Apple’s welfare is good, the staff to buy Apple Watch can be folded in half

(/horse relief yi wen)

Apple CEO Tim cook, said in an internal document today, Apple employee movement and buy regular editions of Apple Watch can enjoy price discount of 50%. This means that Apple employees only need one thousand yuan can buy sports version of the Apple Watch.

of course, aimed at “local tyrants, prick silk away” necessary gold Apple Watch, even Apple employees to purchase, also can only on the basis of $7000, to spend $550 to buy less.

exclamation apple to employees in addition to the generous, actually this is not a good shock. Early distributed to most of the apple iPhone has been free of employees.

in addition to the good news, cook, also announced that just accept the Apple Apple official Watch third-party applications submitted by the four days, there are more than 1000 third-party applications on app store. See, this is the magic of apple, it’s really not Android now Wear a bunch of “mob” can match.

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