Avatar: the learning tools of answering questions focus on homework, has completed A $18 million round of financing

hunting cloud network reported on February 12 (word/sun ce)

for a student in K12 stage, job demand is just need to answer questions. And under the influence of parents and teachers time, ability, often it is a learning efficiency is the weakest link. Based on this, A lot of entrepreneurs to choose online education Angle of answering questions from the job, including small apes search topic, homework help, students with excellent grades jun, one question that is lucky, has completed A $18 million round of financing.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, China is now in the stage of K12 students a conservative estimate of about 160 million. Of answering questions in the face of such a large user base and rigid demand, in November 2013 Chen Lijiang unity of a school background founding team, set up to focus on online FAQ service of avatar, and launched in July 2014, the current update at every iteration.

“the essence of education is to make people on the basis of individual talent better, given the ability to carry more social responsibility. Online education is through the Internet to achieve rapid matching demand, the development bottleneck in the Internet industry for the future of education there is no perfect combination of cognitive pattern.” Chen Lijiang said.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, that the topic founded at the beginning of the online FAQ on locking area, put forward the “one minute have craigslist” goal. Therefore, that the topic first developed by machine + artificial “twin-engine” question-answering system of answering questions. And the direction of the laid the online FAQ extreme experience.

that question also did a lot of work in this area. Landscape problem scenarios, such as user support image scaling and rotation angles, compression to 20 k to upload images, to achieve the effect of rapid feedback; In addition to the classmate bask in schools, the problem take shunt + artificial audit way automatically by the machine will not content filter to “desertion” plate, in order to purify the learning content and atmosphere.

when it comes to the future planning, Chen Lijiang told hunting cloud network, “” avatar problem will continue to adhere to answer for K12 users to provide quality free services, through the photo problem solving, crowdsourcing problem solving, one-to-one problem solving a variety of patterns, to achieve a minute answer with craigslist extreme experience.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, now to answer a lot of products, users take questions after more than will give you the answer, users need to screening of judgment. That topic through allocation mechanism model to provide only one answer, and provide inquiry function, let the students understand the second question. From this point of view, the author thinks that the topic has certain advantages.

in addition, that provide an answer, you can also show that the heat topic search and knowledge point label, separate “solution” and “analysis”, the students know the answer at the same time also can understand relevant knowledge point analysis, and recommend three similar questions to facilitate students continue to learn and consolidate after solve the problem.

it is understood that the avatar team around 50 people. Moreover, who built a 500 people answering team, composed of teachers and school students, is responsible for the students to ask the answer.

to be questions as “copy homework” artifact, Chen Lijiang said: “the schools and teachers with learning ability is not exclusive q&a type tool products. And how to get the answer is not important, the important thing is can you through the process of answering questions to solve the problem, finally the problem is not a problem.”

“we are a have a vision on education, the users have feelings of the company. We hope that will be our social resources through the quality education into the education industry, truly promote borderless education resources sharing. Imagine a student as far afield as xinjiang, Tibet, difficulties, as long as the cell phone photos uploaded, will soon be able to get students in Peking University, tsinghua to senior solutions, how much fun it is a meaningful things!” Founder Chen Lijiang said.