Art CTO dong-ping hu, TuSDK from PPTV


visual inertia and move the crazy enclosure of king, in the field of mobile image processing development kits left a relatively blank market – perhaps TuSDK is a smashed the exultation of eggs. At the end of October last year, hangzhou micro grain communications technology co., LTD. Was set up TuSDK APP beta, at the end of November 15 years 1 month free version online, at this stage the 6 million angels round has been completed.

TuSDK headquarters, and are green, an extension of vines in the whole building, all like the wind. Team existing immerse the Internet industry has been a long time of 16 members, eight in hangzhou, and eight other duties in Beijing, shenzhen, wuhan stronghold. Current TuSDK CTO and CEO of dong-ping hu, graduated from central China normal university art design, is the original PPTV (now PPLive) core members, one of the founding team has many years of Internet video and photo social experience. When mentioned office is a good place of photography, across the street scratches his head and smile: “this is an iterative capital incubators, maybe this company can let a person feel less formal, a time to move.”

mobile platform image personalized technical services is just need

today’s mobile Internet application development costs is high, the cycle is long, this is in the open the pain points of each enterprise. A kind of low cost, quick iteration, a more general, to solve the various problems componentized service became the first.

TuSDK focus on mobile platform image personalization technology, image processing technology service for the startups. In the form of the SDK, help APP quickly with high-end image processing function, effectively reduce overall development costs, rapidly improve product quality and market competitiveness, make originally complex image processing becomes easy.

TuSDK now have smart camera, image editing, portrait beautification, real-time filter, vast online resources, large data mining service, provides the industry’s only open online image processing resources. “Big data services we are still in research stage step by step,” dong-ping hu said: “after will provide perfect based on photos and image editing data statistics function.” Through the analysis report, to help developers understand the user photo habits and image resources development, transform large data and analysis for the competitive advantage and get value.

a push and bound to expand business

“team will now focus on the base to form a working on research and development and product function. Stability is the first and the second is function.” Dong-ping hu said, “last December Techdaily roadshow in the day, there are 45 customers contact us. Now what we don’t have to propaganda, the stability of the products constantly perfect stage, the customer a total of 230 to 230, the user covers a total of more than 8000, covering the user directly to the end of 3000 to 40 million.”

TuSDK next start will be a relatively strong propaganda, through a push and business expansion of full bundle, increase amount of customers.

existing partners have made clap, micro chain, wedding ji, orange violation housekeeper, perfect story, etc., and in the same industry want to harvest a slice and Camera360SDK, photo editing tool providers Aviary has also been Adobe announced the acquisition.

dong-ping hu, said the next stage TuSDK can increase the function, improve performance, enhance service products can be customized. About the charge, due to the client’s level and the custom quantity.