Beautiful home once guan qing, completes the beauty industry O2O “organizers”

(text/Wang Saiying)

door-to-door beauty makeup O2O platform “beautiful home” founder had guan qing told hunting cloud network, has completed A round of funding during the Spring Festival, the investors and the amount was not disclosed. At present the home App products have been launched, the android version will be launched in the near future.

original beauty home was WeChat public cut into the beauty industry services, launched with makeup, beauty cilia and nail three modules, makeup service practice in the United States found that users to the actual demand of hairstyle as beauty makeup, and later introduced a hair business, but the home service this hair style is not in the traditional sense of the hair styling, but does not include the cut hot dye, the user on the basis of original hair and hair long change hair style design, such as distribute, twist, etc.

in addition, the home and the door, a professor at the make-up class this module. Had guan qing said, in fact, beauty makeup classes than beauty makeup service demand, imagine that such a scenario, users on the same day this evening and need no occasion when a delicate make-up, or hair, but they want to know your face for makeup type, beauty institutions of make-up class on the market are mostly the same basic course, these make up for the mass is the basis of the link, and was not designed for users’ condition makeup method, such as a user of the face freckles, according to the degree of depth and location of freckles how to block defect? Or rather, the user should choose a uniform number cosmetics will be more beautiful. Beautiful home make-up class is for each user these specific problems of door-to-door guidance. Not only that, but got home beauty makeup artist from salon institutions such as domestic first-class beauty makeup, and platform for screening of makeup girl drop-out rates at 70%, and the star imperial stylist, does not rule out and beauty makeup red net cooperation in the future.

beauty home orders stable at around 1000 a day, is now opened, including Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu and other 14 cities, at present, the home operation focus on Beijing, expects Q2, Q3 will start promotion in other cities, beautiful home with beautiful makeup division cooperation in every single smoke into 10%, had guan qing said that the ten percent majority for tax expenditure, the home did not see this as a point of profit, and now is in no rush to expand rapidly, when doing a city, this model can successfully copied to the other city soon, and get home also other cities opened under the push of the user.

when spoke with the cosmetics brand service, has said the U.S. home wouldn’t do to users sell cosmetics cooperation of this nature, because this kind of bad user experience, the home side on the cooperation brand have strict control, such as l ‘oreal choose brand cooperation, cooperation method may be brand buy the home service and presented to the customer, to shape a good user experience.

about long-term orientation, home to the us had guan qing compared beauty do I get home to do the external decoration work, she said, building and interior of the nature of the work, the home is not to the user is responsible for the internal structure, only on the basis of the original problem of beauty, as for the future will join the beauty transform the internal structure of the “project”, at least in the short term is not intended to involve the home.

once guan qing also in the interview, expressed his understanding of O2O, she thinks that the essence of the O2O services, is to use the Internet + thinking do so to well implement the services, and door-to-door service not O2O core competitiveness, O2O is a use of Internet + pattern change people’s lives, can lower the cost of his life experience to improve service. And entrepreneurship does two things: money and mood, beautiful home not blind pursuit of customer orders, pay more attention to the pursuit of quality of service, product innovation and the ability to flow operation, that is the necessary of O2O business ability. At the same time, guan qing also mentioned, in the field of beauty industry O2O, if there is no special scarce resources and creativity, will choose silently into the, because for entrepreneurship, passion and hard work is the essential factor, and all the entrepreneurs have. If the primary company to occupy the market and speed, so at this stage, it is necessary to fix the internal work, such as the United States home will strengthen the management of a makeup artist, to technological innovation, perfect customer service system, this is the service industry begins to take root of life.

since 2014, the United States gradually subdivision industry field, door-to-door service market is hot, with the development of the market, the industry mature, finally the local life service is classified as giant “game”, emergence of deals? Once guan qing said it can, but once said, completes the service sector, the deepening internal work will go on the track in the end, the home of the future will also be fun such as bidding mode to mobilize consumption atmosphere, enhance the user experience.