Ant gold service set up a $1 billion fund to support business, will push the raised platform

in the last month to help entrepreneurs to invest 100 million yuan in capital, after the ant gold suit for startup community support is also increasing.

in the “Internet +” as the theme of the commercial innovation competition “is” start ceremony, the ant gold suit announced the formation of ecological benefit fund “ant”, in order to better support innovation and entrepreneurship support, the first 1 billion yuan scale.

ant gold suit vice President han xin yi, said the ant ecological benefit fund will be used to support the development of the Internet + financial, Internet + perfect financial ecosystem, including the current hot O2O sector, support innovation enterprises, to create a win-win situation. Among them, the first period funds is 200 million yuan, will be specially used for investment in the contest of “leading” the excellent enterprise emerges.

han xin yi, has more than 270 million active users pay treasure to purse, integration is actively expand online O2O scene. “It contains a lot of business opportunities, also welcome the entrepreneurs of all stripes, using alipay platform, to carry out the innovation and entrepreneurship.”

including the ecological benefit fund, also will use the thinking of platform development, welcome other investors to participate in, the more excellent entrepreneurs to react with capital.

according to han xin yi, according to the ant gold dress is in preparation for launch equity the raised platform – ants of the guest, entrepreneurs can put the project in the platform to raise money.

in the future, the ant of guest, taobao is the raise, the guest +, ali cloud platform will also linkage, and ants ecological benefit fund to provide excellent entrepreneurs from product development, project demonstration, equity financing support, product sales of the link.

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