Because the apartment: make pure women’s apartment, do have a temperature of roommates O2O

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

in the market as a whole, the rental area from an informational platform into a service-oriented platform, rental and service combined into the process of trading, it can give entrepreneurs more imagination space, at the same time, along with the rise of the Internet startup wave, causing entrepreneurial teams compete in in the field of rent, also gained a big following in the investment market, market competition intensified. For new entrepreneurs, therefore, how to seek the development of the differentiation strategy is worth thinking about.

start-ups in chengdu “because apartment” also cut into long rent market, but the products on the target user group and apartment brand made a differentiated positioning, focused on building a pure women’s apartment. The problem comes, renting market is very competitive, because the apartment and segmentation on the crowd, for such a position and how to consider?

, and because convective cloud network said, and because of the target audience is to rent a quality requirements of young single white-collar women, their rental demand is stable, high quality, safety, at the same time there is demand for dating women not a few, how to make them in the strange city to enjoy the high quality housing experience, this is a startup “because” the inspiration; Second, because the brand apartment is not confined to single women users, female white-collar workers of high quality seed users to set up brand and reputation, later will launch such as “love apartment” male “apartment” to expand the market space, but the project development of the main vertical segment will not change.

from the experience, the use of “apartment” and because the process is simple: click on the “because” website, found “soufun map”, select the location of the nearest your company, immediately the checking & amp; A handbag. In the process with the traditional process that rent a house not too big difference, also to tenants to field observation, and compare the online housing information to decide whether to stay in, compared with the traditional rental, of course, because be disintermediated.

according to the team, because the apartment is in the form of suites, each apartment in four women on average, two women share a girlfriends room. For considering the communication between tenants to get along with, because is on the basis of the processing of large data, from the perspective of tenant’s interests to allocate housing, the combination of the tenant design more human; Secondly in terms of rent set that rent a house, on the premise of user acceptance, and because the control for the average rent level.

Return to nature, renting field in the process of transfer from information to service, offline capabilities of the team have higher requirements: on the one hand, rapid access to high quality housing, rent after service for tenants on the other hand, retain tenants, and through the old guest recognition for more new customers. The “because” in these areas is how to layout?

in fact, the good and evil people mixed up website that rent a house on the market, there are large amount of information, too much garbage information, information distortion, etc.; Principal lodger, mediation bianconeri also is not a good experience on the tenant. To this, and because convective cloud network, said the authenticity of information, in order to ensure the availability to on-the-spot investigation of every house, in order to achieve the online display of images and offline housing information consistency, secondly on the decoration style and equipment configuration, because the pursuit of simple and elegant, style is unified, makes every effort to let tenants to find the feeling of home.

in the back-end service, “and because” hope is organized around a tenant group of extensive social circle. And because of the housing is given priority to with suites, in combination of tenants, is on the basis of tenant’s interests to differentiate housing, to maintain the social demand consistency between tenants; Secondly because some online activities regularly, popularize some basic work information, etc, to provide some help on life and work. But because stressed, because will not pay some activity and strong sex, the real from the perspective of user needs.

has to be said, and because the long rent brand apartment mode, play is a form of heavy capital, early investment is larger. Hunting cloud network understands, because apartment on their own resources focus on building their own brands, at the same time, in order to ensure the tenant living experience, will not reduce the money into the housing. When asked about is a financing plan, because tell hunting cloud network, financing is essential for the development of the company, but we don’t rush to expand the development of scale, mainly in the internal work practice, from the product itself that rent a house decorate a design of upgrading, service not constantly improve optimization, as well as the online social platform structures, such as doing to promote and perfect. Internal work practice, higher credibility, believe that more can give investors confidence.

to be honest, do rent O2O platform, capacity requirements for offline services is more outstanding. And because the team’s architecture both from traditional industry senior experts in real estate development; Also have people from the well-known Internet companies, to develop the team’s Internet genes. Because to hunt cloud network said that although the market competition is intense, but we remain positive on this potential market, because of China’s population base is there. The focus of the current work is to get the product made of solid, the chengdu and even the entire southwest region model, and then gradually copied to the nation, and because the ultimate goal is to run the inventory of the market.