Apple Watch how the new ecological health Let the other smart “little bitch” betray oneself

the author: pale month dome day

on March 9, the company in the United States of California San Francisco’s yerba buena center held the theme of “Spring Forward” (meter) at this time of year in the Spring of 2015 conference. Announcements of the conference opening in China hangzhou west lake new apple store as the leading role, unexpectedly, public welfare concept, Chinese elements. The closing of the conference products Apple Watch starting to include China, starting in China, it is said that this product is the cause of coming from an old legend: “poor play cars, rich play table, prick silk than mobile phones, asshole computer”.

everyone gathered in the focus of the conference had been study bad hardware products – 12 inch retina MacBook and Apple Watch, but ignored Apple spent a lot of scientific research in the field of medical treatment cost to build ResearchKit, plus HealthKit issued before, Apple will be officially into the medical field. ResearchKit focus on software for medical research to build infrastructure, and will build HealthKit App gang health management. A ResearchKit and HealthKit underlying architecture and Apple Watch and iPhone data collection, Apple will create new health research tools. ResearchKit and HealthKit to Apple Watch and the combination of the iPhone to iTunes to the combination of the iPod, remembered that once let Apple back in 2014 gross income or even an important platform could reach 23.5 billion dollars. Apple in the mobile industry layout has started on the level of health care, the apple smartphone try strategic transformation, a new platform for the health care in the future may be the most core profit for apple.

the first ResearchKit design based app, mainly used for for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other studies. Cook also said at the news conference, currently has more than 900 HealthKit build based App, are helping people to track and manage health matters. Micro letter new public accounts “micro letter movement” was based on HealthKit platform, let you can compete with friends on the amount of exercise. Apple’s new equipment and technology, the new platform, the new intelligent wear behind a large number of research institutions and huge amounts of data analysis for medical as toys intelligence on other watches really turned into a “little bitch”. Cook said ResearchKit and HealthKit will be open source platform, apple wants to put the work together to promote the development of medical and health field. Open source is clearly not apple’s consistent style, but given that the iPhone has a very high proportion in the whole world, the “first” action can let a person see apple for mobile ambitions in the field of medical, will probably change the future of the medical model, such as a regular user with doctors, medical organizations, the relationship between third-party research institution in patients with massive amounts of sample data acquisition, as well as the health care and so on each aspect perhaps will have far-reaching influence. But no matter how, in the future with the expansion of the ResearchKit ecological circle, hope it can really benefit mankind health research. In addition, this year in November, Apple Watch will open SDK access, new medicine could break through new ecological health.