Battery start-up Talino rise, clever in installment to lower the price of electric cars

cloud network hunting note: Talino electric car company in the United States from the Philippines, according to the characteristics of research and development in developing countries, “smart power” and “according to the time of payment”, become a car of the Gospel.

many factories manufacturing of electric vehicle (EV) have become a powerful oil cars successor, in the long run, they save money, are environmentally friendly vehicles. But the biggest obstacle to hinder its popularity is high costs caused by the high prices.

the manufacturer said high prices for “green premium”, it is largely caused by battery it one of the key components.

in the United States Talino electric car start-up company mainly operating in the Philippines. It and electric car manufacturers direct cooperation, lowering the cost about half of the cars this way to balance and oil price difference.

the company’s co-founder Marc Ira and Henry Abreu are filipinos, they used a highly efficient lithium batteries and battery management system structure research and development of “smart power” “brain” of the electric car.

Ira editorial said: “Talino electric car company believe we’ll be able to open the electric vehicle market in developing countries. Founder thinks, compared with the traditional gasoline-powered cars, electric car prices in developing countries is far less people. So, the use of intelligent digital technology to reduce the construction cost is the key to solve the problem.”

to drive we need to spend money

it’s simple to this words, it is. Ira, explains some of the Philippines local firms were used in the sample car Talino electric vehicle intelligent power consumption (but he declined to a related brand). Buy electric cars is buying the “according to the number of the use of” special battery, it also explains why the electric car can be a lot cheaper.

Ira said: “we provide this payment mode is very accord with Asian people’s spending habits.”

he compared it to a mobile phone. You are charging station for your electric vehicle charging, like with the charger charging your phone. But as your mobile phone card consumption are needed to support calls and send messages, your electric car also need cost to run.

he said: “if you like, you can recharge your mobile phone all night. But if you want to make a phone call in the morning, you must pay the cost. Phone limit phone set aside, in the same way, giving people the will of the electric car will limit the battery power consumption, unless you pay its effect meets the need of energy consumption.”

as well as your mobile phone, the electric car drivers can from the electronic load “affordable credit lines, just like we use a mobile phone prepaid phone to operators.

Ira, explains that these daily payments together with electric cars, electricity, oil should be better than the traditional vehicles daily cost is low.

, he added, Talino electric car company “by the time a little” payment method is equivalent to the cost of the battery installment, greatly reduces the price of electric cars. He believes that this will greatly promote the sale of electric cars.

remote switch

Talino electric car company’s hardware and software of intelligent power consumption has many advantages. First of all, compared with some commonly used brand heavy old-fashioned alkaline batteries, lithium batteries more lasting efficiency.

second, in terms of software, its real-time remote sensing battery monitoring and management is doing a good job. Based on the cloud server, we can even remotely identify and locate the electric car. The movements of the vehicle information can be accessed through a mobile application or any web browser to view.

in the end, the intelligent power consumption also features GPS and remote control. If the car is stolen, the owner can also remote control lock the car. Even if the owner did not renew, the bank also can stop to pay the car business.

at the same time, intelligent power sensors can be found in the driver before points out potential problems of the battery. It extended the life span of the battery and car.

Ira, according to these advantages together shows how the whole of the electric car industry chain of value-added, chain covers electric car manufacturers, customers, financing, and including operating charging stations, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

company start

Talino began in electric motors in Stamford, Connecticut in January 2013 on a lunch, founder of between crackle suddenly came up with an opportunity to promote the development of electric vehicles. At that time, the fast development of electric vehicles of southeast Asia, exciting. The Asian development bank (ADB) just to electric car manufacturing industry in the Philippines put $300 million in financing. This is by far the largest local support from foreign funds in the development of clean technology.

Ira said: “here is the demand for electric cars and requirements. Less expensive but unless the green energy, electric cars and traditional flat or have an advantage in price, or there will be no electric car space of survival. We solve the problem of global market price balance. Every manufacturers use our products immediately the price in half, and guarantee to pay effect, improve the living environment, to clean the earth environmental protection contribute.”

since its creation in 2013, Talino electric vehicle is applied for two patents for this technology, and a few key cities in the Philippines to promote development of this technology.

Manila sidewalk parking electric tricycle.

the Philippines is the first market


the Asian development bank points out, the electric car is directed at the Philippines, the southeast Asia’s most key countries of electric car development potential. Beginning of the company plans to its intelligent power technology for the locals referred to as the “three stepped” millions of petrol – these motorized three-wheeled motorized three-wheeled on pollution every day in the country. The next step is the jeep. So Talino electric cars are making on-demand, short, clean the mode of transportation of possible.

Ira said: “in addition to public transportation, we are also committed to food, documents, goods delivery, and such as security patrol service vehicles such as electric.”

Talino electric vehicles in the Philippines trolley association, established in 2020 to achieve the goal of one million electric bikes in the Philippines. Hard this ambitious goal, but also can be a constructive, sales of the past few years to give them confidence.

by Talino electric cars in key cities of pilot experience, it is going to the next step will be spread to other areas of the capital of electric vehicle and then across the country and finally to the global.

the Philippines and the future of Indonesia and Nigeria, will the parent company from the United States access to technology licensing, sales in the domestic market, and by using the local holiday and the available incentives and better development of green technology.

in addition to the improvement of battery, Talino electric car firms are also developing electric vehicles, autonomous micro charging stations. May be a new company lucrative source of income.

Ira concluded: “our goal is to set up our worldwide electricity technology business circle, quickly realize daily life in developing countries the popularity of traffic facilities of electric power. Our inspiration from Coke as global corporations, its headquarters in Atlanta, but through the target market, a subsidiary of products are exported to all over the world.”