Barbie hot mama: focus on mother group fitness O2O

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the field of Chinese sports fitness started relatively late compared with the developed countries, there are larger development space, the O2O fire is burning in the field of “fitness”, such as hunting cloud network previously reported the O2O class “jas cool card” and “hot” respectively to get the big financing, it also can be foreseen that the trend of the fitness products.

sports O2O products from the initial phase of the venue booking service to “disintermediated” one-to-one appointment coach service. Hunting cloud network reported today in the “barbie hot mama” is such a service, but is different from other “instead of” project, barbie hot mama segmentation of consumer groups to “mother”, service projects include postpartum recovery, body shaping, posture adjustment and so on, the user can single class teaching, an appointment best fitness cycle for 3-6 months.

“mother” this point was selected because of the founder of misia is a real hot mom, met with their pain points as the breakthrough point of entrepreneurship, so could be more close to the needs of users.

today in micro letter online platform of “ barbie hot mama (babilamama) ” first into the first personal fitness. Misia told hunting cloud network: “first into dozens of personal fitness, in order to market demand to the appropriate input coach.” Entrepreneurship itself, there are a lot of risk, the author thinks that misia thinking very carefully, both to avoid the waste of resources, can also be found in the first “real” coach, optimization and improvement in a timely manner.

personal training the door is the most important is the quality of service, barbie hot mama when selecting a personal fitness help user to check. Take strict admission and knockout on coach screening, misia tell hunting cloud network, in the first batch of coach training has eliminated several coach has already signed up. Barbie hot mama when choosing coach requires not only professional skills and rich experience, but also has a high level, high standard of emotional intelligence in appearance, at the same time attaches great importance to the coach’s postpartum fitness professional skills training.

personal training O2O door will also consider the security problem, barbie hot mama coach mostly from the traditional offline health agency or a major professional institutions such as Beijing sports university students, so in the coach into part-time and full-time, can be traced back to the coach’s identity, to ensure the safety of door-to-door service.

asked questions about the coach loyalty, misia told hunting cloud network: “O2O differences with traditional offline shop door is not restricted to users with convenient, let service personnel in the process of service get confidence, recognition and respect. Trainer on barbie hot mom this platform, is also a recognition of his own identity. At the same time, professional coach training mechanism of dense viscosity will increase coach.”

misia told hunting cloud network: “as a mother, only to find mother group for this kind of demand is high, barbie hot mama now have hundreds of high quality seeds with different professional users, according to the seed user feedback, optimization of timely updates on technology and strategy, minimize the risk.” Barbie hot mama service scope within five rings, and tongzhou district in Beijing. Mother group fitness sites can occur in the home, office, park downstairs and mothers think that convenient venue, etc.

misia, founder of 7 years in the Internet industry, who have served in elong travel network, participate in numerous business strategic planning, project planning and operations, the mobile Internet, O2O has unique insights and explore the innovation ability. Technical team members from the proposition that the guest finished products, has a wealth of experience in front desk. From the bluebird fitness professional coach Li Boyou more than 10 years of work experience. Li3 jia3 warmth, national first-level athletes, a professional trainer and Olympic champion in terms of resources.

is introduced after finished the project, hunting cloud network to add the actual problem, barbie hot mama pricing in 99-488 yuan. Service charges will be owned by coach now, and the coach’s contract will profit since six months after entering into the model, and in the 2.0 version of the “online fitness plan” will also have a revenue model. So far, barbie hot mama all money is from the team, it is known that barbie hot mama is contact angel round, hunting cloud network also will continue to focus on barbie hot mama of relevant information.

then, barbie hot mama team is to Shanghai and shenzhen expansion, App online wait until next month, the Shanghai mothers who can enjoy the teaching O2O service.