Art home network: the original work of the artist to create the raised platform

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

some friends want to have love for art works to the consumer market and public life, often suffer from not seek cooperation platform and financial support; But on the other side, many artifacts manufacturers and brand companies are lack of creative work, to carry on the processing of the building. After more than eight years of product development operation practice, the Hong Kong qianhe crafts company market pain points of understanding deep, thus puts forward a new kind of network application solutions – art network.

was born in July 2014, the art of home network, is one of the original art supplies to create a platform, it provides service for users three parties: the artist in the above free release original works, manufacturers can free art ware, project supporters through the platform to meet and donations to the artist. “Consumers, artists and manufacturers can combine work and shape a project, hatching new products through all the way to raise zero risk.” Art home network executive director tinkel convective cloud network said. At present, the team members a total of more than 30 people, four core members.

a original unique art supplies are bred in a art nest net passes through several stages: the first artist to release the products and manufacturers shape will be released on libraries and shape database, and automatically generate combination art supplies prototype filter for people; Once selected, can by choosing decorate art supplies, according to the prior agreement with the manufacturer to determine the unified national standards set the retail price raise return level, apply to the platform for a project; Art nest to create a platform for after the review of the project, the project has entered into the phase of the raise, if the project get supporters enough network to collect, then the project production of finished products and supporters and return in the form of finished products; Finally the raise successful art supplies can be on the market volume sales – mainly by xun mall as the core of the next qianhe crafts sales network and manufacturer has its own channel for selling products.

from online to as of march in the first quarter, art nest on beta has 1500 registered members and artist upload work 1000, launched a project a total of 23. Business model, art nest through C2B2C business model of the whole industry chain to create a system, by the artist on the platform with the manufacturer to consumers for omnidirectional linkage.

and engraving electricity, all the different, such as raising net art nest net to incorporate several features of the latter website up. “Qianhe engraving of the existing online sales channel is an important part of creating a platform, which makes art nest formed a complete industry closed-loop platform, this is our main advantage relative to other Internet startup project.” Tinkel said.

art nest qianhe artifact belonging to the company, was founded at the beginning of the 21st century by a design team with German culture backgrounds in the establishment of the Hong Kong planning, positioning it in the original works of art, good use function, use value and appreciation value relatively balanced three characteristics. Qianhe product divided into two major categories of collection and supplies made magnetic art bookmarks, this paper bring the wallet and the stone pocket this art livings.

“Internet startup is 01 game, so keep the first pioneer art field of articles for daily use position is the goal of our company. Art nest platform adopts the strategic high ground assault attacking the way of progress, the project need is strategic vision to the trend of strategic investors. This strategy is extremely valuable investment opportunities, is extremely rare, and we hope to create a platform to provide art nest, it is such a chance.” Art network CEO tinkel nest convective cloud network said. At present, the art nest net after testing phases are summarized all kinds of feedback, are running version of the site construction and development, and the same period will launch mobile apps. Online version of the site after the company operate ready by the end of may start A round of funding plan.