“Ask him to teach” exclusive 】 【 completed A round of $69.5 million

(text/He Yuying)

today, founder and CEO of Chen Yuanhe told cloud network exclusive hunting, ask him to teach has obtained by the plum blossom in early April this year venture, new venture capital letter, 51, chairman of com, famous investors Wu Shichun, sing CEO Chen and others for 69.5 million yuan A round of financing. This round of funding will be used to introduce talents and expand new city. According to Chen Yuanhe, asked him to teach A + round also basic drawing to A close, is expected to announced in A month. Ask him to teach is also hunting butt cloud network investment and financing platform for project.

please he taught is an online education O2O platform, was founded in 2014 on December 19, to “send good teacher to the door” for the purpose, the overall connection students, teachers, parents, and eliminate the intermediate links, reducing education essence. by Chinese well-known early adsense Chen Yuanhe ZhiKang founding team members and founded from ali, tencent executives and others, from establishment to complete A round of funding, it only took A short 100 days.

now please he taught tutoring service has opened four cities Beijing, dalian, xiamen, Harbin, attracted nearly 40000 teachers, the current Beijing single city day peak close to water.

recently compared the fire drama “tiger mother cat dad” true to show the current Chinese parents on children education problem of doubt and energy, and tutoring service for parents in the phase of K12 student education is the most worth investment products. He teaches targeting tutor market, providing teachers and students and docking O2O platform, through the details function design and improve the quality of the offline education. Chen Yuanhe hope that through his teaching platform, please make education more plain, through O2O mode to optimize traditional education industry, to the middle to make teachers and students can benefit from.

it is worth noting, and other teachers tutor o2o enterprises to adopt the open house, please he taught to move into the teacher USES the primary, interview, written examination, teaching demonstration, such as strict process, Chen Yuanhe believes that the essence of education is to return to nature, it’s not your parents really care about the teacher how many, but your teacher is good or not.

convective cloud network readers, please he taught already no stranger, founder of life experiences Chen Yuanhe itself through hunting cloud network platform with the vast number of entrepreneurs to share. On February 12, 2015, hunting a cloud network in this paper, detailed analysis have been carried out to ask him to teach, mainly introduced the asked him to teach detailed functions and development direction, it is also asked him to teach first appeared in the cloud network in the line of sight of the reader.

on March 26, 2015, hunting cloud network entrepreneurial hero hui plate to ask him to teach the founder Chen Yuanhe conducted an interview, interview from Chen Yuanhe my entrepreneurial experience, the longitudinal analysis of the asked him to teach project opportunity and try to solve the pain points of the market. Show Chen Yuanhe in hunting cloud network in an interview with the perception of web startups, online education industry clear, also expressed the will never play money subsidies, reduction of education nature determination.

on April 5, 2015, public cloud network hunting and micro letter number ( ) released Chen Yuanhe an article. The pen name of SAN MAO’s CEO in childhood was a famous prose writer, campus of fujian published on butter to prose. He used a composition containing emotion with the general walked in the way of readers to share the original intention of starting my own business and ask him to teach insist on do not collect fees, and cause the great attention.

please he taught about why investment, 51, chairman of com said: “ Chen Yuanhe before please he taught entrepreneurship, has a very brilliant achievement, is the success of the early Chinese long war, and created a large number of users behind the great from the media, as an old friend, I believe he has the ability to ask him to teach to do bigger and stronger. “famous investors Wu Shichun is only Chen Yuanhe decided to invest 5 minutes please he taught.

in the future development of his church, please insist on your original ideas. The completion of 69.5 million yuan A round of funding will be mainly used for the introduction of talents and expand new city. Cloud network tracking start-ups, hunting for entrepreneurs to provide a full range of business services, hope to see more good start-ups in hunting with the help of the service cloud network platform step by step to grow, as he taught, please.