Aurora borealis vc wu feng: overseas has a blue ocean, focus on these areas

note: hunting cloud in domestic Internet competitive circumstances, many entrepreneurs looking to overseas markets, and quickly accumulated a large number of users to provide the reference. Aurora borealis venture investment director wu last month with a series of data shows that the overseas mobile Internet is the real big blue ocean, and put forward the cross-border services, advertising and tools such as a few opportunities.

it’s wu live speech finishing:

wu: thank you, today to share in the overseas the trend of mobile Internet, and we this for more than a year of sharing. I believe that 90% of the guests that such a concept, overseas mobile Internet is an opportunity, I believe the opportunity for how much? Specific points in where? The path to where the challenge here? About our investors in the past one to two years to accumulate niche judgment with ideas, today is our entire PPT around four topics for speech.

we will draw some observation the framework investment logic in this field with us, who can speak niche opportunity with judgment, first look at some of the data observation.

watch: data from the entire network performance, the mobile Internet in January 2014 to March 2015, the entire network top 20 rankings, everyone can see several trends. Before the first cut in 20 ranking basically unchanged. DAU threshold increased significantly, we estimate the threshold to 30 million days to live. See the red circle place, what you see is? In niche, and in the red sea still have business with the company do well, like in the file sharing, especially in the field of video, you can see, in January 2014, no video products before entering the entire network of 20, in March this year three before the video into the entire network of 20. Although there are so many opportunities in niche, but throughout the entire network flow average growth rate is lower than 10%, I think this is a piece of the red sea, may be more in some niche blood, where is the way out?

107, with a red circle mark out, throughout the entire network of the top ten in overseas Chinese tool out to sea, the average growth rate is 107%, yesterday I checked a data, tool list of the world’s top 10 9 models is one of China’s , this is actually quite surprised me. The micro letter, baidu, cheetahs, 360, last year’s overseas mobile Internet, I think the first flows, the whole channel large companies together on the channels of promotion fee, more than 4 billion yuan last year. We are very lucky in June with the APUS li tao, April APUS online, the active growth rate is much higher than other competitors or products. We can draw a conclusion that Chinese Internet companies worldwide to produce flow overflow, the future will become a digital service output power. We will lead to the second next observation.

watch 2: the three figure gave me the feeling of only two characters, called “boom”, Chinese is more and more rich, Chinese people at home are not met, health care, education, tourism, real estate, cannot satisfy the will in the world to seek the resources to match. You think too, I can name a few.

to South Korea cosmetic, go to the United States have children, I’m fine count market Numbers, 2014, 50000 people go to the United States, the UP value is 1.3 million.

10 billion overseas real estate accounts for abroad, every field is 10 billion or more the size of the market, I don’t want to know why the domestic O2O sector into a blood bath, still just beginning to this field.

a segment, in the global resources, we according to the non-standard products and standardized products, we listed as remote medical treatment, study Tours, cosmetic, this is a standardized service category. Food, food, car rental, ticket + hotel is a standardized product, cross-border services abroad, with the way people use method, I think there are some our own opinions and views, we think this is? in China didn’t get the demand will be within the global search for resources matching, we think the cross-border this demand caused by the overflow of entrepreneurial opportunity is bigger than flow caused by overflow entrepreneurial opportunities.

every investor for a case for a resume has inherent logic, I’m here to introduce two models, a model is a CTW CSP model. Internet is flow and conversion rate, understand the five words easily understand all the products of the Internet and morphology, grasp its essence. What is more important point of view? We believe every flow, systemic changes we say every day tuyere, systemic transformation. We are the three examples, in the past five years, a systematic change of flow three chances.

first, comprehensive mobile Internet companies in China. You see some corner overtaking opportunities.

the second, the rural part, not systematic but also lead to the flow, caused the mushroom street, beautiful said the first bucket of gold.

third, has not been proved to be intelligent hardware.

model show? Overseas mobile Internet if opportunity may be caused by flow overflow is a systemic, we think it might be a draught.

