Barrage duang pictures on the field, “fans” to do interesting sports social

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

fans is specially for the fans of a sports pictures social App. In the current version of the IOS, the scene of the sports fans can take wonderful moments, and immediate release film fans. Software provides sports filters, stickers function; Fans can find their own interest group channel, barrage comment on sports pictures; In addition, the fans take with them into sync.

sports covers a large number of audience, they scream shout cry at the same time, also excited to take a large number of photographs to record events. “We found that the fans don’t have a find, share, exclusive pictures of community participation, but in mobile phones, computers and have a lot of pictures at the same time, the circulation of the daily pictures; New opportunities is more and more fans to participate in the competition, coupled with the popularity of intelligent photo equipment, could trigger the next pandemic, and fans on the tuyere and re-building. Zhang, founder of hunting you said, so fans will sports market vertical subdivision to the field of social image.

zhang before startup, he worked for the five-star sports and many famous Internet company, a product manager position. In 2009 co-founded China’s first sports SNS website fans and won the Spanish angel fund investment. Fans made yue information technology co., LTD., affiliated to the Shanghai team currently has a total of 15 people, is a big fan of the senior. Fans for IOS new version has just launched in April 12, the android version will be launched in May. According to the team, at present the software updated daily pictures in number more than 5000 copies.

App has many domestic sports class, such as main score data; watch? Provide tactical analysis and World Cup soccer news understand ball emperor; As mobile sports community, reported previously by hunting cloud network; And do sports WeShot images, it is “a focus on fans stickers camera application”. Fans take the comprehensive sports stickers, create interest in the function of the channel, plus recently very fire the barrage of commentary, it located in the “to do the most interesting sports pictures social software”. Zhang calm also admitted that their software is to salute “Nice and the Same”, which is pure image of social software, and the Same is a social App can’t care about each other, both social patterns are more successful.

fans take images based on social business model, will put the sports consumption of online and offline link get through, in the electronic commerce and offline advertising, customer value, consumption for further exploration. “We need to go offline, with the game, fans will, business cooperation, and hope to optimize the user experience, according to the user’s feedback to make the new version.” Fans take team convective cloud network said, “now we have completed an angel round millions RMB financing, then to improve the product first, began A round of funding.”