Art also foolishly? “Network” to all building art community and O2O platform, let art into life

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hanky panky net is a community-based art O2O platform, founder and CEO Li Xiaoping to hunt cloud network, said: we create network to all purpose has two aspects: first, we saw many young artists because there are no powerful source of income to support and had to give up the plight of creation, we hope, to help young artists to build a platform of threshold is relatively low, the sales and marketing of their works. In addition, a growing number of middle class in life have to start thinking about investment and collection, and look at works of art consumption, we want to break the previous art unreachable image, let art into the art lovers, and even family.

at the beginning of the creation, foolishly network community is a pure art, artists can upload their own work, communicate and art collectors and enthusiasts, the art trade only offline. Li Xiaoping convective cloud network said: two years, we have accumulated more than three thousand artists and nearly forty thousand pieces of original works. Also see the development of the art market gradually, more and more people are willing to spend money on art, so at the beginning of this year, we add the art online trading sector.

galleries and auction houses, which is different from traditional network platform to all young artists in the majority, to this, to hunt Li Xiaoping cloud network said: if the art market compared to a pyramid, so traditional galleries and auction houses have mastered the top of the pyramid is the most resources, household artists such as qi baishi, chang, and so on. We mainly do the part of Kentucky, namely young artists, this group of relatively large. Price is moderate, the works of young artists for just began to do art collection or consumer crowd, the price is more appropriate. In addition, for some low level of consumption of art lovers, also can find suitable for their own purchasing power in the network to all products, such as small, limited edition prints, bookmarks, sculptures, t-shirts, notebook, etc.

when it comes to how such as O2O concept in the art market, Li Xiaoping convective cloud network said: art is a kind of special commodity, many users close watch and want to be able to experience before purchase, we will put the O2O this concept, such as in, let users can in offline experiences, and can online quantity of Shanghai art products to choose from. Art gallery in “walking” is nonsense network in hangzhou for one of the pilot host exhibitions, we cooperate with many five-star hotels to achieve, is provided by their exhibition space, we provide a work of art. Through this kind of similar to the art gallery exhibition, we hope that we can let more art lovers to offline experiences, at the same time bring online users.

at present, the nuts are actively developing the APP, is expected to launch in early June. The next operation will focus on the mobile end, positioning will also be adjusted for art electricity light social as the auxiliary pole. Li Xiaoping convective cloud network said: because art consumption need a share and discuss the scene, so we hope that through deepening social element to strengthen the interaction between users, but the community property is clear vertical art community, social affirmation or social, more discussion will revolve around the information itself and the art works.

interviews, hunting cloud network understand the industry of art related website, for example, has launched the “art network” for many years, ya chang network tend to large flow of portal, which is given priority to with art information and art exhibition of information release, profit model is mainly for advertising platform. Li Xiaoping think: industry basic does not focus on the art of electric, everyone is doing more web site, or have some of the traditional gallery institutions or auction behavior to cater to the age of the Internet to make the transition, but their thinking may be slightly less than the Internet. Relative to our advantage lies in the team, half from the Internet sector, half in the art professional.

cloud network hunting, founder and CEO Li Xiaoping from family of art, is also the Internet veteran, dedicated to the combination of art and Internet to explore and research. He worked for the Beijing today art museum, alibaba, utstarcom, etc. Co-founder Zhou Yilan, is Chinese supplier tiejun and trustpass B2B sales system building and managers, at the same time, participation, ali cloud day cat, bargain, and transform and upgrade to ah, etc, has a wealth of experience in Internet and management.

APP development lead Wang Hang, senior IOS development, he worked for the alibaba, car ownership, dominated the little shrimp, maintain the IOS version of the product development. Art director xiao-shan zhang, graduated from nanjing arts institute majoring in art history, has ten years relative working experience in contemporary art. Website operation si-yu wang, in the auction industry for many years, once went to the museum and art law course, to have a clear grasp of the value of art. Artistic adviser Sally, deputy director of the Beijing today art museum, and executive director of institute of contemporary art, the art of Plymouth college master of curator, dr.zhu at the central academy of fine arts.

in terms of finance, Li Xiaoping said around the net cash flow is relatively smooth, hope to be able to start the bigger of the financing, used for the cultivation of the technical team, as well as the ongoing line art projects.

project: hanky panky net
Company: hangzhou alley technology co., LTD.

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