another model, Copy to the world, all the team through this process is very obvious, the hardware bandwidth to pay the above environment with China in 2011, you will find a strikingly similar, this model tell us? Tell us what may happen in the overseas Chinese Internet path is? Probably similar to China, first the tool out to sea, then the advertising game last may be electricity cross-border services, attention to a detail, we put the cross-border electricity in, this is a reason for that.

this summary with our overall observation and judgment. We believe in two very exciting occur now, first, call flow overflow, second, the demand for overflow. Flow overflow cause China to become the global digital services output power. Demand overflow, this way can Chinese consumers are looking for global resources to satisfy consumption upgrade, leading to increased demand. Both overflow will lead to the whole China’s Internet globalization, is likely to become one of the three big draught now, what about the other two tuyere is known to all, the Internet financial with the so-called Internet use is also about O2O. the whole China’s Internet will greatly speed up the process of globalization, the PC Internet use for 15 years, China mobile Internet took five years to finish the process. Globalization, I think it will greatly speed up the process.

will from niche here next to the opportunities and challenges.

why put the cross-border services first. We believe that the VC investment in the future, we believe the next two to three years is really a big chance.

now everybody knows all the overseas online shopping, and the so-called real deal. Cross-border what is the difference between electricity and cross-border services, cross-border electricity face two problems, the market is overweight, the second, something to solve in the short term, logistics, you can’t like domestic logistics reach time with quick, before you have three mountain, jingdong, Tmall, amazon; Cross-border services, I think is blue ocean, tumor diagnosis, south Korean beauty, including car rental areas we have been in this layout, we think that will continue to do some meaningful exploration in this area.

I think next cross-border electric business platform and cross-border services platform for their essential difference of five, respectively from the channel competition, competition key, gross margin with competition difficulties in where? I think doing O2O the people are very familiar with more characteristics in where.

we according to consumption frequency and consumption amount all the cross-border services segment category for a list. Consumption frequency is higher in this area, the amount is relatively small, the field of frequency will be low, but the consumption amount will be higher. In this field, we might be more appropriate to do review with shoppers. What we are doing in this area are personalized service, as everybody knows, long ago have a travel service, rent including cosmetic surgery, we are a small business can’t be a vc, C2B play of the whole mobile Internet with China, opportunity of the platform.

vertical O2O, now all the startups including model was concentrated in this area. But I think it might be a lot of traps, the current style. Our judgment is what? We according to the cross-border services in each category, according to the high frequency and low frequency, physical products and services. Low amount of high frequency physical products, food, clothing, or B2C mode, I think.

high frequency physical products, including real estate, cars, has been in full swing at home, but in overseas we looked at it and I think this is still not into the system, with China’s entrepreneurial teams, especially the Internet team in this piece of the business.

the third block, the high frequency standard service products, car rental, rent, use mobile Internet C2B.

high frequency non-standard service products, travel, cosmetic, children, vertical O2O.

there in recent events, San Francisco, may lead to the resources and local culture to produce some conflict, Germany, France, South Korea has banned Uber all or part of the business, but can’t stop the mainstream.

next is a tool in the field of judgment, in the eyes of investors in the field, what is standard of good tools? I think there are three.

first, pain points. Just need to application scenario.

second, what do you want to have a good time and frequency.

third, your ability to meet the demand of users subsequent, you want to have the user, with PV.

the following is our according to the empirical data. Now you want to enter into the first camp, and every day more than 500000 new users, the threshold of the first camp 15 million to 20 million, we think in the second half of the year to 30 million, very lucky, the aurora borealis investment enterprises.

this entrepreneurial opportunities point in where? I think there are two ways.

the first, if after China mobile Internet startup all know, the first thing we find big opportunities platform, that is the entrance opportunity, I made a list of 10 crossing opportunities. According to our standard of investment, we just need according to its degree, the degree of retained, cashability, when li faces in thinking, deeply thinking, we are the have the opportunity to not do the desktop? How much chance? Many entrepreneurial teams in the choice now, say, someone said to me, I still have a chance I want to make a desktop, I will judge this opportunity may be small, because the time is different, can you do in the past year, because at that time, get the user cost is relatively low, get the user cost is quite high now.