Andreessen Horowitz advice to VCS and entrepreneurs in Asia

note: hunting cloud recently the New Yorker magazine on the depth of Marc Andreessen made to introduce and explore the success of its unique history, compared with other investment Banks, the secret of his success? Its vision is always ahead of the age? A report following excerpt from e27, translated by startup state:

Asia VCS and entrepreneurs can do? Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is still in rapid development, they from Andreessen Horowitz, or, more specifically, from the company co-founder Marc Andreessen learn something?

might as well let’s take a look below:

1, the common VCS want to see your company competitive, top vc hope you can show them to create the future!

Suhail Doshi is the chief executive of a man just 26 years old, his company is startups Mixpanel data analysis. Above this sentence, is the “future pioneer: Marc Andreessen to win in the future,” the article cited what he said at the earliest. The company has received $65 million B round, investors including a16z, sequoia capital, and the Y Combinator.

Alexander Jarvis is the founder of the venture capital firm 50 folds, the company is mainly for the Asian market, he said, “a year is only about 15 startups can get vc 95% return. If you have a lot of money, you need to look for these companies. In fact, the vc investment by start-ups, did not return at least half.”

“to create the future” is the vc true need, when you feel you might want to is all some stupid idea, time to get the investment is likely to be. You need to let oneself become a serial entrepreneur, to prove that he has the execution at the same time, can realize the vision. You need to actually start their own business, and verify its feasibility. Top vc is very sensitive to the dilemma of “innovation”, they will also want your startup has certain competitiveness.

according to the New Yorker article points out that now in the U.S. alone, 803 vc, last year they in some very promising technology start-ups has invested $48 billion. For founders, it means that the market liquidity will be high. If you have a good idea, at the same time also can let the vc think you have strong executive power to realize your ideas, so it should be easy to get investment.

Singapore angels Amaud Bonzom recently released the wind investment trends report, which showed in the asia-pacific region alone, technology start-ups has received $9.4 billion in investment. On average, compared to the United States, more than four consecutive quarter in the asia-pacific region have investment gold wind erosion. So, America’s venture capital ecosystem is much more mature.

“70% vc will basically consider these questions: the daily income of a month how many? The founder of the experience? Have good sales channels? Monthly growth rate can reach what percentage? Jordan Cooper said, he is an entrepreneur, from New York and venture capitalists. Stewart Butterfield is Slack company co-founder, he added, “it’s really hard to assess, vc valuation quality beyond what percentage of start-ups, start-ups will send other VCS ‘signal, such as potential employees, customers, consumers and even science and technology media coverage. Feeling is like to get into college.”

so for entrepreneurs, what experience can get? If you want to get the favour of Asia’s top vc, then let them know that you have the ability to create the future. For venture capital, they see some entrepreneurs must not only focus on the company competitive data and prediction. Vc value founders have more long-term goal, “crazy” enough, want to break a rule, the mavericks? Usually, genius is recognised only in hindsight, but before they usually seen as a madman or a fool.

2, every chance to have the opportunity to cost

“opportunity cost”, the author himself is highly valued in my tech news published each month, each time the interview, every article I wrote, or even to mention the word. Simply put, if I chose a vc, basically refused the other vc, but the problem is that if I choose the other, there would be no better results? For investors and entrepreneurs, truth is the same, entrepreneurs to accept a vc investment, investors choose to watch a team’s roadshow, means that you actually give up other potential opportunities.

for entrepreneurs, if you choose to accept a vc investment, mean you to other vc shut the door. So, you’d better make sure you find is the best investment, or is likely to lose the opportunity to gain more investment. Maybe you have been top vc refused. Therefore decided to settle for second best, good chose the second or third good vc, or, there are also some “stupid” investors, for your industry area is not very understanding, finally silly information.

if he gives up on your startup investors help, so may not be able to get fast growth. In fact, can get the opportunity to work with good investors is very small. Andreessen explained in an interview with TV at Stanford university, the SV Angel Angel Ron Conway and Zenefit is the company’s co-founder Parker Conrad also present. Andreessen said, “this is the equivalent of a ticket is very porous, can you take a taxi, quantity is limited, so every time investment, you’ll hit a hole. When you don’t have the holes when playing, basically is over — — — — — – that is to say, you do not make more investment. It is like the wind investment gold works.”

3, investment, the key is to be aggressive, to against your instincts (” breakthrough ideas here seem crazy “)

Patrick Grove is an international investment company Catcha Group co-founder, he said, “Ben is one of a handful of investors with entrepreneurial experience, I feel this is very important. He took his subversive ideas into the vc industry, that is how we add more value. I believe that this is a right direction.”

“in fact, many venture capital they have no experience. I often think, how could they advice to entrepreneurs, and many start-ups and venture capital targets are small. They need to dare to break through, trying to create an amazing thing, rather than the ordinary products.” He said.

Grove’s point of view, on the confirmed Andreessen once said a word, it is “breakthrough ideas here seem crazy”. If history can teach us anything, then the answer is that the future is unpredictable. We have to do, is to analyze the current trend, and then move into the future.

Alvin Koay is chief executive and founder MobileAds company, the company is located in Malaysia. He said, “the breakthrough ideas tend to be insightful, although sometimes can let a person feel ridiculous, but top vc must have vision, see ordinary people can’t see the future. They need to use intuition to determine, these ideas will play a role in the future.”

Veronica is medical technology start-ups Healint co-founder, the company is located in Singapore, recently raised more than $1 million in seed round of funding. “We start a business in two years ago, the use of mobile phones to tell users of their health condition, seemingly or a fable. Is that big data and the sensor has not rise, when we say the idea when roadshow, a lot of vc is only interested in, but don’t dare to give our investment, maybe they just don’t believe in the idea. But now look at how fast the world change!”

many top vc and start-up companies, they don’t want to repeat those things. Or, they had no preconceived world view, according to them not to think about how things should be, don’t think the future will be in accordance with the established direction. If you are smart enough, might as well can go to the New Yorker magazine for introducing Andreessen himself of this article, and then look at how to live in the Asian market learning!