Apple WWDC 2015, high walls trip to repair itself

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with Google I/O 2015, apple WWDC 2015 conference this year is also flat in power. It did not bring the significant function and hardware innovations, but rumors so long experience of ascension “notice on system performance and stability” in the convention to get incisively and vividly. The convention is more like apple’s “self healing repair tour” at a time, it further perfect the system of apple’s experience, for the existence of apple repair soft rib, promote the intelligent degree of apple devices. And all this nature also built apple closed garden walls, and higher for trapping the apple and the each and every one of the city provides more security.

deserves more attention ponder, however: this year’s Apple for this enclosed garden opened two gates – “Swift, open source and Apple 2 whole platform of Music”, which seems to be for us to release the Apple subsequent selective opening its technical tools and application more imagination space. And its integrating all a long time to build the new system, also makes the apple 2015 subsequent new product selling points out the function of the tip of the iceberg.

apple seems to keep the pace of the agreement and the Google this year, developers conference did not bring the black science and technology, even for Healthkit, Homekit, Car slid over Play these hot trends are just; Just rounds of plot revealed after the OS X El Capitan, 9 iOS, Apple Watch 2 and its affiliated Mac OS performance improvement, Siri intelligent degree enhancement, Apple support for public information traffic map, create more selling points for the split screen multitasking, picture in picture function and official forcing the News of his fellow App News aggregation applications and new Apple Music Music services. They come after the round wheel revealed the plot, although many optio are old function, but apple’s absorbing, has further perfected the apple equipment experience, strengthen the competitiveness of the apple devices.

a, Mac, the performance of the coexistence of

computer equipment in recent years has been towards the direction of light, however in this direction, but you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk: all aspects of the performance of the processor and equipment seem to have natural contradiction. On the new Macbook, it is particularly obvious. Although apple using the fifth generation of Intel Core M processor for your Mac equipment unprecedented thin and long battery life, but in performance is compromised. In order to solve this contradiction, apple Mac product line has launched a new OS X El Capitan operating system, in order to resolve this contradiction. Apple will launch in the WWDC 2014 meeting, the graphics rendering technology, the Metal into the new operating systems, and cooperating with companies such as Adobe, in order to improve the performance of the Mac products. At the scene demonstration, application launch, switch, PDF rendering performance is a change of current Macbook minor delays; While on a game show, show the Metal powerful real-time image rendering ability, reveals the Metal for apple Mac equipment performance improvements in reality. Can let the pursuit of light and life, of course, Macbook real big game on the Core M processors to run, still have to rely on subsequent continue to work hard.

OS X El Capitan of the operating system to remove the Mac performance improvement, also did not forget to Mac users to add more friendlier to Mac user experience to enhance the practical function. On OS X El Capitan, apple brought a more friendly way of mail processing for Mac, friendlier Sifari browser option to support operation, such as the fixed support TAB) and Ma users the most looking forward to the split screen of multitasking function (though Microsoft Windows have already).

2, armor stronger iOS 9

the iPhone, this apple is by far the most successful products, not only for apple to create the most substantial profits, in the moment it is the most important pillar of the apple empire. IPhone for error, and android’s dramatic progress in recent years, the iPhone on the hardware in the present moment has the advantages of little. The present building iPhone sales frenzy of the world’s more internal iOS iPhone, so the iOS system is Paramount, so at WWDC 2015 conference, apple iOS 9 for the radical redesign, starting from the bottom of the whole system to conduct a comprehensive promotion, gives it more powerful intelligence, integration and stability.

on the iOS 9, apple to join Proactive intelligent assistant to promote the intelligent degree of Siri; Its integration with Siri, mail, contacts, music these daily information, can be intelligent episodic memory study, and the third party application developers to provide search API, to connect the Apple service data, and further widen the application range of Proactive. The intelligent assistant, makes the Siri on the function is more close to Google Now and Cortana. Although it’s hard to say it can appear the Duang apple change the backward situation in the voice assistant war, but a sharp rise in the intelligent degree, also for iOS users lit the hope of change.

join the public information of traffic navigation map of apple further enhance the sense of provided nearly 300 cities bus navigation capabilities, it is still far from Google maps and nokia maps Here, but keep adding function, increasing accuracy, let a person feel apple in ceaseless effort. And will continue to gain ground mobile payment Pay Apple, now it will enter the UK, in mobile payment, a large market, Apple once again walk in the forefront.

and the upgrade of new memo in iOS9, newly developed News aggregation application News App and new Music service, Apple Music is more a progress improves the Apple on the main content of control. Enter power saving mode and new system reduced the capacity requirements of the iOS upgrade packages and upgrade support, bring the Gospel for 16 g users, and support to upgrade the iPhone 4 s more make it become the fighter jet of the iPhone, brings the user pressing desire to upgrade. All this repair and improvement, effectively avoid the iOS device fragmentation, iOS covered the stronger armor, as further enhance the ability against the attack of this kind of apple moat. And the upcoming iPhone 6 s (or 7), the characteristics of iOS 9 will be further carry forward.

