Apple Watch the development of the secret history: need Apple iPhone killer

note: hunting cloud wearable devices again with Apple Watch once again attracted the attention of research and development of Apple Apple Watch is what purpose, in Apple products system will act as a kind of meaningful? Recently wired website published David Pierce (David Pierce) signed article, detailed introduces the Apple Watch the development of history. The purpose of the original apple development watches, is to make it act as the iPhone killer.

the original article from wired magazine, the tencent technology translation, below is the article main content:

at the beginning of 2013, Kevin Lynch (Kevin Lynch) accepted the apple to the olive branch. This job is really interesting: apple said didn’t want him to do. So strict confidentiality of the company policy that lynch only know her title is vice President of technology, they will be engaged in a new job. Oddly, same apple how invited him. Want to know, eight years working in Adobe, especially as chief technology officer, what he did is one of the most famous thing is publicly criticized jobs refused to support Flash video on the iPhone.

when lynch announced his new job, people responded: they brought this guy? Apple has always been a concern with blogger John Gruber (John Gruber) even said lynch is a idiot, a bad job.

Apple Watch the development of the secret history: need Apple iPhone killer

Kevin lynch is responsible for the watch from concept into reality the apple products

lynch needs to prove that in many ways, of course, first of all, he has a lot of things to do. Appearance on the first day at apple 1 Infinite Loop, his new employee training directly over, he was the boss, hardware tsar Bob Mansfield (Bob Mansfield) told him that to design studio to work directly. He can then know your salary.

into the studio, he immediately found him to be engaged in project has been near the deadline. In fact, this project has been lagging behind the plan. Two days after he learned to accept a design review of the type of apple. He need to prepare as much as possible.

there wasn’t any prototype, without any software, just some experiment: iPod team made a with a pointer, there are a lot of ideas. But demand is obvious: apple is responsible for the design, senior vice President Jonathan ivey (which Jony Ive) asking them to develop a revolutionary device can wear on your wrist.

this is either a lofty idea, either is a perfectly reasonable expectations. Perhaps is both. After all, for the past 15 years, apple has change the three important consumer electronics, and in the process development become the most valuable company on earth. Existed before appeared in the iPod, MP3 player, but apple’s products allow you to stop. The iPhone smartphone from business equipment into pop culture symbols. The tablets from the edge to the mainstream, beyond the nokia and Microsoft and other companies in the past many years’ hard work. The fourth wave attack, apple chose to watch. This will be a new stage of apple dynasty, the products without Steve jobs guidance in the first paragraph of the article. High expectations and strict censorship is inevitable, in apple’s terms, this watch must be crazy.

don’t have pressure, Kevin lynch.

apple decided to develop a watch first, and then dig it is suitable for what to do (and, of course, in addition to display the time). “There is such a point of view, science and technology will go to the human body.” Responsible for apple human interaction department Alan day (Alan Dye) said, “we think the wrist is a natural choice, the choice of a historic and correlation.”

Apple Watch the development of the secret history: need Apple iPhone killer

Alan dey is the designer is responsible for the apple device to interact with the user

the purpose of science and technology development of wrist, it can solve the problem, this is apple watch team need to invent new ways to interact with the device in the process of gradually thought. But one thing is clear from the beginning: the success of this watch, will depend on the user interface. The interface will determine the apple watches will eventually become the product of many memorial museum, or become the most failure after Newton apple products.

this is the responsibility of Alan dey. As the apple in charge of human interaction, he is responsible for the development to the device you call the shots, and then to respond. There are some other in your notebook computers, mobile phones and tablets have been used to experience, such as application icon noted in shaking the icon can be mobile on the screen, these are human interaction team responsibilities.

dey was a graphic designer, but he is more like burberry style, rather than the blackberry style: hair interested in left side, inside the plaid shirt with a Japanese pen, always don’t he won’t miss any details. Day in 2006 when apple to bring your resume, both in the fashion studio when Kate Spade served as director of design work, also has the advertising giant ogilvy company to Miller and Levi ‘s experience to promote their brands. When the apple marketing sector, he designed the apple trademark product box, now then took over the department of human interaction.

as early as October 2011, then shortly after the death of apple CEO Steve jobs, ive started to ideas with an apple’s watch. Then he told the day and a small part of the design office staff own idea are introduced.

at the time, they are in a sharp change of apple’s mobile operating system in the process of the marathon. “We almost lived in design studio,” day said, “our team has been studying the iOS 7.” As the seventh version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 7 is not just for smart phones and tablet computer software to design, but a turning point in the development of the company, marked the Jonathan ivey boarded the throne of the king of the apple design. Dey and human interaction staff must rethink every interaction, every movement, every function.

in the variety show “Saturday Night Live” (Saturday Night Live) producer, Lorne Michaels, (Lorne Michaels) often encourage employees to work continuously crazily, because he believes that people only in the case of exhausted the most creative and fearless.

apple design studio: the whole team are busy study application startup animation and new iOS 7 control center, discuss the smart phone software during the day, night will discuss other equipment. They began to discuss a watch related problem: this device can bring to people’s lives? Wearing such a device can do new things? This period of time, ive started to watch industry in-depth investigation, the observation of the sun position how to generate the clock, and then developed into a watch. Clock technology to his obsession, fascination also created product.

