Apple Watch are got, this paragraph 22 fitness application is necessary

cloud network hunting note: Apple Watch as Apple’s first foray into wearable devices in the field of products, how can have less related to health and fitness applications? Whether it can bring people watch what different experience are not conclusive, but according to the characteristics of this watch is designed or redesigned health and fitness applications can’t wait to catch the apple users this fat.

Watch Apple, Apple’s first foray into wearable devices in the field of product, launch on April 24.

apple into wearable fitness equipment in the field of time is very delicate. The status quo is, in the field of health and fitness trackers, similar to the Jawbone Up and Fiatbit these products as early as a few years ago has occupied half of the field. According to the NDP (net domestic product), according to data from last year for the wearable fitness equipment sold a total of 3.3 million.

Apple Watch to do obviously is not just a platform of everything, and increasingly popular fitness tracking application how can easily ignore! On this watch, have a built-in heart rate monitor, is used to record the movement distance and speed of the exercise of GPS tracker, a tracking body movement of the accelerator, and special display calorie consumption and overall fitness index of a variety of applications.

apple this platform is infinite attractive to people all the time, any application developers don’t want to miss this opportunity. Just surfaced when Apple Watch this new platform, a lot of health technology companies are beginning to Apple Watch design was only suitable for the application of smart phones. Although not all applications are based on Apple Watch have modified the experience of using, but some do add some subtle improvements. Here is the cloud network editor jun to count on Apple the most notable 22 on Watch model of health and fitness applications:

Apple Watch recommended by the health and fitness applications:

first of all, let’s look at the Apple for the Apple Watch choice recommended by several applications.

Nike + Running

the Apple in the Apple Watch listed on the eve of the Jawbone Up and Nike + arg Band removed two applications from Apple’s app store. But apple still leave more than read like the Nike, Nike + Watch applications on apple’s web site added to the recommended fitness applications. The Nike + Running application will allow Apple to Watch users connected to the Running of Nike global community and in their wrist records Running distance and time, etc.

Green Kitchen

in this application, there are all kinds of healthy diet, by clicking on the screen you can browse recipes every step of production. Within the application also integrates a timer, timely alert users to remove out of the oven is baked food.


real-time record you climb the height, your average speed, the interval and heart rate, and have continuously updated constantly, make you persevere challenge ourselves in the exercise.

the Mayo’s a-clinic short

this is more like design auxiliary management application for the doctor. It helps physicians coordinated management of their schedule, remind them when to have a patient waiting for the doctor or viewing room corridor with patient waiting for them. At the same time, the application also provides the basic information of the patient, such as age, gender and body weight.


wrist diet. This application can track your of day diet, and then calculate the calories you consume all day. In addition, LifeSum will also provide the appropriate protein intake, and tell you what kind of food is unfavorable edible.


a very popular running tracking platform. Apple will Watch three default from the application of Runtastic. The most basic Runtastic with GPS, Runtastic Sixt Pack and Runtastic Butt tracking Trainer to users running process. These applications include a special map display, guide users each correct exercise. It has the advantage of the user at the time of exercise can no longer holding the phone about the next step of action, to maintain the whole process smooth full exercise.

users like health and fitness applications:

there are a lot of a lot of health and fitness applications now has appeared or is expected in the Apple on the Watch. Here is after testing and survey statistics, we think that the application of the most suitable for use in your wrist.

Hello Heart

this is a blood pressure monitor and heart health partner applications. Because it can directly from your wrist records and upload your life characteristics, so the application in the Apple Watch become very valuable. In the United States, more than 100 million people have different application of heart problems. The application can easily help them real time grasp of their own physical condition, without having to go to see a doctor about this information.

Fitstar Yoga

when they don’t have to be in the yoga constantly to rectify the accurate position and look up at the screen or the coach, with this app, users can directly on their wrist to check the accurate position. Users can also change yoga posture by the application to view the rest of the time, or play, pause, playback, and fast forward operating control of yoga practice.


this is a very simple straightforward application, the purpose is to remind the user “should drink water more!” , and in this way and then allow the user to keep enough moisture in the body. You can also through the application of visualization of your daily water intake, determine if you meet the demand of body water intake every day.

