone like entrepreneurship. What is like? Many pioneering because of today is very hot, the capital is very hot, very hot in the industry. But when those so-called pure entrepreneurs, and finally into a big company, this is because I like do and I do have money have no money, do you have any investment I also dry, this is one of the most natural temperament of the nature of the entrepreneurs.

the United States has a best incubator, they through the study of hundreds of thousands of startups and entrepreneurs, found the real entrepreneurs has four characteristics:

classmates. When you begin to want to run a business, whether it’s the Internet, or a traditional enterprise, the first day of business, you have a man with no regrets follow you, particularly important.

no root. What does it mean? Is the change between cities, should be a person’s hard to overcome my problem. Because you are familiar with the city, have a family friend, is familiar with good things to eat. But the real entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, back up your bag and went away without any hesitation, this call no root.

fearless. Ignorance, entrepreneurship is a process to understand to understand, so start a business, must be don’t know how to do it. Anything that entrepreneurs to speak with you, I want to clear this thing how to do it, do you think the things depend on unreliable? Unreliable.

passion. What’s the big deal about your 20 s, have a passion, who are young. That when you were 40, 50, 60, and passion?

if you don’t have these four core traits, you are not a qualified founder, also can not find a partner.

the second step, how to find your partner?

everyone would have the experience of failure. After the failure to summarize: you find a partner what is the standard? How to get to the inside of the form I this business form a partner? Very simple, you as long as you clear analysis of the business, upside down to get it. Such as the business form you need to three people, what three people in this field, then find the strongest person in that field. Many times we can not find the right partner, because we don’t see to find what kind of person.

what is standard of looking for a partner?

have a common vision. For example I want to do a children’s photography, I went to a partner, with others to lobby for half a day. The man said yes, and I give it a try, NO. Do you like to find a person to do this thing, this is too important.

back-to-back trust and tolerance. What is the trust of the back-to-back? When a new partner to come in, how to believe him? The first, first you choose to believe him, your communication cost, internal friction are few. Unless he proves that he not worthy of trust. Another way, you don’t choose to believe him, he would prove that he is a man worthy of your trust, and then trust him. What is the difference between these two kinds of path? The perspective-taking once, if this is the second path, you if the other party will feel sick? He kept to prove that he is OK, to survive in the company, is worthy of trust. This is a time when companies into executive mortality rate is so high.

complement each other. Complementary has three layers, the first layer is a character, you may be aggressive, he might be more considerate. You can be flexible, he may be system; The second layer is complementary knowledge structure, such as agricultural platform, I want to be an online if I am engaged in agriculture, to find a partner to the Internet. Among the partners, is actually a contract spirit, these are in addition to experience, the most basic things.

the third step, find the breakthrough point of the business model

business have three points. First, you start the runway big? If the runway is not big, many investment institutions are not interested in. Money isn’t hit in the industry, even if the industry do big is not too realistic; Second, you have to prove that your team is a team kill matt, from the last run to front, can bend overtaking; Third, can find the entry level, there are barriers to entry point, and can break quickly.

3, traditional enterprise with the integration of Internet

from 80 s to the present, each age has the best B company, why can’t the inheritance evergreen? The first, often a company’s greatest advantage in the first ten years. Second, as long as a little success, an enterprise is particularly believe they are right, so when it’s time to go to play a new things, it is also used the concept of a set of methods, but the rules of a new game and ecological building, is different.

so in traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet, there are three core factors of failure

first, the cultural conflict. militarization management such as wanda is 100%. But the Internet need culture is a culture of innovation, subversion, everything, is not the product of a militarized management way out;

second, the organizational structure of the conflict. big company division, the CEO of the Internet is with a traditional division of the general manager, no, don’t know, general manager of the Internet. And organizational structure of the problem, I will think you are offline business, general manager of abortion, both of us are competitors.

third, incentive problems. wanda, longhu, vanke, gome, is open to Offer millions of annual salary, why they can’t find the best one? Because there is no stock. Really be able to choose to Offer, is not the best people, he just for the money.

this year with traditional enterprise Internet integration of new hope for several reasons, first is the recent a-share market orientation of the government, the listed company of these pain points will be more and more pain. Some cases of successful transformation, such as the listed company is along its ecological make new Internet companies. For the new company, the first way is independent, and is not a traditional company. The second is the traditional company not holding, normal to the capital markets. We believe that the traditional enterprise with the combination of the Internet is the biggest breakthrough in the next three years, we will seize the opportunity.

all these things, from top to bottom all complaining is HR should do. But HR only assist in operating part, these are to do CEO, HR to participate in the work. So the human resources construction in essence is the head of the project, not HR project.

Zhang Lijun: join alibaba in 2002, served as sales management and human resources management headquarters of the group, founded and served as lake, dean of the school of alibaba group. For hundreds of Internet start-ups and VC institutions providing human resource consulting, management service after FA and shot. Founded in 2014, entrepreneurial yeast.

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