in the process, apple team found reason to exist for watches, summarized as follows: the mobile phone is destroying your life. As we do, ivey, lynch, dey and apple all employees by phone hum of tyranny, was forced to constantly check the long message notification bar. “Now we are with the combination of science and technology so closely,” lynch said, “people carrying a mobile phone, often view the screen.” At the dinner table, some buried himself into the mobile phone, as long as there is vibration or noise are automatically put his hand into his pocket. “People need this kind of interaction,” lynch said. “but we invented this way really humanized enough, whether can appropriately when interacting with others?”

we use of cell phones too. But if invented a kind of state to the contrary? If there is a you can’t, or wouldn’t hours of continuous use of equipment, what will happen? Can I invented such a device, it filters out all spam, provide only the really important information? You can change the life now. Over the past 30 years, apple has been committed to research how can your own equipment for as long as possible to catch the user’s attention. Now, apple decided to reverse direction.

Apple Watch the development of the secret history: need Apple iPhone killer

to a large extent, apple makes we are faced with the trouble. Now it wants to use a metal base plate, a light strap assembled equipment to solve the problem.

apple’s goal is to let people liberated from the mobile phone, so it is very strange: apple watches the first prototype of unexpectedly is equipped with Velcro strap of the iPhone. “A well-designed Velcro strap.” Lynch said.

the team developed a simulator that can be displayed on the screen the size of a real apple watches. Software development speed is much faster than hardware, the apple team want to test what is such a hardware device worn on the wrist. They even tested a number button on the screen, also is the classic watches replica of a button, and then you can adjust the time and so on, but it is difficult to reproduce the twisting real buttons. After all, sliding is no substitute for twist. So they add a button at the base of the phone. Raise projects, with many Kickstarter the first real prototype of apple watch, in fact is binding on the iPhone case a strange attachments.

a rough prototype, apple watch team can start testing some core functionality, which they want to be able to take over from the mobile phone function. Send a short message function tests are very inspiring effect. Initially the process very much like the iPhone SMS messages: add recipient, write a short message content, confirm the content, and then click send. “All this is understandable, but time is too long for you to use.” Lynch said. In addition, it also have an adverse effect, serious adverse effects: imagine, lift your arms, as if his watch, and then last for 30 seconds. This is definitely not a good user experience. “We don’t want people to walk on the road to do so.” Day said.

so they launched Quickboard function, that is to say by a robot reading text content, and then suggest possible responses. Your date schedule to remind you to dinner, for example, choose to Mexican food or Chinese food, then “Mexico” and “China” is automatically appear in the list, you can click on any content to reply. “It’s like this, you don’t need another confirmation screen, then click on the screen to send again,” lynch said, “is for an instant, you can send out.” For more complex communication, apple watches the team to the device with a microphone, can voice input text content, you can also use Siri assistant. Think of voice control is too complicated? This stage, or go to the use of mobile phones.

as the test progressed, watch the importance of speed is more and more obvious. An interaction may only lasts 5 seconds, 10 seconds at most. So they simplify the function of some, even completely banned the part function, just because of these features can’t fast enough. Lynch and the whole team had to watch conducted two redesign of software, to reach the speed enough. The original version of the software is displayed to the user information according to the time axis, displayed in chronological order from top to bottom. The idea never walked out of the door, the apple watches available on April 24th, is committed to shorten the time of the user to the notable content input.

in Short Look function, for example: how do you feel the wrist with vibration, received a Short message. Lift the wrist, see the hint: “message from joey.” If you immediately put down the wrist, the capital of short show unread, but notice has disappeared. If you continue to lift the wrist watch screen will display the message content. Your interest in this message, which is based on your response to show interest, is apple’s watch is the sole criterion for judging. Apple watch team is to create such interaction, make people face away from the products of science and technology.

testing continues. Apple watch team developed notifications, enables users to view information without open the application. They developed called Glances screen: there is a separate area for quick tips, such as sports results and news. “Us to rethink the user interface,” lynch said, “we more than once to develop applications, including information, E-mail, calendar, etc., make it perfect with each passing day.”

the team development of software, on the one hand, to the user for representing all kinds of information, on the other hand can’t overwhelm users in all kinds of information. If not meet that goal, the user will keep on disturbing and remove because watches, this means that as people buy the most personal device, apple watches will be return. Lynch and his team have completed the software for the third time after renovation, ivey, day, and everyone thinks they have found a balance point.

but if the software is too complex, the hardware will become a spent force; Human interaction team has been exploring a watch on your wrist function of vibration, and together with engineers to create a new way of interaction. So the Taptic Engine, it can make the vibration of the watch on your wrist feel like fingers gently pat. Because our bodies for pat and extremely sensitive buzzer, apple watches only need on the vibration frequency, quantity, and force a little change, can bring a wealth of information. Explains a series of flap have call, slightly different slapping a meeting after 5 minutes.

apple tested a lot of kinds of prototype, each of which is slightly difference. “Sometimes too much bother,” lynch said. “some are too soft, some feel like wrist have bugs.” nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull