Bad grades of the students of the tragedy, anti-cheating technology artifact gradually walked into the campus

note: online courses make you open learning anytime and anywhere, enjoy free time. But recently rutgers university students must be landed, conform to deal with online mid-term exam, because their every move was recorded webcam and juggle, was seen as violations. God, low-achieving students to see here, please take care of yourself.

rutgers university seniors Betsy Chao, to participate in the online course before the mid-term exam, her teacher gave her sent an email to guide students how to download Proctortrack anti-cheat software.

Betsy told reporters: “during the test, you must be face to camera and your hands must be on the table”, before the exam, Proctortrack will through the network camera scans the student’s facial features and authentication.

after the exam began, a red warning appears on computer screen, show that Proctortrack are monitoring the examinee of computer and video recording. In addition, the software will pop up a small window shows real-time image picture, remind candidates are monitored.

to Betsy in amateur and video chat so culture grew up in a generation of university students, still let her feel the harassment by the software, she said: “I think it’s a bit too far.”

as the colleges and universities across the country are more online courses, many of the school management introduced all kinds of new technology to deter cheating, they think this kind of supervision means is crucial, because the relationship to the student to prove their future employer of the legitimacy of online degrees.

some schools use the software to prevent students from open other software or web browser in the process of examination, and the school through the network camera real-time remote proctor for students.

however, a second question is: Proctortrack automatic analysis service and other similar test behavior, the boundaries of its use in where? The new system is fair and accurate.

, for example, at the university of north Texas health science center is the online master’s degree in public health course 160 registered students, for the use of a two-year Proctortrack pilot experiment.

the school spokesman Jeff Carlton said: “if school courses in the network, you need to try to ensure course, examination, and effective degree of credibility. For us, the risk is very big.”

these universities not only in an effort to ensure the school brand and academic integrity, but rather to seek in the rapid development of online education to maintain their competitiveness in the industry. According to research firm in Boston Eduventures conservative estimate, the online higher education market this year will increase from $2012 in 25 billion to $32 billion.

at the same time, more and more strict examination regulation more contributed to the school through the monitoring and analysis to prevent cheating in the exam. More than 3500 colleges and universities, for example, using a technique called the Turnitin plagiarism detection system automation, to scan the student test paper to detect the presence of copied the paragraph. Utah valley university in orem, moreover, has also developed unique Stoplight warning system, use of student achievement and demographic information to predict the likelihood of each student through a course examination; To use the software, the supervisor will also receive already give students the green, yellow and red mark in the book, to represent the different possibilities to pass the exam.

Proctortrack also USES a similar way to the students by Verificient Technologies developed software is positioned as the “world’s first set of automated remote proctor solution”. Although some schools also Proctortrack in trial, the rutgers university has used it to supervise the thousands of students.

Verificient Technologies, the company’s CEO Tim Dutta (Tim Dutta), said the company’s CTO, who used to work in the United States transportation security administration, by watching airport security video, check the presence of abnormal expression, which he had developed Proctortrack inspiration. Proctortrack algorithms were used to detect may constitute the unusual behavior of the students cheating, such as left from the front of my computer screen, then the student classification according to high and low credit level.

Tim Dutta, Tim Dutta said to develop this program is used to verify the identity of the students enrolled in online courses, rather than to identify cheaters.

he added: “our aim is to ensure that the integrity of online course certificate.”

however, Proctortrack looks better than the real-time supervise, the limitation on the examinee has made more multifarious. According to its website, according to the guidelines for use of the limit of one of the most main, is requests the student to sit up straight, and always facing the camera.

The use of the

Proctortrack guide mark “lamp brightness changes may lead to the examinee is recorded in violation of a”, “even stretches the body, looked elsewhere or bent down to pick up the pencil is recorded a”. Once students after their papers, the teacher can login server review system records of violations, confirm whether there is cheating.

this, efficiency and planning office, deputy director of the university of Utah valley Jeffrey Alan Johnson (Jeffrey Alan Johnson) put Proctortrack invigilation method on the disputed the transportation security administration is used to identify terrorists contrasted the airport security procedures, the government listed suspicious behavior including stare at a distance and stop yawning.

current research in information technology and the social justice Mr Johnson said: “use Proctortrack can get similar results, because it is based on human behavior can be summed up in a computer algorithm on the cognition of if you deviate from the algorithm, can produce problems.”

the rutgers university sophomore Gambino first heard Proctortrack is after signing up for online music theory course, his professor in said in an E-mail to the students in the class using Proctortrack it is a new requirements for some online courses this semester, and students need to pay a fee for its use of $37. Peter says that if the rutgers university told the students the details in advance, he will not attend the course.

Peter said: “if there is no prior notice is for the other people in addition to the student the monitor, then things will be different. I am sure that if teachers are forced to bear the acceptance monitoring grading papers at home, they will immediately quit.”

therefore, Betsy Chao even launched a petition on, asked the rutgers university stop using Proctortrack program. Two days later, the rutgers university spokesman told a local newspaper, New Jersey, it is not mandatory to declare whether students use Proctortrack.

Betsy Chao said the school also proposed can provide on-site examiners for her, after each exam invigilation fee need pay $40. But because of her to both online course mid-term and final exams, if all the artificial supervise, need to pay the $160 fee for invigilation, plus $100 per online courses additional tuition fees, cost is too high for her.

at rutgers university, appeared to be denied that when students are required to use Proctortrack management responsibility.

the rutgers university is responsible for the continuing education and distance learning vice President Richard Novak in the mail: “the school’s view is that it is not mandatory to use Proctortrack, traditional face-to-face invigilation has also been a alternative way”. When talking about to on-site supervision to students with privacy consciousness need charge higher fees, he wrote: “this is charge by the relevant units to make decisions”.

on the other hand, to eliminate students’ concerns, Verificient Technologies in its commitment to the blog, recently said Proctortrack students won’t be Shared with third parties data; Data and students tend to delete in 30 to 60 days after the exam, students can also upload the examination content from deleting the software on their computers.

but the company did not change its privacy policy. Content including the company’s privacy policy, the company may unilaterally modify policy in indefinite time, the company may be disclosed to a third party service providers to users’ personal information, or in the case of a merger, sale or bankruptcy user information to a third party.

as Betsy Chao such there are many students, they may wish to take a look at the new school management tracking technology for the effects of civil liberties, rather than just figure school is convenient.

Betsy Chao finally said: “they are trying to make video network curriculum of regular program, and you don’t know what would be the new standard of privacy to set up”.

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