Bannerman: in addition to call takeout, now you can also be a key called bodyguards

“Uber bodyguard” Bannerman released in Seattle, now our smartphone touch a few times can help us to call a car, call food, now can also call bodyguards.

Bannerman graduated from Y Combinator projects last year, first in San Francisco, expanded its services range from California for the first time for the first time to Seattle.

the company let users at any time of the day through its website or mobile app can be order due to no armed guards, they will appear in an hour and provide protection for you.

co-founder Johnny Chin and Antoine Chevigne is found in living in a dangerous city, after the work together, the idea of Bannerman

“we’ve come up with in your hand on the press of a button, a security guard to you right away” Chin said. “with San Francisco’s first, people start booking immediately, and the company from then began to grow up.

the company’s users to extend service scope from the office to need protection, including as potify and Zendesk these needs security or professional to maintain order.

by HBI and guards for background investigation by the justice department, according to their performance evaluation, most of the rewards is $35 per hour, a small number of people with the guards will be Bannerman.

this 20 people open business is a lot of new “Uber for X” in the business, like Uber. The use of smartphone technology to deliver a product or service. Bannerman currently in San Francisco, Los Angeles. San Diego is available, will soon be available in Seattle, the company said its choose in Seattle because its tech savvy and vibrant nightlife