3, the prescription for save

the device as a source of apple’s other big profits, these two years in its soft rib (not suitable for mobile office) and the mobile phone bigger domestic under the iPhone launch various impact, in particular, has rapid development of it has been declining. How to save, restore the sales, is one of the difficulties faced by apple. And apple’s prescription for its consistent with the industry after the action of nearly – screen points to the join the Windows operating system tasks, add samsung’s picture in picture function, further improved the keyboard experience and external keyboard support, and update the new task switching more UI. apple try to use it to improve the efficiency of the device. And all this functionality, seems to tell us, the legendary domestic it already on the road. but the arrival of the domestic tablet, can you really save the addition of these functions is entered a state of decline of the sales? Still have to go on a big question mark.

4, independent add Apple Watch

from PC to mobile phone that now the hot all kinds of wearable devices, equipment never stop the evolution of the revolution, of the billions of grade market changes and continue. In pursuit of the next level of billions on the market, apple’s bet on wearable devices, and that seems to have a smart watch. So its launch in 2014 the first intelligent wearable devices Apple Watch, though the industry for its mixed reviews, but the enthusiasm of the developers and sales second android smart, Watch the year’s domineering, let Apple Apple Watch a procession. But Apple Watch also have its argument, intelligent wearable devices around the core of controversy “intelligent wearable devices are independent or dependent, on the function is to do the addition or subtraction “. Apple WWDC 2015 conference given their answer: Apple to Apple to Watch the independence, for Apple to Watch to do addition. Apple Apple for further mining the possibility of a Watch.

so at the WWDC, Apple introduced a new Watch OS 2, the new system Apple to Watch for the dependence of the iPhone weakened sharply. The new system can make the App run independently on the Watch, and developers will be able to use WatchKit, visit including microphone, speakers, video, accelerometer, Taptic Engine, and Digital Crown, a lot of hard and other functions. And, on the Watch OS2, Apple further enhances the Apple Watch personalized options and capabilities, joined the new dial, such as Time – Lapse of third party information directly view and directly connected to WiFi, when charging can be set for the alarm clock and so on. All these blessings, also destined to let Apple Watch face more controversy. This time Apple add is right or wrong, Apple Watch can be Apple create a category under a “iPhone” equipment. We can only wait for time to give an answer.

5, Apple Music, whether fire to cao cao?

this year Apple seems like jobs when the magic “one more thing”, in this year’s WWDC, cook still took a “one more thing” – launched Apple rumors have long streaming music service “Apple music”. Apple Muisc, in Apple’s mouth is to solve the present music service for chaos, while the actual is to chase Apple has dropped the streaming music services market. Return to the Apple Muisc this app, integration is its core, everything is its characteristics. It has three characteristics: one is the integration of unprecedented music services; 2 it is to provide all-weather global radio services; 3 it is to build fans and music artists of the interactive platform. Although some features in the current media streaming music application has already been done, but based on apple’s powerful influence and strong financial support, in the future the copyright of war and absorb the content, will occupy the advantage, the development of the future, maybe will be thriving. And the service charge $9.99 in January, can let the apple as the big money in the music market, it is worth attention.

except Apple Muisc intrinsic characteristics of the app, its whole platform strategy will be more interesting. at WWDC convention, apple announced the music of the iTunes service and many years ago, took him to the Windows platform and Android platform, make it become a platform for all music service software, it is far from Steve jobs was “like send a glass of ice water to people in hell” heroism. But the application is open to other platforms, the apple was the first time over the past few years. Indicated that whether apple will open more selective application in the future, make it into a Windows system and Android system?

6, Swift, open source

Swift, open source, can be said to be the apple of the WWDC congress agreement. Apple announced the Swift 2 language will open source, the iOS and OS x and Linux S will apply. Perhaps in the near future, android devices can have compiled by using Swift language application, Swift, open source language can say let closed apple took a big step, walk on the way now more popular open source. Provides more optional tools for developers. (given that personal ability is limited, know very little about the development of language, so I can’t delve into open source, still hope you forgive me)

7, the promotion of the position of women

the apple WWDC conference, one thing is very worthy of praise for apple point. The apple developer conference, finally said goodbye to the apple uniform state of man, apple senior women began to stage. This shows the apple to women’s status and their importance to the company and creativity on the recognition and respect. For women, this is a positive signal. At this point, although apple is not the first, but to be able to make a change, let female executives known to more people, rather than quietly behind the scenes with pay, also let us light a praise for apple.


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