Be partners China hit 20 O2O enterprise money

cloud network hunting note: partners China was established in early 2008, focused on areas of investment include mobile social, trading platform, O2O, etc. In 2014, an influx of new money make O2O business than ever before, in 2014 alone, warp/weft China has 17% of the investment projects in the field of O2O; In march this year, China has invested in weft, including knowledge blended, four O2O project. At present, the count of Chinese investment O2O related company has more than 20, all aspects covering catering, service life, such as cars. The following content from hundred million bond:

zhang ying, just the O2O sector, have been buried long line, including drops, driving fast, e generation, hungry yao, pony housekeeper, e bag wash, delicious not wait, aunt 800, earth rabbit, cooperated, such as more than 20 O2O project, who is on the track of leader? Who can in niche for the giant pressure? Who in the future may take the lead in public? From billion state power network ()

1. Legal O2O: know blended

amount: $3.7 million in A round of funding, warp/weft star of led, lenovo and China.

business model: knowledge blended was established in May 2014, is focused on electric business platform, vertical in the field of intellectual property law mainly provide trademark, copyright and other intellectual property services. Internal system after the user registration, it will be based on user business distribution of a legal consultant, and provide more contact information. Any questions about the intellectual property rights (acquisition, copyright, trademark registration, patent maintenance, property assessment, etc.) the user can consult consultant. At the same time, the user can also buy on the site, by the consultant trademark registration scheme is given, and the next one to one service.

2. An outfit O2O: mediating rabbit

the financing amount: matrix partners A round of financing and investing millions of dollars; Sequoia capital and matrix partners hundreds of millions of yuan B round; $200 million C round of financing by the latitude and longitude 58 city, sequoia capital, venture capital institutions such as joint investment.

business model: mediating rabbit decorate online line in June 2009, operated by shenzhen his information technology co., LTD. At present, the soil and the rabbit has opened more than 100 cities, RACES, accumulative total services more than 6 million households, platform in 60000 and more than 60000 formal decoration company interior designer. Soil and rabbit team has a particularly strong executive ability and learning ability, and in the field of domestic outfit O2O have the most profound insight and understanding. The rapid growth of mediating rabbits for several years, in the industry is the industry leader in the space of costume, this is also the additional investment soil the important reason of rabbit.

3. Housekeeping O2O: aunt 800 nets

the financing amount: millions of angel round.

business model: aunt 800 net is to focus on life service sites, mother-baby care industry is committed to helping employers to easily find a good month sister-in-law, parenting sister-in-law. Through this platform, expectant mothers to be able to browse to the numerous high, love, praise of her outstanding and parenting sister-in-law, through the certification materials, employer review, work record wide-scale screening, to find the most suitable for their own needs of maternal and child care services.

4. Housekeeping O2O: pony housekeeper

the financing amount: millions of dollars to A round of funding.

business model: pony butler, affiliated with Beijing pony feijie network technology co., LTD., founded in April 2014, is a company dedicated to creating O2O butler service of Internet companies. Cleaning operations include: household cleaning, to his new land clearing, household cleaning, in addition to mites, etc.

5. Plastic O2O: new oxygen

the financing amount: us $20 million B round led by zhi letter capital, partners China continue to follow up; A round of funding dominated by partners China.

business model: the new plastic oxygen in July last year launched plastic O2O electric business platform, provide clear plastic product or project price and concrete operation process, at the same time for users with plastic demand or have plastic users provide a communication platform and community, and form the review system of plastic surgery hospital. On this platform, users can also buy some discount of cosmetic services, its core model is a “community + electricity”.

6. Restaurant O2O: hungry?

the financing amount: $3 million B round investment; C $25 million round of funding led by sequoia capital, matrix partners to vote.

business model: “hungry?” is one of the largest restaurant O2O platform in China, was launched in 2009. In November 2011, hungry? Mobile web platform. Hungry? Integrate offline and online brand catering network resources, users can easily search restaurant around by mobile phone, computer, online order, enjoy the food.

7. Medical beauty O2O: more beautiful APP

the financing amount: millions of angel investment.

business model: more beautiful APP was born in August 2014, is a cosmetic industry social + O2O platform, platform includes two pieces of business: all cosmetic surgery is a piece of Chinese consumers, will be on the platform to share their experience of cosmetic surgery; Another piece of business is each big famous hospital senior plastic surgeon will be online answer for the question.

8. Second-hand car O2O: car rain

the financing amount: $20 million B round; D $110 million round of financing led by everyone company, sequoia capital, partners China, morningside venture capital and funds separately and citic capital, etc.

business model: car rain was founded in 2006, has now become the largest domestic transactions, the most active trading second-hand car trading platform, created the used-car O2O new ecological pattern. Relying on powerful technical strength and dealer network all over the country, and car rain make a unique “used car 15 minutes to sell” of the country’s auction services, for the used car owners provides a fast and efficient sales service.

9. Transportation O2O: cloud bird distribution

the financing amount: $10 million in A round of funding, the warp/weft, jinsha river, shanda joint capital investment in China.

business model: cloud bird distribution in September 2014 formally launched, birds belonging to Beijing the cloud technology co., LTD. Cloud bird distribution on the one hand, built a platform let the driver directly to customers, on the other hand sets up an evaluation system for the Internet, in order to optimize the management of truck drivers. Cloud bird distribution is a trading platform, rather than the information platform. Based on the localization, the enterprise and the driver transactions between completely from cloud bird. For enterprise and cloud charging method is flexible, support weeks, half month knot, monthly, etc. For the drivers, cloud bird distribution in the form of are weeks knot.

