Beauty to raise $700 million m, in the layout of the giant wary

(word/Yao Hongxi)

after waiting for nearly a month, Meituan net yesterday formally announced D round of $700 million, $7 billion valuation, it also confirms a hunting cloud first reported the right amount. But as for the round of the investor, the CEO Mr Wang is still quiet, said revealed to wait for a period of time.

not released at this time the investor is a interesting topic, as for Meituan or investors currently have what concerns, can only be another day to scrutiny.

at current valuations, Meituan is the fourth big domestic electricity trading platform, in ali, jingdong, Vipshop, after had the quite DaTiLiang. The financing biggest concerns should still reserve “ammunition”, in each big Internet giant and external capital input of O2O, to strengthen existing markets and open new business at the same time, the need to deal with the possibility of burning money war at any time.

this communication meeting, Mr Wang and other executives routinely use indirect straight into the simple introduction to the company in 2014 after general situation is the communication link, to talk about the performance planning, new business and the public.

a year or two does not consider the listed

first through a set of performance data see Meituan roughly:

s turnover topped 46 billion yuan in 2014 (up 180%) on the previous year, 90% trading is on the phone.
S Meituan net is the nation’s largest film O2O platform, the second hotel distribution platform and the largest online delivery platform; Among them, the movie business 5 billion (nearly 30 billion) the box office, year than growth at 233%;
S service covers 1000 cities across the country, before buying 100 city there are 93 in the first group of China and the United States;
S merchants more than 80, in the occupied more than 60% of the group purchase market.

even if there were such good results, but Mr Wang still has some regret, this is mainly from the market development speed of undervalued, which has the rapid read of the mobile Internet. As is known to all, the beginning of 2013, three years of Wang Xingceng formulated the plan, among them, the trading target for 18.8 billion, 2013, 2015, 100 billion.

today, Mr Wang for the 2015 goal is still the number. He claimed to be in accordance with the 2014 volumes in 46 billion, even a slight slowing growth, achieve their goals.

even so, Mr Wang, when in response to a question on public listing is not the most attention recently for a year or two. at the end of last year, he had said in an interview with Yin Sheng, “if the next year, who is listed on the first, the basic means it give up, surrender.”

“it revealed that under the eyes behind the huge volatility of service trade market. On the one hand, Mr Wang think the Internet business opportunities for the modification of the services in the field of life is far more than the Internet electricity to the traditional retail, pattern is not sure, Meituan future worth far more than the current $7 billion; , on the other hand, he wants to finish 3 years set goals, promote a greater ability to trade platform, and then seek better valuations, also do not want to early after every quarter to endure the capital party from torture;

prior to that, the group has a slight profit in 2013, to make the loss incurred due to develop new business in 2014. In 2015, Mr Wang has prepared Meituan ready to continuing losses in 2015, and to enhance investment in new business.

“new business echelon

Mr Wang made it clear that Meituan will in the next year or even longer time re-doing put more users more merchant service, launch more products and services, and some products are internal incubation.

the coming from Mr Wang conversations Meituan speculation in the course of the next possible products and layout direction, will compete with the giants in more fields.

1, KTV, beauty salon vertical product

Mr Wang and positioning in the beer and skittles life service trading platform, although in this platform will be worth more than any of the vertical, but on the vertical service to build, and already step out of the good. The cat’s eye film, take-away, hotel vertical tools such as performance of rapid growth.

along this route, it can be seen that Meituan will continue to launch new products alone in vertical, it is likely to take the lead in KTV, beauty salon, etc.

2, Internet financial

2014 Internet banking business has been booming in China, including many Internet giant and the traditional financial institutions have to intervene.

Mr Wang who Meituan positioning is doing trading business focus for the foundation of the Internet financial business, because on the one hand there are merchants, like suppliers, supply chain, on the other hand there are consumers, this has to do the possibility of consumer credit, and relevant institutions in the past for a period of time to find Meituan seek cooperation.

the Internet financial cooperation, Mr Wang said it will keep an open mind, at the same time think Meituan again a year later do Internet financial will have a more basic.

3, payment tool

from the above statement, the group involved in the Internet a financial possibility, so, as the core application of money transactions, payment tool may no longer distant.

2015 turnover in 100 billion, turnover in 2020 to 1 trillion, the platform itself has a great deal. After the accumulation of a large user, and also with payment instrument to the periphery to do deals.

4, open platform to build the ecological

the BAT giant ecological open in today, the group is doing the preparation technology and ability, and the accumulation of data to the users and merchants, after waiting for the time is right, open to the partners.

in the previous, Meituan has also done some Ceng Zaiyun service attempt to take the lead in providing services such as storage.

5, investment start-up

this like BAT company, after positioning platform involves a vertical part of the service links will be Meituan can’t provide, at the same time in the binding partners, Meituan is likely to be in the aspect of capital movement, especially in a good cash flow of the company and a $700 million fund to the account, it’s fit for some of start-up companies is also a good news.