Apple versus Google head-to-head, WWDC and I/O on the underlying those things

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early June 9, 2015, apple’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC 2015) opened in San Francisco, the theme of “the epicenter of change (center) of change”. Opening apple CEO cook made a brief introduction, and revealed that the conference will be published nine, OS X and iOS watchOS three important system updates, and other services. Main task is to repair the apple some weakness, perfect the system. Time back to the end of last month, Google headquarters in San Francisco in the United States held a conference on “I/O”, also is to further perfect the Google system. Hunting cloud network to collect some information to make a contrast, and see what tricks on each side.

iOS9 with Android M

iOS 9 was completely redesigned system, starting from the bottom of the whole system has carried on the comprehensive promotion. Android M is improving the web browsing experience, to join automatic landing, stored passwords, automatic filling are congruent function, and optimize the multithreading safety. Android M there will be more perfect application permissions management functions, allowing the permissions of the application level management, when installing applications, no longer ask can control permissions, but when use to ask, whether can use location, camera, microphone, contacts, etc.

intelligent voice assistant

Siri’s speed and accuracy are increased by 40%, Siri assistant had received a week 1 billion voice commands, low error rate to 5%. Google voice assistant will error rate fell to 24% from 3%. Among them, Now On the Tap function that can identify you in different scenarios, and intelligent recommend relevant information for you.

9 built-in new iOS Siri UI, the user can achieve more functions on the interface. For example say, “please show me since last August in Utah photographs”, Siri will help you find the corresponding photos. And Siri can intelligent identification by the user in the scene, according to different needs in order to facilitate to provide help for the user.

in addition, Siri can according to your time, location, open the app, connecting device, and so on, to predict your next move. If you connect the iPhone to your headphones or a car, it will suggest you to you recently played a playlist, or audiobooks; If you are in an event calendar app to add the address, your iPhone will remind you that the departure time, even it will take into consideration of the real-time traffic; And when you start to add recipient email, your device will be according to your habits, for you to recommend some recipients.

other aspects of the iOS

apple iOS9 can enable the camera directly from the memo to add photos, you can even use your finger to draw sketch directly. IOS 9 Quick Type keyboard is equipped with a variety of new features, more simple and Quick to input and edit. In multitasking experience, the new added Slide Over function let you without leaving the app will be able to open the second app; And has the function of the Split View, two app can on the same screen, at the same time open, parallel operation. And Picture in Picture function can reduce the size of the video, let you in the mail and at the same time also can see the video program.

enhanced battery life, according to introducing, iOS iPhone 6 and 9 in daily use case, the battery can last one more hour. Beta version of the iOS 9 launched from now on, public beta will launch in July, the official version will be launched in the fall. The most important thing is that the size of the 9 iOS upgrade package will be before 4.6 GB reduce to 1.8 GB. Is this in back the user’s heart, after all, more than 16 gb devices on the market for said, you are a system directly for almost a third, think about all the heart ah, look down upon my poor is how to drop?

Watch 2 with Android OS Wear

Apple released the Watch OS 2 will open Watch Apple native API interface, a developer can closer to the underlying hardware call API, access to the various sensors on the Watch, etc. The new Watch OS can customize the interface background, really want to do with the homemade dial; New to Time Travel function, can dial switch display information when you rotate the crown; Human nature is: will Apple Watch side and recharged, it will automatically enter the bedside clock mode. In addition, Apple can Watch reply (input or turn with voice text). To FaceTime voice calls. HomeKit, Apple also to Pay to Watch Apple. However, power really no problem?

smart watch platform for Google Android Wear currently has more than 4000 applications. The new support a series of new gesture, such as bobbing up and down the arms, watch can auto flip, and support for a variety of sensors are full.

OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan optimized the Safari web browsing experience, users will be able to lock in some labels, so that after the restart the browser still display them directly, and the volume of the Safari have independent key, can shut down the page.

OS X El Capitan further optimization of the global search tools – the Spotlight. Users can adjust the size of the search box, and can move the search box. At the same time, also can more good recognition, natural language such as input “in June I need to file”, the system will automatically associated with the file data. And search is not associated with your Apple ID, don’t share to a third party.

OS X El Capitan lets an open speed can reach 1.4 times that of before PDF open speed is four times as great. At the same time, the OS X El Capitan support running before the new added to the Metal in the iOS framework, can support based on Metal building applications, rendering speed will raise 40%, and Adobe AfterEffects of rendering speed will be able to achieve the original eight times.

smart home, payment methods, maps the three encounters

smart home:

HomeKit can support new devices such as home security systems, automatic curtain, the future can use up to control equipment in the home, no matter where I can control them. At the same time new CarPlay can in a more intelligent, more secure way in the car use iPhone, as for the connection way, temporarily is unknown.

Google introduced a Brillo with Android as the core system, it is equivalent to a simplified Android, retaining only the most basic function, so that the Brillo reduce all kinds of consumption. In addition, Google also launched Weave cross-platform agreement, can be connected to the cloud, mobile phones and Brillo support equipment.


Apple Pay will support more offline store. In July, Apple will Pay into Britain, support used in British London’s public transport system. In addition, will also support the merchant’s gift card function, users can save their own electronic coupons.

Android Pay is Google official launch mobile payment platform, support Android version 4.4 or newer devices, Google will build in the latest Android M official fingerprint recognition support.


about map, apple’s new join “Trances” function, when users click on any one site, location, travel over most of its traffic routes are marked clearly, allows the user to visual reference. Subway stations to join the new maps is aimed at different the export of more detailed information. Function also joined the domestic third party map users are familiar with “near” function, can search around the food, as well as places for shopping.

Google map has better use offline maps, you can in the case of no Internet search site, see the detailed information of the location, the most important thing is that can navigate in offline map mode. But have to wait for half a year, line at the meeting.

Apple first Apple Music, App, News, Google has Google Photos, unmanned, balloon


Apple Apple Music, in fact, the jobs Ping resurgence of version. The Apple has iTunes Music database, can hear Music 7 * 24 hours anytime and anywhere. In terms of radio, apple and Beats One cooperation, geared to the needs of more than 100 countries and regions, but no Chinese as usual. In addition, Apple Music and Beats Connect, builds the platform for the new singers and fans. 3 months before the monthly fee of $9.99, free of charge. At the same time as many as six family members can share monthly family membership for $14.99.

new reading News App, it will be according to your interest preferences, will focus on the News you are pushed to you. The article will provide you with exquisite layout design, picture gallery, animation and interactive video report, at the same time also will have more than 1 million topics to choose from, and include the latest stories, articles, and release content. It is important to News app will protect your data privacy. Also, China is not included in the service.

apple Swift 2 open source, bring more likely for APP programming. In addition to compile performance boost, all sorts of new features will also enhance the efficiency of developers.