10. A taxi car O2O: fast

the financing amount: A and B round amount up to tens of millions of dollars.

business model: quick take a taxi, founded in 2012, is a convenient taxi smartphone applications. So far the service covering 358 cities, including Hong Kong. The software for a taxi passenger and taxi drivers tailored, passengers can through the APP, quick and convenient real-time take a taxi or car reservation, the driver can also through the APP business safe and convenient, at the same time by reducing the empty ran and increase their income. Fast last year launched a limousine service, currently has 56 cities.

11. Logistics O2O: Mr Wind

the financing amount: millions angel round.

business model: Mr Wind instantly send based on mobile + O2O mode, is a LBS location based services which provide the short distance distribution services for the O2O platform. Project planning, planning began in 2013, was established in April 2014, through the phone App combines online and complete the local delivery, flowers, fresh fruit, such as the category of distribution. Platform distribution member through the platform for merchants to provide goods service, get considerable gains.

12. Car O2O: good car easy

the financing amount: A $20 million round of funding, warp/weft led.

business model: all cars in early July in 2014, is the first company in the domestic online used car C2C trading platform. Good car easy control options available through their early and mid late third-party guarantees and no reason to return the car and mileage warranty service, make both parties at ease. Now business has covered three big cities of Beijing, shenzhen, chengdu, sales of around 300 units per month, and nearly 100% of the speed of rapid growth.

13. Property O2O: optimal guest from home

the financing amount: $22 million B round of funding, from partners China, Mr Hainer Asian fund, jun lian capital, huaxing capital investment.

business model: optimal guest from home as house hosting, home design, decoration construction, lease, rent the standardization of management after the maintenance of one-stop service provider. Optimal guest from home is a new kind of Internet rental mode, is committed to “rent” young people’s housing leasing company, the current optimal guest from domestic market mainly concentrated in chengdu, wuhan and other secondary cities. For the owner, the real estate value added management services; For tenants, is a supplier of high quality rental experience.

14. Dining O2O: not wait

the financing amount: $20 million B round of financing, the investor for partners China and other investors; A round of millions of dollars in financing.

business model: delicious not wait queue system is an Internet network company, was founded in April 2013, is a restaurant queuing solution based on LBS APP, provide mobile phone line number and view real-time progress in line outside, near the station to station remind in advance, the mobile phone shop order self-help hit single, mobile phone to order a key order and other services. The software can choose online within 30 km line can provide numeral restaurant, if the user selected restaurant location is automatically sent via WeChat repast remind; If no time, the user can scan delicious without appointment on their own, such as qr code in the know on the web page, and use the time to go shopping or do other things.

15. Highway transportation O2O: oTMS

the financing amount: $6 million to A round of funding, warp/weft led.

business model: oTMS is a dedicated to the design, development, promotion of innovative transportation management platform, in the form of software as a service (SaaS) provide services to users, help enterprise partners within the transport, realize the transparent management of the entire carriage. The software as part of the SaaS model of closed community, profits from the use of the software costs. With the increase of the user, will consider to do some value-added services in the future. In 2014, the software online processing transportation orders is about 3.1 million.

16. Laundry O2O: e bag wash

the financing amount: 20 million dollars to A round of funding.

business model: e bag wash for prosperity is Beijing science and technology service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as for prosperity) service brands, officially launched in November 2013, began to comprehensive transition from the Internet. The latter is a traditional wash brand was established in 1990. Rongchang service, in addition to e bag wash, also owns new-developped rongchang wash, il offline, such as laundry, laundry, no di luxury maintenance maintenance brand, in addition to provide high-end domestic service.

17. Auto O2O: concave-convex rental

the financing amount: get near tens of millions of dollars investment, A round of warp/weft led in China.

business model: P2P “bump Shared car rental car rental company will” car sharing “concept into China, which have spare vehicles drivers can share with your friends, to obtain additional income; Friends and need to use it you can also use more economic price to rent to the right vehicle. Bump sharing rental will be idle vehicles built a platform of security.

18. Generation drive O2O: e generation drive

the financing amount: $25 million financing round B; Angel round of millions of yuan

business model: e drive is based on the geographic location of the generation before the O2O company, its use are mainly white-collar crowd, jinling, including a certain economic strength lay particular stress on social user groups, e drive mobile phone APP called generation driving way, for the owners to provide reliable, drunk or fatigue driving services convenient and cheap. E generation drive has been established for three years, and its establishment time is earlier than fast and drops a taxi. So far, e generation of driving in the generation of driving the market share of nearly 90%, covering 100 cities, 40000 drivers.

19. Meeting O2O: hotel brother

the financing amount: level of millions of dollars of A round of funding.

business model: the hotel brother founded in May 2012, mainly to solve the information asymmetry in the hotel booking meeting places, after nearly two years of development, brings together the largest conference book buyers database, service enterprise customers have more than 1000 a month, the value of a single order in 3-50000 yuan between, is currently the largest venue booking O2O company.

hotel meeting market scale has reached billions each year, and rising at an annual rate of more than 20%, in the high-speed growth market, hotel, brother is the city court O2O business do one of the biggest companies.

20. Recruitment O2O: cooperated network

the financing amount: $70 million C round of financing, HuaPingLing, partners China and; A round of investment; Leading B round; C wheel with shot.

business model: cooperated net is the earliest interaction between employers and headhunters and professional managers career development platform. Always focus on the building to managers’ personal career development platform, user experience as the core comprehensive subversion of traditional advertisement for enterprises as the core network publishing platform.