APUS li tao share in silicon valley: Chinese companies how to quickly into the world

from silicon valley entrepreneurs union

silicon valley entrepreneurs union activity is a great honor to have 20 times APUS, founder and CEO, former qihoo 360 company vice President Mr Li tao to give everyone made a brilliant speech. Li tao in June last year launched the Android smartphone users APUS system company, in the short more than half a year, the number of users worldwide APUS astronomical Numbers from 0 to 100 million, and get a well-known venture capital fund, successfully completed 100 million yuan and 100 million dollars in two rounds of financing. In silicon valley entrepreneurs union hosted the event, li who were listening to the speech more than one hundred viewers make the venue crowded. Li around the internationalization of the Internet opportunities, APUS company introduction, APUS performance, as well as the APUS team to present topics such as the audience gave a very incisive analysis, to share the secret of success in the APUS, and put forward some valuable Suggestions to the vast number of entrepreneurs.

over the next 10 years China will become the world’s largest production base of digital products and digital service


the first analysis and against the pattern of global Internet market. He thinks that in the next 10 years, the Internet will form the three major markets: the United States, China, as well as including Brazil, India and Russia as a representative of emerging markets. China is the only one user of more than 800 million mobile Internet market. The United States, Russia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia, respectively is the user more than 200 million mobile Internet market. Besides, there are ten users more than 100 million mobile Internet market and dozens of more than 50 million users of the mobile Internet market. With China and the United States, in fact, is already very mature mobile Internet market. Other markets, including Brazil, India, Indonesia and other market relative to the backward anywhere from 2 to 5 years. This means that when China is already a piece of the red sea, in the emerging market countries or a piece of blue ocean.

in the next 10 to 20 years, represented by the Internet the whole areas of science and technology will form the concept of technology and innovation (including the Chinese concept of technology and innovation), and then complete all the products in China and all of the services, as well as the depth of the localization, and then off to the world. In this process, the position will be replaced by a Chinese. Over the next 10 years China will become the world’s largest production base of digital products and digital service.

lee will be subdivided into three stages in the development of China’s Internet. The first phase, from 1998 to 1998, represented by the United States at this stage of overseas Internet digital service of the products and occupy the Chinese market. In the first half of the second phase, from 2008 to 2014, the Chinese Internet company rapid rise, fully occupy the Chinese market with their products and services, and meet the needs of the Chinese market. The third stage, since the second half of 2014, China’s Internet products and services began to face the global expansion, with the maturity of the Chinese market and the excessive competition has much to do.

entrepreneurship must comply to

the birth of the APUS li was based on the global Internet market development pattern of precision analysis. Because of China’s mobile Internet market competition is very tight, and the mobile Internet market in many emerging countries is very primitive, APUS will keenly their market positioning in the overseas, never make any promotion in the Chinese market. APUS in the best time to seize the historical opportunity, skillfully avoided the China, the red sea market, successfully entered the emerging mobile Internet this piece of blue ocean market abroad. In the APUS more than one hundred million users, China has less than 500000 the number of users. Li think APUS is conveniently and the main factors for success, is also conform to the trend of the development of the global Internet market. He said he was working in the Internet industry for 15 years, it was not until last year out of business. Which he warned entrepreneurs entrepreneurship must grasp the best time, can’t do things on impulse. Products and services at the same time, be sure to impress users, find the customer pain points.

business the most important thing is to grasp the new user

in companies such as tencent and qihoo 360, for example, lee said the birth of enterprises can quickly in the market for the success of one of the main reasons is that a new user. He said into each other’s old users with access to the cost of his own new is the ratio of the cost of those days. So the APUS strategy is to focus on those first began to use the Android smartphone users, when the user just to enter the market, they can feel the world’s best products experience is the APUS user system. When the APUS user habit, they are no longer willing to use other products.

why China’s Internet companies can quickly enter the international market?

li say the United States on technical innovation and concept innovation, there is a big in the lead for a long time will no one country can can challenge the United States in the field of science and technology innovation. But the United States the development of the business and its culture is very strong, that is to say American companies don’t want to do too much local custom for overseas markets. On the contrary, excessive competition in China grew up under the environment of Chinese enterprises are more willing to market and users make a lot of change, more willing to do more localized. This is why China’s Internet products and services can quickly expand overseas market and a very important reason.

