Baidu investment Taboola content recommendation engine, the service in China

online content recommendation engine Taboola announced today that has millions of dollars in China baidu company for strategic investment. The two sides will also expand business cooperation, and plans to introduce Taboola content recommendation service in the Chinese market.

according to the Wall Street journal reported, citing people familiar with the news that baidu Taboola investment funds will be in the $20 million to $30 million. In that case, the actual amount should not be so much.

Taboola founded in tel aviv in 2007, is headquartered in New York City, USA. Its content is recommended platform can let vendor based on user information and recommend browsing habits is most likely to attract the user’s video and articles (usually appear in the bottom of the page), so as to help distributors and increase site traffic and get revenue through advertising.

the latest data show that Taboola covers 86% of America’s desktop computer users, recommend 500 million users with more than 200 billion a month, a single user browse Taboola recommended 30 times a month on average, higher than that of Facebook, Yahoo and AOL. Another showed Taboola key indicators is revenue growth. Revenue is less than $2012 in 1000, but more than $200 million in 2014.

in February this year, Taboola has just completed a $117 million round of funding, E was cast by Fidelity collar. The baidu investment also illustrate Taboola business prospects.

and now a large number of users has transferred to the mobile terminal, the user is mainly through social networks rather than search engines get content, simple advertising display effect is weak, “the third kind of pattern” such as the content recommended forms of advertising can work very well. This may be baidu Taboola reasons.