BAT team “comeback” do love dating community “I confess”

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

if you are still single and have not love, you are more likely to be parents urge marriage, so you start grasping, each big busy dating sites around, looking forward to the beautiful love. “Face”, so with information for you to make friends, find your appointment, to find you chat, you start hurry-scurry, at this time of the inevitable, rice wine are pouncing, let you in distress situation, finally only Buddhism, from crying. You may only be a drop in the bucket, the condition of the current social good and evil people mixed up dating sites, social networking is easy, the love is difficult, more difficult, hand in hand “I confess,” began humanity itself, self-disclosure with UGC community O2O mode method, hope to build a healthy social real love website.

wu lei is the co-founder and CEO I confess, deep tillage in electricity and couples products field for many years, few co-founder from ali and baidu, mostly for the product and operation achievements, the team eight known for many years, the tacit understanding, deep in 2012 business together, but as a result of investors problem project nearly died, the precipitation and choose “return” thinking 3 years later, I confess to set sail again. Wu lei told hunting cloud network: “our team is in the morning and night get along with friends, we are on the table is always a person in charge of order, and order we all love to eat, what also can tell their love to eat. Such a tacit understanding team can support us go further.”

I confess, was first launched in 2012 PC, then after three years after the quiet period, early April “floating” again this year out of the water, the main mobile side, at the end of May 1.0 version is launched, obtained first through before the operation of the seeds of more than 30000 users, want to make love more real healthy social platform. Why when it comes to product name “I confess,” wu lei said: “we want to make love to return to original state, to return to human nature itself, like Marilyn Monroe said,” if you can’t accept my worst side, you also do not deserve my best side, so we through users honest performance real himself, is a kind of personalized expression of the community.” Before the user registration I confess, I will write a “up”, must truthfully write their own situation, after artificial audit submitted will only be presented to other users, hope to build high quality UGC community.

I confess after is not meet, don’t fell in love, hope real love regression line scene can “aroused waves”, rather than stay in the net chat “dragonfly water” stage. First of all, I confess the inside of the members in addition to the third party real-name registration audit certification, also will use the financial company’s credit review members of truth; Secondly I confess the contents of the above is a concise graphic community, and decentralized, flattening operation, all the members can focus on and contact with people who are interested in, to avoid the charge level some dating sites; Members can then use my frank “frankly currency” for the people who are interested in the real gift rather than the virtual gifts, such as the real flowers to realize the real date, these gifts through cooperation of businessmen in Shanghai delivery, recommend and payment is completed on my confession.

wu lei told hunting cloud network: “our product is 1.0 stage at present, the main do UGC community well, just in partial businessman, will soon be released version 2.0, in the merchants of more suitable for dating, are mostly local personalized restaurant, coffee shop.

“I confess” encourage members happy talk online, then offline dating back to the reality.” And I confess future will design good businessman introduced preferential date “package”, this clever avoid wine and rice unruliness, both help chose phobia users save cost, and consumption for businesses, but also bring cash flow to the site, form the closed-loop O2O mode. Will I confess also community of users of structured data information, analysis of user requirements, using the algorithm to recommend the suitable community members, activities, and play.

now do communicate dating community or website, APP may, in addition to being able to monopolize the side of the “bosses” like cherish nets, baihe, devoted to stranger, etc., some of the different love dating emerging products also emerge in endlessly, such as the cheese of the Beijing tourism change single, will love the attention dating main video display match, guangdong peng social main financial elite circle, zhejiang “adventure”, and “ta” found in Beijing has its focus. Wu lei told hunting cloud network: “our core advantage is that we have enough tacit understanding of the team, there are more than three years of precipitation and understand the industry, compared with large companies have very strong execution efficiency, our O2O mode and the UGC more understand user personalization community.”

when it comes to the development of the future, wu lei said: “we want to make marriage more transparent, there is no such thing as a ‘objects’ hard to find, looking forward to one day in my honest members can proudly say his partner is found on the I confess.” Now I confess 1.0 version of the iOS and android are online and will soon start the angel round financing plan.