Map My Run

see this application, you may ask, now that Apple has built-in Watch on similar local application, as well as the Nike + Running and so on, so why would you recommend this one? Because Map My Run not only have a good and dedicated community to encourage users to keep running, the new Apple can also Watch application for hobby runners recorded more than 600 kinds of different forms of exercise, record the GPS, the Apple on the Health and MyFitnessPal sync with My friends and share your workouts and result.


click on the application of gently, can online to 68000 doctors in the United States (in the future there will be more doctors to join) on health questions and get answers. Application will remind you of a virtual meeting with the doctor, personal notice, remind you take medicine on time.

Medication Alarm

remind you take medicine on time or treatment. Also tracking the remaining number of medicines, before you use up all the drugs in time remind you added new drugs.


this application tracking you a whole day’s activities, and makes you get up 30 minutes earlier every day for sports. This is very useful, because your phone may not have been in hand can always see the time, but you can see on watch reminds, get up and exercise at least 30 minutes. This application will automatically record the minutes of activity, such as walking, cycling, running or any other activity, etc., and then uploaded to the application.

Misfit Minute

Misfit have launched a very hot hand wrist wearable product, but the Misfit in July last year began venturing into another platform, development of fitness applications for Pebble. Now, the Misfit remains the route has nothing to do with the hardware, and Apple Watch has developed a new health applications, provide users with the whole body circularly using weight training and intermittent exercise.

have Fit

have, funny applied artificial intelligence collection, will also appear in the Apple on the Watch, including with constant ridicule you start exercising stimulates the user resulted from the application. Exercise is very rare and beautiful flower have Fit, in 7 minutes of exercise, to avoid a vitriolic ostrich attack you can only keep fat beat Justin bieber (don’t ask why is Justin bieber!) . Then you will be from your watch rather than on the phone.


this is a specially designed for women of periodic tracking application, aims to help women understand their physiological cycles. Before someone because there is no periodic HealthKit tracking function and accused apple design is not considerate, because the function for women to keep health is very helpful. This application is a good way to predict the next period of time, a woman unpleasant symptoms before menstruation and ovulation.

WebMD – WebMD application will remind the patient clinic medicine on time, and also provides the preparation instructions and daily schedule.


at present there are many smartphone market alcohol tester application, but let a drunk from the pocket for cell phone open application measuring blood alcohol content of it, after all, still a little difficult. The BACtrack is different, although you still need to start the test, but at least you don’t need to somehow find half a day to mobile phone, also don’t use their hands to stand the test.


using the electronic medical record on iOS application of physicians are used to check the patient’s medical information from the application, and then sent via the bill. In the Apple on the Watch, the medical experts can view the reminder from department colleagues, view your daily routine, also won’t have any “looks like in play with mobile phones and make patients feel neglected” concerns. Medical experts, of course, you can also use the application respond to the patient’s SMS message on your wrist in private, to see their medical record.


the nation’s largest medical professional networks now finally landed on the watch. According to the application of the company’s statistics show that about half of the doctor is a member of the Doximity. Using Apple Watch physicians can access Doximity free tools, such as HIPPA messaging (HIPPA: medical electron exchange act), electronic fax function and reading medical news.


the skin is the largest organ of the human body, the skin can reveal your health information. Skin application will request to use your mobile phone camera take pictures of your Skin. Then, Apple Watch quickly analysis in the application of these photos, keep track of your skin condition. This application will not give you any diagnosis, but when the subtle changes in the application will remind you to change or tell you should go to see a doctor.


designed for exercise, especially designed running music streaming service. With this application, without mobile phone, you can also listen to uplifting passionate music. Although there is no headphone jack watches, you can use wireless headset device to listen to the strong rhythm music, inspire your little universe.

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