Answer a: cloud tutoring schools, to the quiet and good grades students to make friends

(text/Tang Yaqin)

as Internet hot, also on the wings of Internet education, offline online measurement, such as online software or purely online platform model, including the class platform, learning communities, etc., makes the education training becomes more convenient. Answer jun, is a for high school students in the early group, the top ten famous university students to the teacher group, and online to give students one on one teaching, ask and answer with the thinking of a taxi software operation.

for teaching this matter, the teacher role is essential, both students themselves and their parents, are very concerned about. Answer your co-founder Zhu Han east tell hunting cloud network, it is not easy to become a teacher of the answer you, in addition to the requirements is a famous university students, still need further examination, according to the requirements of the platform to push the subject and according to certain standard to answer, is completed, answering questions you will be teaching the teacher to answer further audit, the entire process takes 1 to 2 working days, including identity audit and answers audit. In terms of salary, ordinary “teacher” in answering your platform last month income is 2000 yuan, more returns in the 4 to 5000 income is spent effort in the teaching of “teachers”. At the same time, both the teacher’s college students through answering questions you platform can get straight push brand-name company internship opportunities.

students, answering questions at the beginning of jun will be free to send some learning experiences, students can through the text, pictures, or voice way to ask questions, you can choose the teacher. In answer, answer jun not only involves the traditional nine classes, and art, autonomous enrolment, contests, etc. In addition to the answers, students can also advance booking, educational teachers understand the student actual situation, and then arrange the teacher, to try to pay again after successful orientation speak. After the end of counseling, and scoring mechanism, further understand the user experience.

at present, the students through answering questions you answer can meet the demand, but also can know more good people. And not only can the students in answering questions you online communication with teacher college professional information, at the same time also can attend to learn more about summer camp activities.

Zhu Han east tell hunting cloud network, the current answer jun in teacher number more than 2500, mainly from the Yangtze river delta famous universities, student users currently for 30, 400000.

to answer for your future, Zhu Han east said, they walk slowly but surely, precipitation is now in its direction of adjustment. It is not profitable, mainly for docking bridge at the beginning of China’s top university students and high school students, want to do have “feelings” of products, can help students in need. At the same time, for the teachers themselves with his specialty, to achieve material double closed mind.

Zhu Han east, said the monarch to answering questions in order to improve the users as the core, later will be according to the ascension of users use the Internet and big data technology, a detailed classification and presents corresponding solutions, the students from the authority pattern gradually into a data analysis model, make discussion plate, even parents and teachers, for students to carry on the analysis, is not only a score report, according to the students to do their individuality, to push.

the answer you have WeChat platform, app and PC, and recently completed Pre – A round of financing.