Angels, Google should buy Twitter

as the “silicon valley’s most eye investors” Chris Sacca, it has a Twitter stake than any outside investors, the recently issued a statement saying Google should buy Twitter.

in an interview with CNBC, Sacca said for Google, the Twitter is a good choice, and Google as some ingenious use.

he added: “this is a match made in heaven, Google will be has been a lack of something, they never really understand social, never understand interpersonal interaction, so obviously flawed.”

Twitter investors before the annual meeting, before the start of Chris Sacca released a 8500 – word called “What Twitter Can Be” blog, and this article “casual” hair on a special day, called on Twitter through new products to broaden its appeal, popular events and hot topic around the content of the company.

as the incendiary talk, in the CNBC interview Sacca recently still insists that Twitter will become a large service providers, than it is now much larger scale, and point out that Twitter did well in terms of revenue, annual growth rate of 74%, bought valuable video broadcast application TellApar Periscope and marketing technology suppliers. But at the same time, it is also facing many challenges.

these challenges such as:

new users slow growth;

lost nearly 1 billion users;

direct response advertising effect is not good, the quarterly revenue lower than expected;

Wall Street investors confidence in twitter management team;

Twitter lack to convince potential investors to its ability to have confidence.

Sacca wrote at the same time, in view of the above problem, Twitter has made a series of adjustment measures, including the adjustment of the user experience improve product features at the same time, to highlight the user might see is one of the best tweets, rather than the latest tweets. The measure of the Sacca recognition, and early results, as new “While You Were Away” function will be to users to push him to leave during the period of tweets, let users won’t miss any valuable information to him; Selection is also Highlights a daily content push function.

he also mentioned that Periscope is a “beacon”, and in the future will become more big. At Live events on the picture content of Twitter still do better, Sacca the praise for “Live Twitter”, can be completely independent of Twitter as a single unit, good development, or as a standalone application.

and Sacca some sensational speech about purchase Google, Twitter, if not involving its himself, can be ignored completely. As a prestigious wonderful angel investors in silicon valley, Sacca over the past few years spent more than 40 startups, including Uber, sets, Stripe and surprise.

although Google acquisition Twitter is unlikely, but Sacca criticism of Twitter, especially about outstanding push the highest correlation tweets rather than the timeliness of the highest tweet, that this is a positive. Twitter on aggregation, filtering, the lack of interactive feedback and solutions, emphasizing the importance of “content” and “real time”, the user after is interesting content, “attention” and to “time” only dimension content filtering algorithm can reduce the efficiency of the information presented, raised the threshold of the new user.

this is as a unique social magazine, a pull content through social networking from the user account of the application of electronic magazine, let the subject of acquisition of fire.

Twitter now can plan and push in line with the user interest tweets, even if the push is the information of a few hours ago, and before the launch of the While You Were Away and Highlights characteristic is different, but as a unique over these, show a few days ago could potentially relevant content directly. And through the more compelling than Twitter graphics interface is introduced into the above information, the utterly different from Twitter before trying to emphasize the importance of photos in the picture.

more interestingly Sacca node selection this time, how to choose before Twitter convention published these provocative post? Don’t are forced this way Twitter CEO Dick Costello (Dick Costo) to resign? If so, whether in the follow last year Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn) successful spin-off PayPal business?


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