“Apple” prosperous time crisis: beautiful blind now, difficult to Ann in the future

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last week, apple announced its first-quarter earnings in 2015, it was a record earnings, the highest peak of history. The apple in all the results pretty eyesight whiting, for apple to pay homage to the earnings on supreme praise. Always negative but I have to feel a trace of concern for the future of apple. Apple, in my opinion, the results, on behalf of the apple is pretty blind and now a secure future.

a, bright blind now

apple announced first-quarter earnings in 2015, is a bright blind the eyes, let a person envy jealous of hate. Specific as follows:

apple in the first quarter net revenue of $74.599 billion, more than $57.594 billion over the same period last year growth of 30%; Its net profit of $18.024 billion, $13.072 billion than the same period last year growth 38%; Its first quarter gross margin of 39.9%, up from 37.9% during the same period last year. And specific to the product: apple 74.468 million iphones were sold in the first quarter, up 46% than the same period of 51.025 million; It sold 21.419 million units, 26.035 million units from the same period last year fell 18%. It sold 5.519 million Mac, 4.837 million than the same period last year growth of 9%.

in the top technology companies earnings increased, apple took out the results of how beautiful? Compared with the other technology giants in the quarter earnings is evident.

Microsoft 2015 fiscal second quarter was $26.47 billion, compared to 8%; Net profit of $5.863 billion, fell 10.6%.

Google in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of $18.1 billion, up 15% from a year earlier. Net profit of $4.76 billion, up 41%;

amazon net revenue of $29.33 billion in the fourth quarter of 2014, up 15% from a year earlier. Net profit of $214 million, fell 10.5%.

Facebook the quarter revenue of $1.813 billion, up 53% from a year earlier. The same period last year net profit of $333 million, for a net loss of $157 million.

as one of the biggest apple in the mobile business rival samsung, its earnings in the fourth quarter of 2014 is not satisfied. , according to samsung in the fourth quarter profit of 5.3 trillion won ($4.88 billion), profits fell 36% year on year. Samsung mobile business profit of 1.96 trillion won, lower than the same period in 2013 of 5.47 trillion won, fell 64% year on year.

with a more intuitive data to show the apple the earnings TuHao index, is characterized by – : in terms of revenue in the quarter apple revenue this quarter than Microsoft, Intel, AMD, yahoo!, eBay, IBM revenue more than the sum of $1.9 billion. In terms of profits for the quarter: apple this quarter net profit is almost equivalent to 25 Facebook, 4 samsung, three Microsoft, yahoo and 100. And said to all the domestic, compared with apple, its not a dimensional, apple first-quarter revenue has been offset by its full-year revenue is still in credit, and a quarter of the iPhone shipments, is millet, huawei, lenovo and so on a year of hard.

2, it is difficult to secure the future

the data show that apple released the first quarter of 2015 is really a beautiful blind results, gives the apple a beautiful blind now, but the results will bring more a difficult to secure the future of apple.

iPhone s, the sales, Mac share, Apple Watch uncertainty

this quarter in the device, apple Mac, iPhone 3 big hardware product line, a variety of performance: this quarter, apple sold 21.419 million units, compared to the same period last year sales fell 18%. The new device also failed to save the fate of the decline in sales, the sales have started falling, become a thing of the past is probably not far. In Mac product line, apple sold 5.519 million Mac, this quarter than the same period last year growth of 9%, but the Mac product line share of the market is still weak. While the iPhone business performance is a procession, strong sales. The iPhone in terms of sales achieved a record 74.468 million units, up 46% than the same period of 51.025 million; On the revenue hit a record $51.182 billion; The iPhone accounted for 70% of the revenue apple.

the Apple Watch, as the first product, cook for Apple and cook all have great significance, it is have high hopes by Apple’s next engine of growth. But fell well short of the performance of this product consumer expectations to him, did not bring us disruptive change, even said that did not bring us many surprises. The industrial design is not amazing; Its core is in as a matching parts of the iPhone, a substitute, is he not; And the specially designed for Apple watch watch OS circular UI design, rendering on the square are slightly acosmia; Start at the high price of $349 and make it big restricted user group, while the secrecy of life not only let us be a charge in a day to its doom deem appropriate. Apple consumers watch did not achieve the desired, he success of Apple’s next growth pole, in the current appears to be the future is unknown.

