Apple Watch release, Google wants to “strategic investment” Jawbone

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according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Google is working with the Jawbone to negotiate a new round of investment. Although we are not sure the accuracy of the news, but it is a message sent to the timing of the very subtle, a month later, Apple will release Apple Watch.

Jawbone had been to the identity of the bluetooth headset and other audio equipment manufacturers and is widely known. In recent years, as the Up sell like hot cakes, Jawbone “has become” the best health bracelets sort of wearable devices.

however, Jawbone in wearable devices are facing more and more fierce competition: report from the NPD, Fitbit landslide occupied the health bracelet watch (not including intelligence) most of the market share; Is expected to reverse the Apple smart Watch pattern Watch to be released, Apple Health Kit is great for Apple again in wearable device to realize the momentum of “soft hard one dominating the world”; From Forbes reported earlier that Jawbone fiscal situation is very dangerous, is likely to fall into the predicament of the insolvency; Not only that, the Jawbone products recently faced “skin”, “new product continuous jump ticket” and so on.

it is clear that the Jawbone was not as its choice sold to Google. But backed by Google, will obviously have ample cash cows and more r&d resource to support. For Google, against Apple’s Watch powerhouse, does not appear to have in his friend ranks. Android Wear haven’t show any potential “leadership”. If we can rely on the Jawbone existing brand image and products to further open the wearable equipment market, and form the exemplary role, so the Android Wear is likely to copy the Android again in the dominant position in the smartphone market.

for the news, Google and did not comment.

Jawbone last year completed a $250 million funding round, valued at $3.3 billion. At present, the company’s investors include Anderson – horowitz fund, Khosla Ventures, kleiner perkins caufield & byers and sequoia capital venture capital institutions, as well as Russia throws the tycoon Yuri Milner (Yuri Milner) and deutsche telekom, etc.