Apple Music release, Apple again want to change the Music industry

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apple again want to change the music industry.

when apple headphones popular logo in last year, $3 billion deal to buy Beats, a lot of people wondering if what the technology giant playing abacus. The answer now. June 8 (Beijing time) on June 9th, apple’s developers conference in San Francisco (WWCD2015) has released new Beats based streaming music service. Apple chief executive Tim cook decided not to do persuasive marketing (soft sell). He promise the promise at the conference, “it will be permanently changing the way you experience music”. “Revolutionary” is several other speakers use words.

the brand-new service Apple Music Beats based streaming Music services, but more than that. The end of the month, apple users will be able to use it (the starting of 100 countries not including China), and it could reach land by the end of the Android. Apple Music of the monthly price of $9.99, the user can in unlimited online to listen to the Music, not buy Music but “rent” Music. Predictably, the service makes apple less dependent on download music profit way, this way when apple iPod music released 2001 red moment, now the situation is changing, from the point of the whole music industry, streaming media revenue increase year by year in recent years, download the yields are falling. (see table below)

there is no doubt that, with the birth of the iPod leads the way is different, this time apple is following in the footsteps of other companies to enter the streaming music services, trying to include services (with 15 million paying subscribers worldwide), and other companies competition.

For You with a new function can recommend users like music, recommendation algorithm based on the user list, purchase music is put on, the user’s choice of the type of music, and listened to music. Apple also allows users to more convenient to look for music. Vice President of apple Eddy Cue at the scene demonstrates how to and looking for songs by voice. Apple is in the field of enter SoundClound company audio sharing, free musicians can upload their works to the SoundClound, apple also introduced the same function.

in addition, it is worth noting that the Apple is challenge other giants, as the Cue at the conference show how to watch video on Apple Music, it’s hard not to let a person think of Google’s YouTube video service online. Apple has also have action in the international and Internet radio station. “Beats One ‘is to integrate the Apple Music of a new, global, 24 hour all the time in Internet radio station. The station may attract those who don’t want to trouble to find song for song, just want to listen to the user at will. If the listeners enough, it may even affect the global music of the wind.

this big Apple announced that the two problems. The first question is, whether the service is really revolutionary. The answer is that Apple Music just put some other Music services made an integrated function. For the record companies and musicians, Apple Music doesn’t make them earn much money. Digital music downloads than to play to make money online. Apple is just one part will be paid to download user transferred to streaming media, rather than an increase in new users are willing to pay for music.

the second question is whether this time the user will sell apple’s account. According to 2014 data, apple has about 8 million binding credit card users, who prefer the apple equipment and interaction design. Apparently Apple Music in the first three months of free is in order to attract, including 15 million paying customers services, other potential users.

for Apple iPod release in 2001, Apple Music whether success is almost irrelevant, it does not decide the fate of the company. Release the iPod, apple is not only an ambitious computer company, and it is has the reputation of the luxury brands. In addition to Music, Apple Apple announced today that it has other functions are in order to allow the user to remain in their products within the ecosystem, these functions include the Wallet (users of credit CARDS, debit CARDS, credit CARDS, boarding pass and ticket can be stored in the APP.) As well as the new news aggregation. In other words, Apple Music just puzzle of a small piece of Apple’s hands.


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