Away from the PC site, India’s largest electricity only do mobile end after it next year

note: hunting cloud in cases stipulated by moving trend, for enterprise operators are you still in parliament for consideration at the ends of the PC and mobile? The biggest electricity company in India to lead the way for you, that is the business completely transferred to the mobile terminal.

India’s biggest electricity company it announced that it plans to completely shut down its web site, within one year will be completely transferred to the mobile business applications.

it is responsible for the retail and brand strategy, vice President of Michael Adler nani (Michael Adnani) told reporters: “last year, our business in mobile applications to more, but we still insist on selling through network and desktop. But at this time next year, we will only support the mobile end.”

it’s a decision that smartphone market rapid development mainly due to India. Now, India is next only to China and the United States of the world’s third largest Internet market. The Boston Consulting Group (Boston Consulting Group) India by 2018 Internet users is expected to more than 550 million, of which about 80% via mobile devices on the Internet.

adriano nani said: “a year ago, 6% of the traffic from mobile terminal. In as little as 18 months, traffic from mobile terminal is ten times as large as before. The results show that cell phones for consumers as well as the significance of us.”

it received 8 million orders per month, two-thirds of them are from cities and small towns, the local user most failed to pass the desktop computer and broadband Internet connection.

it in last year’s acquisition of fashion electronic business Myntra also plans on May 1, to give up website service, committed to the development of application products.