by the data released a clear signal, namely the iPhone is apple’s most core growth pole, is the motive force that apple revenue soared, apple has been inseparable from the iPhone. But this is apple’s concern – for relying too much on the iPhone product line, lead to excessive proportion from a single business. And a single business occupy the big proportion, on the one hand, represents the business is strong, and on the other hand is the business for error, who also can’t afford to lose.

iPhone successful troika speed diminished

apple iPhone or review over the years, we will find driving factor is in rapid growth over the years: apple apple using proper innovation, build the improvement of the ecological system and a near perfect industrial design the troika driving fast continuously drive people into the arms of the apple. But the apple in nearly two years since, the troika speeds are diminished.

the latest generation of the iPhone, although he has created an unprecedented sales myth, but the analysis of the implementation of the iPhone sales, we will find that this is not the result of apple’s innovation drive, but rather by apple depression years of the domestic market demand for the release of the results. Apple was late for three years in domestic market, and that all the fruit are larger for apple mobile feed, its demand has already been reached hunger state, and the launch of apple at a time when domestic version of the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, make this a demand to get instant release, its energy let the iPhone to achieve the sales soared.

a new generation of iPhone sales implements a myth, but in the myth, we are hard to find a real innovation. In the new generation iPhone, have a plenty of more slot points, more awkward, more compromise and to the interests of the greedy. Has always been a leading apple this time is used as a time full of followers, and following samsung open domestic trend, follow nokia open optical image stabilization technology and 2.5 D arc screen design. The pursuit of all metal fuselage and to signal compromise out two belt of the great white, the pursuit of thin body and bring camera raised; These two compromise to always have high design aesthetics of apples this year every name of the HTC accumulated for many years – first ugly, let people surprise. And ancestral in hardware industry, we better think apple product optimization in place, without hardware stack, but the iPhone 6 Plus card, to expect much lost to reality; Experience of the operating system, has always been stable smooth apple to iOS8, but will be caton and bug appear constantly; Night out three years of time still not solve the one-handed operation problems brought by the domestic mobile phone.

the following design, compromise, and the lag of hardware, these should always represent the innovation and perfection of apple products, let consumer satisfaction with difficulty to their sincerity. Because with apple’s strength, its products should not have so many trough points appear, he should have better; The compromise and short board, apple is not the ability to solve, but in order to pursue the maximization of business interests, abandon originally on the product for the pursuit of perfection. Apple appears to be transformed into the interests of the greedy Shi Mao leather. Apple and give a person the sense with nokia’s heyday.

and review the iPhone along the journey: iPhone, introducing the touch screen operation, intelligent led us into the era, the disruptive innovation, it profoundly changed the mobile phone industry pattern; Also change the phone’s location, he will be the main duties and responsibilities of a mobile phone call is a call to the part-time; The iPhone 4, a more perfect application store, new near perfect industrial design, high-definition screens, retinal camera back according to type, these are further once again; The iPhone 4 s is joined the Siri assistant, iPhone 5 s joined the fingerprint identification, these are very forward-looking innovation at the time. And by the new iPhone 6, though he has created an unprecedented sales of myth, but in innovation, you would be hard to find a real innovation sparkle. Apple’s innovation and design of rings on the iPhone 6 has been greatly reduced, drive apple ran two carriages had slowed.

ecological system and the market share

high quality ecological system is the most strong apple moat, even over a long period of time up to now, it makes the apple products, far more than its rivals; But on the ecology of transcendence, such gap has more and more small. And according to the latest report; Google app store in the application number and application downloads apple above have been caught. Apple’s revenue in the app store is still better. But for apple, this is not a good sign, because the application downloads and revenue is an indicator of developer’s business priorities, along with the expansion of the android market share, download application beyond, this for developers, later will be apple’s iOS system as the first priority or android will be as the first priority, is a very has the propensity to subject.

on the market share: apples are a far cry from what android market share market share, as a result of this is based on the two different strategies. Apple’s closed exclusive than Google’s open type of cooperation, has a more consistent system experience, can effectively avoid system fragmentation, but apple closed under the market share is also one of apple’s ecological potential threat, is its uncertainty. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull