Anker: idle smartphone use opportunely Building intelligent security for free

May 12 (word/He Yuying)

by the end of 2014, China’s idle phone number 549 million, is expected to reach 1.733 billion units in 2019, the idle phone face renovation, dismantling two roads, and the two roads will appear such problems as resource waste and environmental damage. Anker from idle smartphone reuse perspective, aimed at civil security market, to provide users with free intelligent security solutions.

“masses of security there is generally a mistake cognition, think monitoring is security. But actually monitoring is one of the means of security, the reason is that the user has not yet found a better security measures. The value of the monitoring equipment is reflected by personnel DingShou, that is currently implementing security effect on or manpower, monitor just auxiliary tool. This is why the current monitoring market are end users, business and government such B because only they have full-time security personnel to DingShou monitoring, in order to achieve security objectives. For ordinary users, this is obviously not realistic.” Anker Zhang Yao founder said, “only can automatically realize timely discover and automatically start the prevent measures of security, is the smart security. Can be accepted by end user C.”

when a user in the everyday use of mobile phones (the host) and idle (monitoring machine) at the same time, Ann is installed on the APP, can complete construction of the intelligent security systems. Anker APP android version in April 2015, this version offers security early warning, child care, warning deterrence, real-time monitoring of the four functions.

Zhang Yao tell hunting cloud network, anker team research and development of “human recognition” patent technology has been applied to the security early warning function, the user to set the warning period, when someone in monitoring machine shooting range, we have an alarm, and immediately shot video pushed to the user at any time with the host. At the same time, the user can also set up monitoring machine play a deterrent voice after an alarm, warning the thief its behavior have been found and obtain evidence preservation, can advise its stop to leave immediately. It is worth mentioning that real-time monitoring as the basis of security features, anker also have, and at the same time can be a two-way conversation.

human identification technology also can be used for child care, will monitor machine in unfavorable of children’s play area, such as the kitchen, when children alone at home into the area, will trigger the alarm, push real-time video to parents on the phone. Likewise, monitoring machine also can push a voice remind children to leave the area, the user can also directly open the real-time monitoring, a dialogue with your child.

Zhang Yao think that a successful Internet products, its practicability and entertaining be short of one cannot. So his team in the development of deterrence voice on this function, embodies the characteristic of Internet entertainment products. The wacky fun deterrent voice waiting for users to find and experience. Zhang Yao said that in the future this function will also expand, home from the deterrence speech to welcome the user warm greetings.

once study in Malaysia Zhang Yao think of myself as an environmental ocd patients and do tzu chi environmental volunteer experience abroad offers his entrepreneurial idea. Years of financial experience also let his business model has a clear plan of anker.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, anker team is with property company contact, such as monitoring machine alarm, immediately inform tube, let it can be the first time the door handle, the property service efficiency, saving the cost of patrol. Future mall security products, to provide users with more intelligent security products, such as smoke alarm), by connecting anker APP to form a more perfect intelligent security, the future will also explore extend in the direction of smart home platform.

planning, the team will integrate anker user data form the big data, comprehensive evaluation index to launch a service area and property products, anker index, when buy or rent for the user to provide a decision-making reference. Cloud network think hunting. This may be difficult, and accumulated a large number of user data to play together, have a certain credibility, this will take time.

hunting cloud network idle phone use creative think Ann can reduce the pressure on the environment, to meet the demand of end user security C provides a relatively complete and cheap solution, business model also has merit. Main energy energy needs in the future team develops the market research, user and the product quick update iteration, will plan into reality. Anker team has officially launched the angel round.