Baidu with used car business, participate in optimal believe $170 million in financing case and provide resources to support

【 】 on March 18, 2015, Beijing second-hand electric business enterprise optimal letter announced today, has completed a new round of financing from baidu, kohlberg kravis Roberts and Coatue, a total of $170 million, huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor.

best letter official said, the core of this round of financing the goal is to enter the used-car B2C field, create the new vertical electrical goods brand “optimal letter used car”. On March 15, “optimal letter used car” website () and mobile phone APP has been launched at the same time.

optimal CEO Dai Kun letter said that baidu is the first choice for users to retrieve information portal, including used car information. Optimal and baidu in the field of second-hand electricity also have quite a lot of consensus, believed that the baidu strategic investment letter, will further strengthen the ability of integrated services.

it is understood that after the financing cooperation, baidu will be on “optimal letter used car” B2C business support, and a variety of resources.

KKR Asia Pacific chief partner David liu believes that used electricity industry in China is more hot in another few years, KKR bullish on the market, also watch the best grades in the B2B realm in the past few years. The best letter into B2C consumers shopping areas, will promote the maturity and development of the second-hand car market.

“A letter used cars” in

at present, the 50 cities throughout the country deployed a team of more than 1000 people, through the independent research and development testing equipment “check” in perfect condition and the vehicle identification ability, ensure the launch of each car’s information true and transparent. In addition, the “best letter used car” “no accident commitment” service, ensure no water, no fire, no major accidents, such as consumers found the vehicle for the car accident, can be a full refund within 15 days.

best credit group currently has a B2B used car auction platform “best film” letter, as well as the recently launched B2C brand “optimal letter used car”, on the one hand, help the used-car dealer two links to do the collect and sell the car; On the other hand, to help consumers quickly find reliable vehicles. But since last year for “optimal financial letter” business, the future will also be releasing more rich automotive financial products.

best letter’s B2B platform “optimal letter on” also won the warburg pincus in September 2014, tiger global fund investment institutions a total of $260 million.