Attention! See global growth fastest 15 startups who are

hunting cloud network on April 22,

note: now the world’s most don’t lack is a start-up company, all kinds of startup companies emerge in endlessly. How to stand out in the good and bad are intermingled of startups? How to develop in the competitive environment? This article will take you enjoy the world’s fastest-growing 15 startups, standing on the shoulders of giants, sure you can go further!

until now, like office communication application of Slack, non-relational database mongo, standardized tools Cloudera, flash pioneer Pure Storage because of its astonishing development speed for attention. But we have to think about: in these provide business services company, who is the world’s fastest growing best? The following please all ears! (the following will introduce some huge potential companies)

I think this is a controversial topic, because everyone in the heart of the definition of “rapid development”. Emerging startups because most are not listed companies, so they are not necessary to report earnings Numbers, outside can not see this as a judgment standard. You can have a look at the investment bank RFP data, it records the revenue and private equity financing of public data. This comprehensive assessments will help to us.

first 15 , Pulsate : help retailers to rational utilization of micro precision positioning technology iBeacons

growth rate: 9% (2.14 times faster than counterparts as the)

the latest financing: January raised $1.2 million in seed funding

Pulsate located in Dublin Ireland, it is committed to using micro positioning technology iBeacons providing cloud services. Recent target customers located in retailers, it will help them to make better use of apple’s iBeacons micro precision positioning technology.

first and name SkyGiraffe is a flexible use of mobile applications

growth rate: 9% (1.77 times faster than counterparts as the)

the latest financing: received $3 million in February in the early stages of financing

almost every company has its own client applications, Irish SkyGiraffe company help simplify such creation process, it can save a lot of money for the company to hire high salary software development designer.

first 13 , name Inkshares : raise website platform designed for book lovers all

growth rate: 9.5% (7.94 times faster than counterparts as the)

the latest financing: $870000 in December seed financing

Inkshares belongs to the typical style of the Kickstarter raise website platform, it is funded jointly by all the financing books publishing platform, headquartered in San Francisco. Writers will release on Inkshares Inkshares according to readers to vote to determine whether to published work. If the vote is very high, the work will likely published.

12th, Socialight Analytics: listen to the Internet

growth rate: 9.5% (1.69 times faster than counterparts as the)

the latest financing: October raised $80000 in financing

Socialight Analytics is a recently graduated from New York 500 Startups incubator of start-ups. Through the screening of media data, it draws the user in the discussion about customers, competitors, etc, and then to the enterprise according to the data it finds offers clear advice.

11th, Confluent: LinkedIn database platform

growth rate: 9.8% (compared to their peers growth rate 5.44 times faster)

Confluent by former employees of LinkedIn team before they designed a software called Apache Kafka), and it is free and open software programs. And LinkedIn can collect tech-oriented web data.

the Confluent launched a commercial version available to other companies, Confluent located in Mountain View, California, is behind the LinkedIn and other companies.

10th, Fieldbook: spreadsheet terminator

growth rate: 10% (compared to their peers growth rate 3.13 times faster)

the latest financing: April raised $500000 in seed round

San Francisco start-up Fieldbook can let you in establishing a database becomes simple easy to operate, just like to create a simple spreadsheet. It is committed to and let the people who use spreadsheets to use database to do some things, such as record sales, management recruitment process and so on.

9th, Krux Digital: the specific content of the service software

growth rate: 10% (compared to their peers growing faster 14 times)

a San Francisco start-up Krux, it aims to help marketers, advertisers and consulting institutions through the comprehensive analysis of the inherent customer data, to show more relevant content to customers.


Notey: found in the vast network quality content

growth rate: 10.5% (6 times peers growing faster than the)

the latest financing: February won $1.6 million in financing

the hong kong-based startups Notey is dedicated to helping you in the boundless find good original and blog in the Internet, it allows the user to want to search according to the topic content, such as a say go walking in remote areas of travel guides.

seventh, Rain: serve ads to local customers

growth rate: 10.8% (peers growing faster than the 1.48 times)

the latest financing: August raised $100000 in financing

Rain is Los Angeles 500 Startups incubator project of the company, through the GPS positioning service, it can help small businesses to local customers serve ads on mobile phones.

6, Peel – Works: small enterprises customer relationship management (CRM)

growth rate: 12.6% (peers growing faster than the 92 times)

the latest financing: July 2 million early financing

Peel – Works is a cloud service company in mumbai, India, and it can help small and medium-sized enterprise through the analysis of the data and set up their own intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) system.

5, Mesosphere: integrating data center for a supercomputer

growth rate: 13% (peers growing faster than the 23.56 times)

the latest financing: early December raised $36 million in financing

a San Francisco start-up Mesosphere are starting a project called “data center operating system”, it can make the internal data centers of all computer equipment together, like a super computer work.

4: Deem: staff management overhead

growth rate: 14% (peers growing faster than the 47.19 times)

the latest financing: Deem as rare is the legendary unicorn, it received $50 million in financing in July, and its market value has reached $1.4 billion.

Deem it is located in San Francisco, it is a cloud based services company, it can travel expenses to the staff, maintenance costs and procurement management software, etc.

third, Blitzen: easy online computer form

the growth rate: 16% (peers growing faster than the 3.91 times)

the latest financing: not released

Blitzen is located in the section near lake Ontario in Canada, it can make you online forms, and the cloud data service Google Apps, MailChimp, Salesforce, and combined with such as Box, provide simple automation process experience online.

2, AppAnalytics: to observe the mobile applications