when introduce the origin of the name of the company, lee said the word APUS has three meanings: it is the southern hemisphere APUS signs of the zodiac, is the fastest flying birds in the world, at the same time, it is the chief means in French. All three meanings in representing the leader of the APUS. To name the APUS company wants to become a global leader in mobile Internet, I hope one day can APUS at least 1 billion users of mobile phone use in the whole world, can let each user can be simple, convenient and fast to use and management of the equipment. Essentially the APUS is an excellent user’s system. In the APUS values it is important to the user as the center, and understand the needs of the user’s idea and from maximum.

within 10 million users will not do any promotion
When the audience asked APUS how to make marketing to reach 100 million users, lee said they never separate discussion market countermeasures, integrated marketing company internal has been mentioned, is essentially from product design, to marketing, to the user experience several direction together. A product to do well the first thing to understand the product positioning, choose the right breakthrough point, to choose the appropriate time, the user’s pain points must be found. Product is the first product positioning, and then the product to move the pain points of user demand, on this basis and some auxiliary means of promotion, products can be rapid growth. APUS last July 2 releases, until July 9 to surpass the 1 million users, whatever you do any marketing may not so fast, can indicate or product to the needs of the user. Within the company has a regulation: within 10 million users will not do any promotion. Because the market will not be able to do better judgment is the product or marketing done well, if you fail, don’t you know that because of having to do with marketing or product do poorly. So only after the product was accepted by the market to do promotion. If there is no verification and acceptance by the market, the product will not to do the promotion.

three point two is the secret of products to attract users to

lee said the first thing to understand product positioning, and then from the Angle of the meet user requirements to design products. APUS team’s ultimate goal is to make a successful business. To their location and their mission is to be successful to do business, do product success, rather than making products within how long does it take to reach many users. The most important is the enterprise must be successful, the product must be easy to use. Li doing products, said APUS have a concept of product, called the “three point two”. Three means pain points, bright spot, and dessert. Pain points is product of user requirements, the most important thing is to meet user needs. Highlight is said product to deprive a person immediately after the eyes and ears, stand out in a crowd. Dessert is refers to the product to stick to the user, allow the user to use for a long time, take advantage of users continue to feel, to the user experience. The purpose of marketing is the window in order to make the product more shiny, give others to see, will do. But by the user is actually a sore point. Otherwise it is easy to lose customers. The user is not loyal forever. As long as have a good experience, users immediately fickle. So don’t try to use money to build user loyalty, money can be used to establish a bright spot. So when you not catch pain points to do window is a dead end. Two is refers to the extreme and delicate. Acme is refers to the product must be supremely well, in order to prevent competitors to copy you, beyond you. To be contracted, refined, the product is a lot of details to do well, you must be feeling. The company’s money and resources is to serve “to three point two”.

speed is youth, the scale is poison

don’t believe any walls can constitute barriers. Barriers is essentially the speed, the faster you, the greater your barriers. If an enterprise has a speed, it could stay young forever, keep innovation, keep continuously rapid growth.

entrepreneurship and do what products must want to know their own DNA

when a li audience ask Google will not pose a threat to the APUS, he replied: first, Google is not interested in doing and APUS the same products, Google’s dream is to use the Internet to the whole world together. Second, Google does not want bad Android user experience, so it hope someone can help it to improve it. Third, we should believe that genetic problem, Google is large, composed of engineers. The core of the organization is the study of hardware, its gene is not is to provide service for the user. 360 had tried to do social software, but failed. Tencent do security today also didn’t succeed. Google do social how also dozen however Facebook. Facebook has also tried to make tools and platforms, but more than Google. This is genetic. So the entrepreneur must want to know when doing business or product what is their own DNA.

use the Internet to gather effect and UGC to meet the needs of different countries and regions of the user

APUS is compatible with 25 languages, with hundreds of millions of users. Have asked the audience APUS how to satisfy the needs of different countries and regions of the user. Lee said can’t use customized or method to solve the problem of choose and employ persons. If the method to solve the problem of choose and employ persons, means that the marginal cost of the future will increase infinite, and diminishing marginal benefit the future to be infinite. APUS used two methods to solve this problem. The first is to use network aggregation effect. APUS radar function can help users to find all the new APP. The second method is to use the UGC (User Generated Content). Specifically, APUS user system has a feature called mood Story (Picture Story), it make hundreds of millions of users at the time of uploading your photos and write down your mood and your name, and then share with everyone.