April fool’s day that day, ali YunDaDan Matrix + release plan, to set the public phones make super computing network

today is April fool’s day, in the circle of friends and/or in the weibo into multiple marketing content, most of the content may be one eye can distinguish true and false, but the following items we really need to be the most imagination.

ali cloud today officially announced a new plan – Matrix + + (code), hopes the program will be on earth billions of mobile phones and other smart devices are linked together, forming a huge super computing network. The computing power, will be used to help improve the brain potential frontier science research, etc.

is different with general global server network deployment, mobile phone belong to pure personal equipment, has a large number of privacy information, there will be willing to take out your mobile phone as a vast network of nodes? Is this a joke of April fool’s day?

ali cloud insiders told hunting cloud network, this is not an April fool’s joke, the company actually has carried out research in this field, and some technical achievements, believe Matrix + depicted anywhere at any time, any smart devices will be involved in distributed computing, will surely become the trend of the future. But there is no clear timetable specific arrangements.

Matrix + refers to each person’s hand phone, through the Internet connection into a very large scale distributed computing cluster. When computing with hundreds of millions of mobile phones, has exceeded the total computing power of human history, can open to support research projects involving the human in the public interest. Such as the Norman professor is studying the human brain plugins (BrainPlus), the goal is to use of computing resources feedback the brain, improving human’s overall thinking. In addition, including HIV/AIDS research, particle energy and alien exploration frontier science…

according to ali cloud data show that when the user to accept the invitation, Matrix + in mobile WiFi connections and run automatically when standby, and for its assigned after decomposition of the scientific research task. Light up the screen, the calculation will automatically stop, does not have any influence on the normal cell phone use. In the future, Pad, TV box, smart TV, all intelligent devices, such as a router can participate in this plan.

, researchers say, is to solve the global stability of the problems of user participation, Aliyun S – Lab based on two major technical breakthrough: global real-time timing module (Realtime), solve the continents of time delay problem caused by network transmission speed; Suitable for mobile computing module of elasticity of broadband technology, can according to the phone models dynamic adjustment and distribution of computing tasks. Aliyun S – Lab researchers think that to build huge data center is the idea of the early 21st century, the future of computing power comes from mobile phones, smart appliances. With the development of hardware, smartphone will surpass the computer CPU and GPU performance.

according to market research firm Gartner predicts, only 2015 global PC, tablet PC, portable devices and the sum of mobile phone sales will reach 2.5 billion units. Matrix + project is expected to set the global level 1 billion computing equipment, the largest component in the Orion arm of the cloud computing network. At present, the world’s largest cloud computing network, the scale of about 1 million sets of computing devices.

according to measure, is expected to the first stage, the Matrix + can use 1% of the earth’s computing power, and improved after 10 years, will eventually force is calculated by use 30% of the planet. Researchers said, this will greatly speed up the entire intelligent since the evolution speed of the earth.

according to the Matrix + + (yards) using directional invitation system, plan’s invitation to some users in 2016 at the earliest. This “wiki” collaborative project, will be the real “connection” for the very first time in human history, to participate in the grand mission to human’s future.

finally had to point out that the Matrix + proposed theoretical basis should be no problem, the key is in the user performs level, will not really someone willing to put the “dedication” out of his mobile phone.