API development platform Postman get millions of us dollars seed round of funding

on May 27, hunting cloud network

the world’s most influential companies in order to solve some practical problems to start, and these problems are often had also affected the company’s founders. Start-up companies from India Postman is thus established. Postman is committed to provide API development platform for software development team, has received $1 million in Venture vc operator Nexus seed round of funding.

Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana recalled 2009 with us as an intern for the company to do the API development problems.

“we often need to test when doing API development, transfer data and when there are most is simply torture. Frequently, file error, sometimes also don’t have much time to correct them. “

2010 Asthana started development called TeleportMe panoramic photo software, this problem has been bothering him. This also prompted him in 2012 decided to develop an open source software to solve this painful experience. He also discovered the potential on the power of the software, then, in September 2013, he and a former Adobe engineers Ankit Sobti (the Postman chief technology officer) jointly founded the Postman.

after 18 months of intense development, the Postman came out at last. Postman in the form of a Google browser plug-in service for developers, now has more than 1.5 million registrations, active in more than 800000. Users from all over the world, more than half of the users from the United States, and even many of them from the Box, these giants of the technology industry companies such as Microsoft and cisco.

so Postman company achievement is really a good news, with the increasingly popular in American developer, Asthana told us that the company plans to open offices in San Francisco this year. At the same time to recruit some new staff, but Asthana stressed he wants to remain Postman capable team.

for the core technology, the Postman and Google document API version is similar. That is to say, the system will automatically save every time change, and can recover, also supports real-time collaboration, which makes the API communication unobstructed between the development team members.

Asthana explained: “Postman synchronization service in a location automatically save every time change, through the integrated search function as well as the API to develop modified records can get real-time schedule and document changes, without having to go to see each page and documentation.”

as all cloud-based software provider, Postman API development update notification center, and real-time synchronization to the cloud. Postman CEO said, setting the function of reason is that in order to track bugs and avoid the API has a damaged file modification.

Asthana said: “we are trying to change the way people development apis. Now the biggest problem is the program code in the API development have been modified, but there was no change record, once appear, it is difficult to solve the problem. We want to change this situation.”

the Postman function limitation trial version for free, fully functional version of sync with the clouds, price is $49 a month, support 10 most developers use at the same time. Asthana will be expected to be 5% of free users to upgrade to charge users, the company will also provide a customised version of the service for large customers.

Postman is trying to scrape up his popularity, but also to improve synchronization of cloud services and real-time collaboration platform. Later, if necessary, the Postman will also continue to develop the local app or providing system integration solutions.


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